Baby Girl House ornament – Progress 1

This little 3D house is going to be our new granddaughter’s first Christmas ornament. I think it’s a little big, but that’s okay. There are no canvas numbers or signatures on this, so I don’t know the designer.

The canvas beyond the edges of the house is actually white. I have no idea why it photographed as pink. I’ll be using Pepper Pot Silk and Vineyard Silk to stitch the piece.

I started with the roof on the right side. Using two shades of turquoise I used tent stitches to outline the tiles using the darker shade and then filled in the tiles with straight stitches using the lighter shade. The house itself is pale yellow and I have one unopened skein of light yellow Vineyard Silk (hope that is enough) and started stitching the walls with Brick stitch. Here it is so far:

I’m working on this on Sundays, along with the first of two wedding samplers (cross stitch). Each one gets about one and a half hours of time. Tonight I’ll be working on a needlepoint Christmas ornament for an hour or so. I like having one day that is just super fun stitching. Then I put them away until the next Sunday. A nice break from larger projects that I’m working on.


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