And they’re off….

Early this morning I headed for the post office and was first in line when they opened at 9 am. These little ornaments for my granddaughters left for Missouri. I wasn’t able to find little flat boxes to put them in, but I found tiny tote bags in their favorite colors to put them in to match the ornaments. How neat is that! I told DIL to hang them on the tree when they arrive. The tiny tote bags are only 3″ x 4″.

2016 ornie finale

The Moroccan stocking are on their way to Kansas City. The Elephant and Batman stockings are on their way to Tennessee. So all my Christmas mailing is done. What a relief!

The last of the gifts for here at home arrive tomorrow – so Christmas shopping is also done. I’m going to relax and read for a while.

I’m only stitching 1-2 hours a day now, but will have a new needlepoint project to show you next week.

Happy stitching.


6 responses to “And they’re off….

  1. Congrats on getting your stitched gifts out to their destinations. I started my holiday sewing a couple of days ago. Well, not quite at the sewing machine yet, I’m marking the fabric this afternoon and should be able to start sewing later today. How are you finding your new stitching schedule?

  2. Whoohoo!! Well done Jan!! Wish I could say the same, but, no. I’m working on the last two pages of Spider-Man and SIL’s birthday is Sunday the 11th. Frantically stitching!!!! I will be glad to relax with you after … Happy Stitching Holidays!!

  3. All christmas presents ready and on their way, how exciting is that! I still have a way to go, but I’m getting closer each day. Enjoy your time to relax!

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