Saying Goodbye to Mini Train of Dreams

I’ve worked hard on this and for the last few weeks, it’s been a chore to work on it. I could have finished Page 1 today if I kept going for another hour. But I’m so disappointed in this…

Here is the photo of what it should look like:

And here is my stitching so far:

There just seems to be a lot of detail that is missing in this Mini version. I can’t see wasting my time for the rest of the year working on it. So it’s goodbye. I won’t throw it away, but I’ll put it away for now.

I’ve ordered a different project to do for the baby’s room – an Alphabet with colorful animals. It will be here this week and I’ll show it to you next week, after I’ve completed 1-2 letters.


7 responses to “Saying Goodbye to Mini Train of Dreams

  1. Jan, I’m so sorry for your disappointment that this project didn’t work as expected. I can see how the details are glossed over in this mini version. With your expert needleworker’s eye, I expect that the piece does not improve when viewed from further away. This will be something I’ll remember if I ever stitch a HAED piece, which I don’t really intend to do, given all the projects in my queue. I look forward to seeing the animal alphabet, as it’s bound to be cute.

  2. You’re not the first person I’ve seen say they were disappointed with the detail in a HAED mini. It makes me pretty nervous; I have one on my very-soon schedule, and I’m going to be an unhappy gal if it turns out to be blurry-looking. I can’t do the full-size version; it would be bigger than my stand can accommodate because of my vision limitations on what counts I can work on. Even the mini is still going to be a major undertaking, and I’d hate to see it turn out to be a waste of time.

  3. I’m so sorry for your disappointment 😦 This just strengthens my resolve to not go for the minis, they are tempting because they can actually be finished so much quicker, but I’ve always been scared they lose to much of the detail. There probably are designs for which the mini version works just fine, but not for super detailed pictures like this one…I’m looking forward to see what you have picked instead!

  4. I’m so sorry that this didn’t work out. I have heard that the mini designs from head had less detail but I didn’t realize it was that drastic. Can’t wait to see what you have chosen next.

  5. Oh that’s so annoying. Hopefully your next project will go much better. I can’t imagine spending all that time on something and finding out its not what the picture was. I’d be fuming.

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