Needlepoint Update – September 2018

2 finishes this month!

First is the last of the Fancy Hat Snowmen ornaments. I didn’t have enough white Neon Rays to do the band of the hat, so it’s stitched with Planet Earth stranded silk. The face is Brick Stitch using white Kreinik ribbon. The pink cheeks are Splendor and the nose is a rust ribbon that didn’t have a label. I’ll need to get with it and start finishing some of these ornaments soon so they are ready for Christmas.

The other finish is the C in CAT by Cheryl Schaeffer. I couldn’t finish the cat until I bought more black and white Whisper. It was stitched with the dreaded Long/Short stitch. The eyes are green Kreinik.

Next I decided to quickly get a start on the A for CAT. I didn’t like the really dark color for the holes of the cheese, so I used a shade darker than the cheese. Kind of hard to see but I don’t want to tear it out again. The first try was the overdyed Pepper Pot that was used the ball of yarn in the letter C above. The mice are being stitched with the overdyed Pepper Pot used for the darker sections of floor in the Bear Stocking. The background for all three pieces is Nobuko.

The Bear Stocking is driving me crazy right now. I’ve tried two different ways of stitching the white tree branches and they looked horrible! The branches are being stitched on top of the background. So while I play on some practice canvas trying to figure out what to do, I’m stitching all the background in blue and stitching the lights and ornaments when I get to them. You’ll notice there is no space for a name, so I’ll create one by making two white bands in Gobelin over two threads with the name in gold Kreinik ribbon between them. Then I can fill in the background around the name with the dark blue background thread using Basketweave. That will be the top 2 inches. So next week I’ll turn the canvas around and stitch the rest of it upside down so it’s easier to reach. I want it done this month.

And finally, the Qum rug. The center panel now has the first set of completed flowers. The pink flowers were stitched with two shades of rose Splendor. At the bottom, I did two shades of purple beads for a little more color. The heart-shaped (sort of) brown branches are for the next set of flowers. Once the background has been filled in around the branches, I’ll add the flowers. Most of the flowers are being stitched on top of the background.

It’s also time to add more of the border and arch, so I’ll turn the canvas so I can stitch one side at a time. I’m going to do two more repeats of the outer border motif on each side. Then I add two more inches to the arches before going back to the center. You probably won’t see this project again until the December 1st post. Right now it’s only about 5 inches tall and the rug will be about 21 inches tall when it is completely done. I imagine a 2020 finish. Can you believe that?

I lightened up the photo this time. This is more like the actual colors.

I’m worn out just thinking about all of this, but I spent some time this past week getting two more needlepoint projects ready to go. That’s my incentive to get busy and finish the stocking so I can start something new next month.

Happy stitching to all of you!


Needlepoint Update – August 2018

I’ve done well with the stocking for DH’s granddaughter. And I’ve tried to work on a couple other projects, but haven’t gotten very far.

Teddy Bear Stocking – The second bear is done completely done with Interlocking Goblin. It really went quickly too, thank goodness. So I’m up to the tree branches now. That will be challenging, but I think I have a plan ready to go.

I wanted to finish the C for the Cheryl Schaeffer C-A-T, but ran out of black Whisper and don’t have any white to finish the face. They’ve been ordered. I’ve finished the background for the letter and started on the cat.

And I’ve started the last of the 3 Fancy Hat Snowmen. I’m using white Neon Rays, lighter blue Fyre Werks, and darker blue Silk Lame Braid. It will eventually get done. Not much energy in the evenings right now.

Trying to get this finished in August so all 3 ornaments can be made into ornaments.

Needlepoint Update – February 2018

I’ve worked on these two projects this month:

Teddy Bear Stocking by Barbara Fox

– I finished stitching the light colored wood floor and worked on Christmas lights and ornaments. The Christmas lights are stitched with Sparkle Rays. The red ornament on the left was stitched with red Snow and flowers are Lazy Daisy stitch with Kreinik #12 braid. The ornament on the right was stitched with green ribbon floss and silver Kreinik ribbon, using the Scotch stitch – I used the Kreinik ribbon for the longest stitch.

I’ll try to complete all of the things on the light-colored floor in March, work on the darker section of the floor, and hopefully start the first teddy bear.

The other project is C A T by Cheryl Schaeffer. This is moving along well now. The three balls of yarn were a challenge to figure out. I finally decided to Basketweave them with variegated Pepper Pot Silk (very subtle shading) and then “wrap” long strands around to imitate a ball of yarn. Finished the pink one last night. I still have the strands that fall down the letter, but I want all the white background filled in first. Then I can stitch the cat.

This one reminds me of holding skeins of yarn while my mother wound up the yarn into balls. I did that a lot! I want to get this one finished in March and then I can start on the letter A. (just noticed a problem just to the left of the cat – I’ll get that fixed tonight)

I’ve also decided to work on the Qum rug upstairs one week each month, but I didn’t get enough done to show you this month.

Needlepoint Progress – January 2018

Happy dance! HAPPY DANCE!!! The first finish for the month was posted a little while ago. Alice Peterson’s ABC that is now at the framer’s.

The shouted happy dance is for the ASOW Tall Ship, which was finished this afternoon. Here is the bottom of the canvas:

The water was stitched with Bravo, using two plies, in a zigzag pattern.

I used up 1 card of Bravo, 7 skeins and 2 partial skeins of floss, 2 full and 4 partial skeins of old Needle Necessities thread. All of this was in my stash!

This was quite a challenge and took 6 months to finish. (I still have about 4 threads for rigging that need to be tightened.)  Here is the finale:

With two projects done this month, I’m now free to start two new projects. For downstairs, I am going to stitch the C A T by Cheryl Schaeffer. I’m still waiting for a couple threads, but I’ve start the background for the C using white Pepper Pot Silk in Nobuko stitch. The letters are about 8 inches tall, which is smaller than most of my projects. I’ve only worked on it one evening so far.

Upstairs, the new larger canvas is the Teddy Bear Stocking by Barbara Fox for DH’s granddaughter. Again, only one hour of stitching so far. Marshmallow variegated Pepper Pot Silk was used for the floorboards, stitched in Beaty stitch.

When I need a change of pace upstairs, I can work on the Qum rug for a few days.

Cross Stitch Update – November 2017

The last month has not been kind. With the fires early in October, we didn’t feel like doing anything except worry and plan an exit if we needed it (thankfully, we didn’t need to leave).

I wasn’t interested in working on any of the projects that I had been working on, so I started a new one – Love You More. I was happily stitching away, starting in the middle with the word “you” and then started on the word “Love” that was just to the left. As I started on the Capital L I noticed that I was running out of room and wouldn’t have room for the borders. So I stopped to figure it out. I guess I assumed that the piece was a square and it wouldn’t matter which way I started my stitching. But it is wider than it is tall and I had started stitching in the wrong direction. So I spent several days frogging it all out – ove you. So now I have restarted and here is my progress so far:

The little piece on the left is the start of the letter “e ” in love.

And that didn’t end the problems either. I pick up the Norfolk Sampler on the weekends, trying a little at a time to get it completed. So I pulled it out one Saturday and it didn’t look quite right. The last thing I worked on the last time it was out – the border on the right side. Then I figured out what was wrong – the blue background was a different shade of blue that had to be frogged out and restitched. I have finally finished the band I was working on!

So I’m now starting on the last band and the border which will run across the bottom too. The first octagon is outlined. There will be more colors around each octagon and then they will be filled in with designs done over 1 thread like the verse that was stitched last year. This will be slow going.

The last piece is the cat stocking that I’m doing for myself – it will NOT be done in time for Christmas this year. But I’ll keep working on it and get it done, hopefully before I have to start on the two stockings for new granddaughters next year.

I had the toe done last month and the heel is almost done but needs backstitching. The blue and green gift box is done and I’ve just started the top of the box. The cat will look better when the back stitching is done. I love these two kitties – just like Julius and Daisy who died. When this section is done, then I’ll start working my up the stocking, with more kitties to come.

Then the last “bad” news. My right hand is hurting again. I’ve done a wax treatment for 3 evenings now, but if I try to stitch it makes my hand hurt again. So I haven’t stitched since Friday evening. It’s driving me crazy to see all my projects and know I can’t do any stitching on them. I tried yesterday and gave up after about 20 minutes. So I need to take a few more days off before I try again.

So I’ve been reading, pulling threads for the cross stitch stocking for little Emmi next year, ordering thread for the needlepoint stocking that I showed in the post about Barbara Fox that I’ll stitch for little Penelope next year, finding some new pasta recipes to try, getting my To Do list for 2018 stitching ready, etc. But I’m bored!!!! I’ll try a little stitching on Wed. and see how things go.

The rest of this year will be much better – I’m sure of that!! Happy stitching everyone!


Double Decker Cats and Tumak

Looking at this photo – all I can do is smile. When I’m stitching in the evenings, Daisy is always on my lap and Charlie has taken to sitting on the top of the chair. Last night, we went out to eat and when we got home, this scene greeted us. (The bump on the left side of Daisy’s head is a cyst and isn’t causing any problems. We don’t think she’d survive the surgery, so we just monitor her and let things stay as they are.) Daisy still hisses his Charlie, but only late at night – then they are quiet for the rest of the night. We’re almost there…

Double Decker

My list of things to do this year said I should get half of this Tumak piece done this year. It’s a small project (6″ X 9″) that I pick up as a change of pace from all my larger projects. I reached the halfway mark last night and it has now been put away – it will be finished sometime next year.

Tumak 6

I haven’t filled in the center of the large motif which is the center of the piece on the left because I’m thinking of changing the colors so it will be different from the one on the right (which is also repeated on the left side.)

I’ll start a new, small size piece tonight and will post when I’ve made a decent start on it.

Finally, the perfect cat!

Since we returned Gwen to the vet, we’ve been thinking about another cat. (The vet says Gwen has found a new home.) Our 16 year old Daisy has always had a male cat around. With Julius gone, she’s been yowling every night and we hoped another older cat could be found that would get along with her and make her feel comfortable enough to stop yowling.

We went to the local Animal Shelter two weeks ago today with the idea of adopting a 7 year old male we saw online. He was a gorgeous cat and liked us right away, so DH went to talk to the people about what was in his file – why was he given to the Animal Shelter. Seems he hates female cats! That ended that. But I stopped at the desk again and asked if they had any other older male cats that might get along with our little Daisy. Yes – Derek. After spending time with him (he was so laid back and quiet), we came home with Derek.



We finally got around to naming him after about 5 days. He’s such a distinguished, polite gentleman that we named him Sir Charles. We usually just call him Charlie though. He’s so quiet that we have to check on him once in a while to see if he is okay. The only time he meows is when he’s hungry. And it only took 3 days for him to decide DH had a nice lap he could sleep in!  Being the polite gentleman that he is, he puts his paws on the arm of the chair and waits for an invitation to hop up though. After one hour in the house, he decided to take a nap – not in the cat bed he was sitting next to, but in the basket full of cat toys. It’s his favorite place to sleep every day.


Daisy doesn’t mind him being around, even right next to her on the arm of the chair while she sleeps in my lap. When she around the house on her own, she hisses at him. Hopefully, that will change soon. So we are back to a happy household with two cats – one for me and one for DH.