Needlepoint Update – December 2017

You’ve already seen the Tall Ship, so here are the other two projects I’ve worked on this past month.

My Qum Rug is slowly progressing. I worked mainly on the right side this past month.

I have two repeats of the blue motif up the right side now. And I’ve worked on the arch area, adding to the edging and working on the first branch of flowers which are now completed. On the left I’ve added the edges of the border but need to add another blue motif to match the right side and more flowers in the arch area. Here is the whole rug so far.

I’m also hoping to begin work on the center section during December, starting the vase in the center.

On the ABC piece for the new granddaughter, I’ve more or less finished the first three rows. I’ll start the next row this evening. Two more letters to be at the halfway mark. Since she isn’t due until the end of February I still have a lot of time.

My hands were much worse last weekend, but I’ve figured out what I did wrong that caused so much pain. I was trying to open a jar, something I’ve never had trouble with before. I finally asked DH to open it for me. Today I ordered a gadget that will help me open jars from now on. I’m also using my wax bath for a few nights, since that usually helps ease the pain for several weeks. I’m now stitching 3 hours a day – one hour at a time with lots of time in between. I’m really taking it easy but miss the stitching if I have to put it away for days at a time.



3 responses to “Needlepoint Update – December 2017

  1. Jan, I hate how my hand strength has diminished over the years. Since craftwork, especially stitching, is so vital to my being, I often reach for my jar opening gadget to protect my hands. The torque created by the motion of your hand on an unwavering jar lid can cause damage you sometimes can’t feel at the moment, but the pain will come when you try to do something else. The cold weather doesn’t help and I’m often cradling a mug of hot tea, coffee, or water in the morning. This morning, Bagheera sat on my lap for an hour, so my hands were toasty warm as I petted him. Nice progress on your needlepoint pieces, BTW!

  2. Great progress on the rug – I like how the colours are coming together and adore the little flowers. I’m sorry you have to limit yourself so much with stitching time, but I guess three hours a day is better than to have to sit out for a few days at a time!

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