WIPocalypse 2016 – October

Let’s start with the finishes. Gentle Elephant is completed and ready to be made into a stocking by the end of the month.

Elephant Finale

Batman is also completed and ready to be stitched up.

Batman finale

I started and finished a small piece – Schoolhouse in the Hometown Holiday series. I have two more to stitch in the series by the end of the year.

School 2

I got out a WIP that I want to work on as well – Father Christmas and Cats. Page 1 is all background except for 4 stitches of the coat. I hope to have that page done by the next posting, but it may not happen. Page 2 I know I’ll have completed by next time. The orange/red colors of his coat have reached the bottom of the page. There are more dark reds to come. Page 2 ends about 15 stitches to the right of the tassel. I stitch on this each weekend only.

Father Christmas 9

I have one more project that I have just started. It’s the Delta Queen paddleboat. I’ll do a post about the project later in the week. Here is the start:

Delta Queen 1

The pressure is off now that the Christmas stitching is done. I’ll get the sewing part done in the next week or two. My stitching has slowed down and I’m reading a little more. I stitch when I’m in the mood and no schedule on what to stitch when like I’ve done for years. I’m definitely more relaxed and enjoying the stitching more. Trying to live a lot more stress free – and feeling better.

Finally, the perfect cat!

Since we returned Gwen to the vet, we’ve been thinking about another cat. (The vet says Gwen has found a new home.) Our 16 year old Daisy has always had a male cat around. With Julius gone, she’s been yowling every night and we hoped another older cat could be found that would get along with her and make her feel comfortable enough to stop yowling.

We went to the local Animal Shelter two weeks ago today with the idea of adopting a 7 year old male we saw online. He was a gorgeous cat and liked us right away, so DH went to talk to the people about what was in his file – why was he given to the Animal Shelter. Seems he hates female cats! That ended that. But I stopped at the desk again and asked if they had any other older male cats that might get along with our little Daisy. Yes – Derek. After spending time with him (he was so laid back and quiet), we came home with Derek.



We finally got around to naming him after about 5 days. He’s such a distinguished, polite gentleman that we named him Sir Charles. We usually just call him Charlie though. He’s so quiet that we have to check on him once in a while to see if he is okay. The only time he meows is when he’s hungry. And it only took 3 days for him to decide DH had a nice lap he could sleep in!  Being the polite gentleman that he is, he puts his paws on the arm of the chair and waits for an invitation to hop up though. After one hour in the house, he decided to take a nap – not in the cat bed he was sitting next to, but in the basket full of cat toys. It’s his favorite place to sleep every day.


Daisy doesn’t mind him being around, even right next to her on the arm of the chair while she sleeps in my lap. When she around the house on her own, she hisses at him. Hopefully, that will change soon. So we are back to a happy household with two cats – one for me and one for DH.

Hometown Holiday Schoolhouse Finale

Finished the children this morning, so here is the piece all completed.

School 2

The eyes on the snowman are supposed to be crooked, really! This series is always so cute that it is hard to resist them. I have two more to do – 10 of the 12 are done. I’ll start the next one later in the month. I have another small project that I want to do first – for DH.

I plan on finishing them individually and making a garland out of them to string across the living room at Christmas.

Anatolia Rug – Progress 6?

I’ve been working away on the center section of the rug, trying to get one side of it done so I can turn it around again. Today as I started to work on the smaller center medallion, this is what I saw.

Anatolia center

Why didn’t I see that it wasn’t centered days ago?!?!?! So I didn’t stitch on it today. I hate the thought of having to rip out all those stitches, including some of the black! By Friday I should be over the hating part and will rip it out and start over.

Here is the whole rug so far:

Anatolia 6

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t sell this pattern. The border is perfect. The outline of the keyhole medallion is perfect. BUT, working with cross stitch software, you can’t show where threads share the same hole. So when it’s time to fill in the medallion, you don’t have enough space for the motifs the way they are shown on the chart. I’ve been putting in the motifs and then just filling in the background for most of the areas. It gets more complicated for some parts though. If it’s frustrating for me at times, how can I expect someone else to figure it out? I will complete the design though. It’s so different from what I’ve designed before and I love it. I’ll just have to put up with its idiosyncrasies.

Hope your stitching day is going better than mine. I think I’ll cross stitch this afternoon.

Father Christmas – Progress 8

Here is where I left this project on May 2, 2015.

Father C-7

My goal for this project was to have the first 5 pages done this year – that won’t happen. The bottom of the page is 14 rows below the tassel. For the rest of this year, I’ll work on Pages 1-2 and get them  completed. If time permits, I’ll work on Page 3 which would complete Father Christmas’ face.

Father C 8

Most of Page 1 is background, so I’ve been adding many rows of overdyed orange thread. One more row on the left will be 40 rows (half a page) completed.

You can see some light colors just to the left of the tassel. That’s part of his hair. It’s supposed to be stitched with Ecru, an ultra very light tan, and two shades of light sand. I haven’t done the darkest color of sand yet and I don’t think I’ll use it at all. I don’t think it will show up well at all, so I’ll use one of the lighter colors instead so it will be more visible.

The tiny section of red to the right of tassel is the beginning of his coat. There will be a lot more of that just below the tassel, when I get to it. I’m looking forward to something other than orange.

Stitching for this project will be mostly on the weekends. I did a lot of background this past week, but I have several smaller projects to work on during the week now.

Hometown Holiday Schoolhouse – Progress 1

There have been 12 releases in this series and I have them all. I’ve decided that I won’t get any more. Nine have been stitched, which leaves me with 3 to do. Since they are small, I’m going to do one each month and get them done.

Here is the start of the Schoolhouse. It still needs the cupola, door, and windows.

School 1

I hope to have it completed with the trees and swings to show you next week.

I’m taking things easy now that all the Christmas stitching is done. I’ll start putting the 5 stockings together next month and will show them to you as they are completed.

I’m also going back to WIPs, cross stitch and needlepoint, that I want to complete. Posting may be less for the rest of the year. I’m learning to relax a little more and not stress about completing all my projects.

Persian Iris Mandala – Framed

The question for WIPocalypse this month was to tell the story of one of our pieces. I’ll try to keep this short. I had never done cross stitch until I decided in 2011 to buy a mandala by Chatelaine. I was moving along quite nicely until I fell and had hip trouble – couldn’t get up and down stairs easily.So it got put away for two years.

I read about WIPocalypse and decided to join with the hope of getting this beautiful piece completed. In 2014 I started on the mosques and buildings around the outside and slowly got it all done this year. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me along the way!

And here it is all framed up – 30″ square!! (It’s masterpiece glass so it’s almost impossible to get a good photo without a little flash in it.)

PIG framed