Persian Nain Rug – Progress 4

It’s exciting when a new rug is moving along well. I tend to work on it more and other things get pushed aside though.

The second corner is now done and I’ve started on the first motif – a pineapple- in the center area. There will be 10 of these pineapples around the center area of the rug when it’s all done. The tiny motif next to it will be repeated many times as well. As I complete motifs, I will fill in the background with Cream color from Pepper Pot Silk. That will give me some relief from all the busy motifs.


I’m finding the Pepper Pot Silk very easy to work with and I’m enjoying the stitching a lot. I’ll probably put the rug on the larger stretcher bars in another week, so I will only be able to stitch on it while I’m upstairs in the morning. The outer border will go faster when I’m able to turn the canvas so I can work on the border from left to right.

Hearts & Flowers – Progress 2

If I could count properly, I’d be farther along on this new design. Sigh.

Like my needlepoint, I like to do adaptations for cross stitch as well. And sometimes things don’t work out like I envision them. This project is one of those. I started with a photo of an Orfeo Jacquard Persian motif from a rug.

Orfeo Jacquard Persian

I was working with MacStitch, a cross stitch software for Mac, trying to get the feeling for the design and making it simpler, less crowded. The more I worked on it, the less it looked like the rug fragment shown above. But I kept going and it gradually became Hearts & Flowers and looks nothing like the original piece.

I now have two of the four hearts stitched. Miscounting required me to rip out almost two thirds of the second heart. Notice that the two roses are not the same at the top. The two hearts on the top and bottom will be the same and the two on the left and right will be the same when it is completed.

I decided to try out one of the roses to see how it would look before quitting last night. I know most people would start with the darkest color on the outside and get lighter as they stitched toward the center, but I wanted to try the opposite. Our anniversary was last month and DH bought be a bouquet of pale pink roses (my favorite) and lilies. The lilies hadn’t even started to bloom when I got the bouquet. As they started to open, they were pale pink and we assumed that they would match the roses. But when one of them finally popped open, it was brilliant pink with light pink and white along the edges. This was the inspiration for the rose that is now stitched on Hearts & Flowers.


I want to get all four hearts stitched before I go back to the flowers and other small details that are needed to complete the design. I want the hearts done by the end of the month and then can work on the details the first week of April.

Grieg by Dakota Rogers – Progress 2

I haven’t worked on this for a while and decided to pick it up this week and see how far I can get by the end of the month. I’ve been working my way down the right side, below the very large Rhodes stitch that was the start of the body design. I’ve used most of the stitches that Dakota Rogers had in the instructions, but she encourages you to let the design “talk to  you” and create as you go. So I’ve been adding some stitches – Diagonal Mosaic, Sprat’s Head, Arrowhead.


I liked the way she stitched the center at the bottom, so I did it her way and changed colors as I went along. I added stair steps in blue/violet on the left side so I can plan where to put some of the larger stitches. Once the larger ones are in, I can start playing with stitches to fill in areas.

The last thing I did last night was the two crescents at the bottom to form a square. I added a Vault stitch inside it. I’ve also started added a border of Mosaic stitches so I can make it a stand-up cat when it’s completed.

I’m Back…

It’s been very quiet at Thread Medley for the past week (at least online). No stitching at all.

I’ve been to Kansas City to visit my 3 sons and their families. Since we haven’t been all in one place at the same time in several years, I made a flash drive of all the family photos for each of my guys – photos from my parents’ photo albums, photos of my brother, sister and I growing up, and my 3 sons growing up. We had a wonderful laugh session with the photos displaying on a big TV. Lots of family memories, lots of good food. Here’s a photo of me with my guys – my youngest on the left, middle son in the middle, oldest on the right. There were also 3 wives and/or girlfriends, and 3 granddaughters. A wild 4 days – but SOOOO much fun.

My & My Guys 2015

I’ll get back to a little stitching tomorrow. I promise some photos by the end of the week.

Persian Nain Rug – Progress 3

I know it hasn’t been a month, but I’ve been working two days a week on this now instead of one. This always happens with a new rug – I get carried away with the new project and ignore several others.

I told you last time that the corners were a very busy area and it would take time to complete. Here is the original rug corner. You can see that I’ve had to eliminate the outer border in order to cut down on the size of the rug. Adapting a full size rug to a needlepoint rug of 14″ x 20″ involves cutting out large parts of the design, but still leaving enough to give the same fell to the adaptation.


Nain-6I have completed the first corner, so here is my adaptation for comparison.

Nain Corner

The main shapes in the corner are approximately the same as the original, but the little details within each area are my own creations. There are lots of details that make for slow going. The center section will be a nice relief, since I will have fewer motifs in the center than the original – lots of nice open areas for Basketweave in the cream color. Here is the rug so far:



If Time and Money Didn’t Count – My Bucket List

Measi from WIPocalypse 2015 listed this as the question of the month –

“If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?”

Because of the number of photos in the WIPocalypse post and this one, I decided to do two separate posts – so here is my bucket list.

My bucket list is in 3 parts. There are two needlepoint projects that I feel are too expensive for me to buy so they can easily be on this Bucket List.

1. Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley on 18 ct. canvas.

Purple Heron

2. Amanda Lawford’s new Santa – 20″ tall on 18 ct. canvas

Amanda Lawford Santa

In Cross Stitch –

3. St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice by Riolis

St. Marks - Venice

4. St. Petersburg by Thea Gouverneur

St. Petersburg

Crewel work – Royal Persian Blossom by Talliaferro Classical Needlework

Royal Persian Blossom


These are all gorgeous and I would love to have them. But I doubt I will buy any of them. I have a large stash of canvases, cross stitch charts, and ideas for many new creations of my own. But it never hurts to dream…..

WIPocalypse 2015 – March

I feel like a got a lot done in February, so here is my progress on my cross stitch projects. I did a post on the mandala a few days ago, but I wanted to show you that I finished the last two buildings on this side on Monday so I can turn the piece and start on a new side.

Bldg 3-3


The Chapter Tiles from Modern Folk Embroidery has the final leaf in the corner now. The curved lines show where the circle starts so I know I’m making progress.

Chapter 1-3

On Norfolk Diligence Sampler, I have finished the long line of text, over one thread. Halfway across the line, I noticed that it was not centered because I started over a little too far. To make up for the mistake I change the word “my” to “a” – I ply a thread… I’ve started the backstitch design on the left side. The last two lines of the verse will each be centered between the backstitching on the left and right side. I hope to have all that done this month.

NF Sampler-8

Father Christmas & Cats – I’ve been working on the left side, filling in background and starting the tassel on the left side of the hat. A little more on the face as well.

Father C 6

And I’ve started a new piece called Hearts & Flowers – one of my own designs. I’m stitching it with Splendor Silk on 28 ct. Angel Blush Laguna – over 2.


I’ve got a busy March schedule, so I don’t think I’ll get as much done, but I’m working on it.

Measi always has a question to answer each month – this month was about our Bucket List. Because of all the photos, I did a separate post about that which will be up in a few minutes.