CAL Berkeley Teenie – Progress 1

These little 6 inch squares from the Meredith Collection are showing up all over the place now. My DH graduated from CAL Berkeley a long time ago… So I ordered this to stitch for him. I’ll make it into a pillow when it is completed.


I had DH choose the shades of blue and yellow/gold to use. Then I headed to my stash. I have #5 perle cotton, Vineyard Silk, Pepper Pot silk, Trio and El Molino rayon. I started with the bear and the rest of that little section – all done in #5 perle.


With that section done, I worked the little border along the bottom and the left side – blue Vineyard silk,  white perle, and yellow Trio. Now I’m working on the Golden Bears along the left side in perle but will probably use the rayon for the blue letters.

It moves along quickly so it should take long to complete. It gets about an hour each evening.


4 responses to “CAL Berkeley Teenie – Progress 1

  1. Go Bears! My alma mater too. Sarah finished hers for Saint Mary’s. She used NPI silks and basketweave. She hasn’t told me how she wants me to finish it yet.

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