ASOW Tall Ship – Eureka!!

Yesterday I finished another couple of inches of the sky and rigging. So I scrolled down a little to take a photo of all that is done so far.

This is 9.5 inches all finished. So I scrolled up again. Eureka!  I found the ship at last!

You can now see the next 5 inches. I’ve moved the long threads for the masts and rigging out of the way to make it easier to see the ship. There is only an inch or so still on the scroll bar. I’ll scroll one more time after I do about 2 more inches of the sky and finish the masts. So only about 6.5 inches to go. I can’t believe how many rigging lines have to meet in various places at the boat level.  Just a little at a time – I’ll get this done.


5 responses to “ASOW Tall Ship – Eureka!!

  1. I love the stitching on your tall ship project, but I’m most fascinated with the rigging lines. What a fear of engineering (both in stitching the ship, and on real life ships).

  2. Hi Jan,
    You are doing a wonderful job of this! I did, however, spot an understandable error. You have a break in a couple of the spars which you have filled with sky. Looking at the original, it’s actually a mostly white flag. See the picture here … it can be blown up quite considerably. (
    Hope it won’t be too hard to fix (if you want/choose to, that is).

  3. Wow, that last part pf the rigging looks really crazy – but soon you’ll be done with it and can work on the actual ship!

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