Needlepoint Update – June 2018

A needlepoint update at long last! I’ve made progress on three projects, one a finish.

Fancy Hat Snowman #2 – finished last night. No fancy stitches, since I’m still working my way back after a long break. This is by C.A.Huckaby.

And I’ve been working on the Teddy Bear Stocking. I finished the bottom section, except for the candy canes. Since I’m working on a scroll frame, I can’t do the beads on the candy canes until the rest of the stocking is done. I tried several different stitches for the bear, but his feet and legs are so small that I gave up, tore everything out and just used Basketweave.

Then I started on the middle section. The bear is being stitched with Interlocking Gobelin over 2 threads. One leg is completed already and it moves along well. The rocking chair showing on the right side is done and there is a little more to do on the left. I’ve started the background using Nobuko stitch. I decided to just do all of it in one color of blue, easier for me since I’m behind schedule on this.

And, finally, I’ve made some progress on my Persian Qum rug. It’s slow going, but is now getting about 3 hours of attention each week. In the rust colored arch, I’ve added another set of small flowers and filled in more background. The border for the arch is taller as well. In the center, I have one set of flowers done (leaves still to stitch) and will start on the right side this week. You won’t see him again for a couple of months – that’s how long it take to make visible progress.


A final word – I started this blog 10 years ago, come October. So I feel it’s time to let it go. I’ll be shutting it down in October. Thank you for 10 wonderful years!



8 responses to “Needlepoint Update – June 2018

  1. I’ll be sorry not to see what you are stitching after October. We don’t do the same kind of things, you and I, which makes your blog all the more interesting. Thank you for a lot of fun and a whole lot of learning.

  2. I’ll miss your postings. You often inspire me to sit down and pick up a project. I understand being done with it after 10 years though. More time for stitching though! Cheers, E

  3. oh no. i love seeing your stitching and especially your rugs. what will i do for a fix of rug stitching now.

  4. Great progress! Even if we only see the rug every few month, Im always happy when you bring it out again – it’s looking gorgeous, and I do hope we will see it one final time before you leave us. I will be missing your stitching updates…are you sharing your progress anywhere else besides this blog?

  5. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I have enjoyed watching all of your projects develop. I have especially been fascinated by your rug creations! Thank you so much for your time and effort to share all of this with us for all these years. I will miss your blog a lot.

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