Anatolia Rug Finale

I wanted to complete this by the middle of this month, so here it is:

Anatolia Finale

18 ct. canvas

11.5″ X 19″

23 skeins of Pepper Pot Silk from Planet Earth Fibers

I love this rug but I have no idea what I’ll do with it. It doesn’t go with anything in my house. But when I design and stitch these rugs, I do my best to keep them close to the original in design and color. I guess I need to set up my stitching room as a rug display room with a rotating schedule of all my rugs.

No idea what I’ll do next. I know the rug I’d like to do next but the design stage is going to take quite a while.


8 responses to “Anatolia Rug Finale

  1. Love it! I think it doesn’t matter if something “goes” with your decor. If you love it, display it. As you said you can rotate what you have out.

  2. TA DA!!!! Beautiful Jan!! A rug display room sounds like a great idea!! If I ever finish anything I’ll be wondering where to put it too. The walls of my crafty room are pretty well covered. Hmmm. That leaves two more bedrooms, living room, kitchen and foyer/hallway. Guess old better get stitching!! I’ll be looking forward to your next design!! Happy stitching!! And stay dry!!

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