Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Progress 4

I’ve been working on this for the last week, trying to get the water and ground finished. I did try several different ways to do the feet on the larger heron, and nothing looked right – color or stitches. Then it dawned on me that it’s 13 ct canvas and I could use Silk & Ivory and Elephant and Mouse were exact matches for the way it was painted.  So here is the water, ground and feet all done! I outlined the feet with a very dark gray to make them show up better and to add the talons.

Heron 4A

The top of the legs haven’t been done yet, but I’ll be using an overdyed floss for them. I also need to finish the border along the bottom of the canvas. I’ve been avoiding the frog so it’s time to get it done when I get back to this piece once again. Here is the piece so far…

Heron 4B

Right now it’s back to the Anatolian Rug for a while.


5 responses to “Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Progress 4

  1. Fantastic!!! I love the contrast between the “water” stitches and the “ground” stitched. I think I’m enjoying this one almost as much as you!!! I also read the Daisy and Charlie post and it’s wonderful to hear that they are settling in well! Apparently you don’t need to worry about staying warm (and fuzzy) while you stitch! Happy stitching, Jan!!

  2. The border is nice on this canvas. You can eventually frame it without a mat and a simple frame. It will look spectacular. I like the dark gray for the talons…they really show up and look sharp.

  3. Great progress! Those legs look awesome, and I love the colours you used on the ground and water. Can’t wait to see how you’ll do the frog, and then it will just be smooth sailing for the second half of the lower border!

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