ASOW Tall Ship – Progress 3

It’s been a year since I showed you this piece. I stopped so I could try to figure out the rigging. Now that Ghiradelli Square is complete, it’s time to bring this one out and try to get it completed this year.

Here’s where it was in July of 2016:

I spent several mornings with brown #8 perle cotton, trying to get part of the rigging done. I started  lower down on the canvas and followed one line of rigging up toward the top of that line, ran the thread under the stitching of the masts or cross beam, then down another line of the rigging. The thread is loose at both ends, hanging off the bottom of the piece. Then I could work on the sky background, moving the rigging threads a little to get the stitches in. When a small area was completed, I could tug each loose thread to get the perle cotton to lie flat again. Very slow going.

Here it is today – after a couple weeks of work:

I’ll continue with the background until I reach the next cross beams. Then I’ll have to stop and figure out the next 3″ or so of the rigging.  I’ll stitch the masts and cross beams first then place as many of the lines of rigging as I can. Finally, I’ll fill in more sky. At that point it will be time to scroll the canvas up and I can see how much more there is to do. (Plenty I’m sure – but I’m hoping more than half of the rigging will be completed at that point.)


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