Cross Stitch Update – June 2018

Actual progress at long last. I’ve started the back of the Main Street Box. There is a small design, but most of it is just the overdyed thread. I know it isn’t centered, but this is the way it is on the pattern. I hope I can get it done and the box put together by next month’s progress report.

I also started another small project – the Queen Anne house from Mill Hill. I have most of the cross stitches for the house done and need to add a tree on each side. When cross stitches are done, I’ll get all the beads added. This one has special meaning for me, which I’ll share when it is complete (Hopefully by next month as well).

Finally, I did a lot on the Forest Friends stocking for Emmy. I’m half done now. The little bear and the branch and needles are done and all the backstitching for these parts have been done as well.

The area on the right above the scarf and branch will be a deer with a wreath around it’s neck. Above the bear’s head is the large snowman. I’m hoping to have those two areas done for next time.

It’s good to be stitching every day again, though only for 2 or so hours. I need to step up on the smaller needlepoint projects now. They haven’t been touched for 3 months. I’ll get there…



Heron Cross Stitch – Finale

Finished up the top stitching today! (Though I need more practice in doing top stitching)

Heron - finale

The River Rambler from Cross Stitch Collection Magazine – August 2012

Stitched with DMC and Anchor floss on 18 count Aida

Taking a few days off now. I’m putting away threads, pulling threads for new projects, etc. I’ve made a list of WIPs that I want to finish in 2015 (cross stitch and needlepoint) and I’m getting a couple of new projects ready to go. As usual, I have way too many that I want to work on right now, so will have to set up a rotation of sorts.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Heron Cross Stitch – Progress 4

Making good progress on this. The heron cross stitches are all done, but I still have to do the top stitching. I’ll do that last after I’m finished with all the cross stitches.


The darker shade of blue is complete on the left side of the heron and I’ll work today to complete the lighter blue as well. On the right side there are still a few flowers to stitch and then all the blue around it. The frame needs to be finished and then you’ll be able to see that there is a lot of white space above the heron. I hope I have it completed by the end of the year. I’ll post as soon as it’s done.

Heron Cross Stitch – Progress 3

I haven’t been working on this, but have now decided that I want it done by the end of the year. I’m a little over halfway done on this 5 X 7 project. I’ve been calling it the blue heron, but when I started stitching the actual heron, it calls for 5 shades of gray. Oh well…


The space around the top of the heron is mostly unstitched, so I’m hoping I can get this done in the next few weeks. The only top stitching is on the heron itself, so that won’t be done until the very end. All the flowers on the left side are now done and only a few more to go on the right side. So it’s mainly just the heron to stitch. He’s about a third done at this point. With a rainy weekend forecast for us here in Northern California, I hope to get lots of stitching done.

Blue Heron – Progress 2

I’ve gotten all the way across the bottom of the design now and also stitched some of the reeds that stand out from the flowers and plants along the bottom. The gray that you see on the right side are the legs of the blue heron, so he has started to make his appearance.

Blue Heron-2

There is a lot of open space around the middle so I’ll try to finish up the flowers, plants and water on this half of the design before you see it again. There’s no backstitching so it moves along a little faster. I definitely like that!

Blue Heron – a Start

This cross stitch is from the August 2012 issue of Cross Stitch Collection Magazine. I subscribe to this magazine for several reasons. There’s always at least one design each month that I want to stitch and this is the only magazine that I know of (digitally read on my Mini iPad) that allows me to print the charts. They print beautifully on standard printing paper and are easy to read.

The bottom 30 reads are solid stitching – flowers and water – and after that there will be a lot of open space. The Blue Heron will appear on the right side after I get the bottom stitched. As you can tell by the dark blue across the bottom, I have stitched half way across the bottom now.

Blue Heron-1

When it’s done, it will about about 7″ tall and just over 6″ wide. Hopefully, the blue heron will start to appear by the next time I show this piece.