ABC Sampler Finale

I’ve been working overtime on this piece, hoping to get it done before the baby arrived. Penelope helped by being almost two weeks late, but I did get it done today!

I really can’t decide which little animal I like the best – the whale, rooster, turtle??? This was a fun stitch and moved along nicely. Now to get it framed and hang it in Penelope’s room.

We finally got to visit with Penelope and her parents today. She is so adorable and I got a photo of DH holding his first grandchild too. Then she fell asleep in my arms.

An all around wonderful day!



5 responses to “ABC Sampler Finale

  1. Congratulations Jan, Michael and parents!! Fantastic stitching for Penelope!! Well done Jan!! Enjoy your newest family member and with another soon!! Happy stitching!!

  2. I love the colors in the ABC sampler, Jan. My favorite is the whale. Glad you got to see Penelope. There will be lots
    more visits! And maybe baby-sitting?

  3. What a lovely finish, and just in time too! I think my favourite is the whale, although they are all awesome.

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