Cross Stitch Update – September 2018

We’ll start with a finish!! Forest Friends Stocking for my new granddaughter is completed. This is from the Stoney Creek Magazine. This is the second stocking I’ve done from their magazine and I love their designs. They’re hard to see, but there are tiny red beads on the top border, the wreath, and the holly here and there. And the tiny star sequins are from my stash.

I decided I needed to finish my own stocking next. I put it away in February when I started the stockings for the two new granddaughters. Here’s where it was when I put it away.

I worked on the newel post and with the large red bow this week. The 7th cat is sitting on top of it and I’ll stitch that this coming week. There’s only about 4 inches to do including the name, so I will get it done by the next cross stitch post. Here’s my progress the last 3 days:

The last piece is Love You Still from Glendon Place. I finished the word Still and then started on the large border on the right and worked up to the top, right corner. It’s not completed yet, but I’m getting there. I had to order the lighter blue subtle overdyed floss since I didn’t have anything I could use for that part of the design. All the other threads are from my stash. My husband (who this is for) really likes it.



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