WIPocalypse 2016 – Monthly Question

The question for this month is What design or designer is on your must-try-to-stitch bucket list. I have said several times this year that I’m done stitching for my family. I want to do things I’ve been looking forward to for a while – just for me and DH. So here are 4 (yes, large and complicated) things I want to stitch in the next couple of years.

Chatelaine mandalas –

Serengeti – all kitted up and ready to go


Moroccan Lace – not yet released


and 2 by other people –

Blue Venice – I tried to needlepoint this and gave up. I’m going to buy an overdyed linen or Aida and cross stitch it


Cathedral of St. Petersburg


I will also buy an overdyed linen for this one, but probably blue with lots of clouds instead of the dark background shown here.

I’ll start two of these early next  year.


I think I’ll be as busy as ever next year!! And this is just the cross stitch projects.


4 responses to “WIPocalypse 2016 – Monthly Question

  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL projects you have lined up! And they’re just the cross stitch projects!! You’re a little nuts, but so loved and admired!!

  2. On my must try to stitch bucket list is the Home Sweet Home étui, which I have already kitted up. I absolutely love All Cats Go to Heaven by Heaven and Earth but I know I can’t add that to my list of projects, considering the needlework shop’s worth of kits and charts I already have. You are either very ambitious or really crazy, Jan! But I love seeing your progress and can vicariously enjoy the unfolding of those lovely projects.

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