Anatolia Rug -Progress 9

This is coming along. Wish it would go a little faster though.

The final section of the keyhole medallion is now outlined and is being filled in. The outer border has reached the bottom with corner #3  finished.

Anatolia 9

On my floor frame, the canvas is actually turned up with the finished part on top so it’s easier to work on it. I seem to be moving from the left to the right for getting things done. I’m hoping to have it finished by the middle of next month, if nothing comes along to interfere with my morning stitching time.

We’ve had 20″ of rain in the 3 weeks before this one. So the drought of the last 5-6 years is now over. Many areas are experiencing flooding and trees falling. I live on a small hill so we haven’t had any problems so far. And the electricity only went off once – and that was this week without any rain at all – for a couple hours overnight. My morning coffee was only delayed about a half hour, so not too bad. LOL


6 responses to “Anatolia Rug -Progress 9

  1. Beautiful, Jan. Nice to see that you’ll finish it soon. The rain is really helping to keep my water bill down. I haven’t had to irrigate the yard since mid-December. The yard gets the water it needs from the rain and the gray water I’ve collected.

  2. Great progress, this really looks like you are almost done now, and I think I will kind of miss those beautiful reds – but still, great work!

  3. Glad the coffee wasn’t delayed too long. I love the red background on this rug. It’s really a beauty.

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