Hometown Holidays – Diner

I have 12 pieces from this series. I waited a long time for the fabric to come for this last one. But I worked on it this past week and finished it quickly.

With all the large projects I have going (and more waiting in my stash), I’m glad I have some smaller projects to work on from time to time. I want to make a banner from them to string across a part of the living room at Christmas. I have all the materials that I need so it’s time to play with some ideas and get this done!

This is another item removed from my stash and makes me feel like I’m making progress. Another small piece is a wedding record for DH’s son and fiance who are getting married the beginning of Nov. I started it yesterday and hope to have it done by the end of the month.


Wedding Shower Gift

Now that my future (step)DIL has her gift from the shower, I can show it to you.

Since she is Chinese, I felt that the Double Happiness symbol would be quite appropriate.

Stitched over one on 25 ct. Lugana, it took about a month – working about 5 hours a week.

The design was supposed to be done as a wall hanging or pillow, but I thought that would be too big. This is about 5″ square. The off-white frame is from Mill Hill and the opening is about 5.5″ square. It was perfect.

I already heard from the happy couple, saying that both really liked the piece.

ABC Sampler Finale

I’ve been working overtime on this piece, hoping to get it done before the baby arrived. Penelope helped by being almost two weeks late, but I did get it done today!

I really can’t decide which little animal I like the best – the whale, rooster, turtle??? This was a fun stitch and moved along nicely. Now to get it framed and hang it in Penelope’s room.

We finally got to visit with Penelope and her parents today. She is so adorable and I got a photo of DH holding his first grandchild too. Then she fell asleep in my arms.

An all around wonderful day!


Mill Hill Ornament – Polar Bear

I’ve had this little ornament in my stash for at least 3 years.

I started it just before Christmas since I had another week before the end of the year. I finished the cross stitching yesterday. So today was adding beads and cutting it out. Here he is all finished.

I completed 22 projects this year. Not a bad year at all.

Polar Bear

I saw this on another blog earlier today. I guess he is a popular fellow.

Delta Queen Paddleboat Finale

The last of the water has been stitched. There are a few slanted lines down the water that were stitched with Glisson Blending thread to add a little sparkle to the mix.

Paddleboat finale

It’s only about 5″ x 7″ so I’ll be able to frame it myself, probably next month. I don’t want to go into stores at this time of year. I think a small, black frame would be great.

Now on to  the last two pieces of Hometown Holiday – the Tree Lot and the Diner. I hope to have them both done before the end of the year.

WIPocalypse 2016 – August

I’m very pleased with my progress this month! I completed Persian Iris Mandala (after 4 years)

PIG Finale

And I finished the last 3 of the Old Fashioned Ornaments (turquoise was done last month and the red one is mine))

Old Fashioned 2B

Old fAshioned 3

Old fashioned 4

I’ve gotten a lot done on the elephant – the baby is finally appearing to the left of the legs

Elephant 8

And I’ve started the last of the stockings I need to get done. It’s an easier pattern and not too many colors  so it’s moving along nicely. The bottom left page is done and I’ve started the top left page. Can you guess what it is?

Batman 1

Yes, it’s Batman! I hope to have both the elephant and Batman done by the next WIPocalypse post. Then I can spend some time making up all 4 ornaments and the stockings (5 of them!!). The ornaments and 4 of the stockings need to be mailed for Christmas and I want them all done early – for a change!

Happy stitching!!



Persian Iris Mandala – Finale!!!

The new crystals arrived late yesterday (the mail wasn’t delivered until almost 7 pm) and I just sewed them on. Finally this huge project is finished. And I still love it!!

I started it in 2011. Because of my hip problem I couldn’t handle stairs very well and put it away in 2012. I picked it back up in the spring of 2014 and have worked on it a little every month since then.

19″ square – it needs to be taken off the stretcher bars and straightened out a little before I can get it framed. This was the first cross stitch project I started – if you can believe that! There are mistakes and I still can’t do the gold top stitching as well as it should be, but I stuck with it and have completed this beautiful piece!

The center – with the replacement crystals in the dark blue square around the center and light green crystals in the green circles around the purple irises.

PIG finale 2

The corner – Delica beads in the scroll/flowers around the top edge and turquoise crystals beneath each scroll and one crystal at the bottom of the corner “knot.”

PIG finale 1

And finally, the whole piece!

PIG Finale

I’m not insane enough to start another mandala just yet though. I have Serengeti all kitted up and ready to go, but I’ll wait a while on that one. I also want to buy Moroccan Lace when it is released. So I don’t know which one will be started next year. We’ll see….