Tumak by Gitta – Progress 8

Not as much stitching time lately, so things are moving slower than ever. I have finished the motifs on the bottom right and turned the corner on the outer border. That was a goal a couple weeks ago. I did have everything outlined for that deadline, but getting them all filled in and doing the off-white background has taken much longer.

There are two small motifs that haven’t been filled in yet. I’ve decided to wait until the matching motif in the top right area is outlined and then fill in the two matching motifs.

I really need to work on this 5 evenings each week so I can get it completed. There are now two projects kitted up and waiting for me to start – one of my own designs and a Christmas ornament for the new granddaughter due in July.

Tumak by Gitta – Progress 7

My goal for this project last year was to get it half done. Now I want it done by mid-April. I’ve only work on it a couple evenings each week, so I’ll have to switch to working on it about 5 evenings a week to get it done.

Here’s where it was at the end of December:

Tumak 6


And it’s here today:

Tumak 7

The second large motif is done and I wanted it to look a little different from the other two. The middle is stitched with the overdye instead of the medium solid green and a darker rose in the center. I’ve completed two more motifs along the bottom edge and outlined a third one. The outer border is longer as well. Two more small motifs along the bottom edge and I’ll be able to turn the corner. That’s the goal for this week – two motifs and the border done along the bottom and the corner completed. The part that takes the longest on this project is filling in the off-white around every motif and border.

When this is done, I have a new project that’s ready to go. More incentive to get busy and complete this one.

Double Decker Cats and Tumak

Looking at this photo – all I can do is smile. When I’m stitching in the evenings, Daisy is always on my lap and Charlie has taken to sitting on the top of the chair. Last night, we went out to eat and when we got home, this scene greeted us. (The bump on the left side of Daisy’s head is a cyst and isn’t causing any problems. We don’t think she’d survive the surgery, so we just monitor her and let things stay as they are.) Daisy still hisses his Charlie, but only late at night – then they are quiet for the rest of the night. We’re almost there…

Double Decker

My list of things to do this year said I should get half of this Tumak piece done this year. It’s a small project (6″ X 9″) that I pick up as a change of pace from all my larger projects. I reached the halfway mark last night and it has now been put away – it will be finished sometime next year.

Tumak 6

I haven’t filled in the center of the large motif which is the center of the piece on the left because I’m thinking of changing the colors so it will be different from the one on the right (which is also repeated on the left side.)

I’ll start a new, small size piece tonight and will post when I’ve made a decent start on it.

Tumak – Progress 5

Quick Gwen Update: After a rather bad attack on me last Tuesday, Gwen has been returned to the vet. I hope they can find a good home for her. I miss her somewhat, but I was too scared to keep her. So it’s quiet around here now.

Tumak by Gitta is on the list of goals for the year – hoping to get half of this small rug done by the end of the year. It’s only 6″ X 10″ in size. So right now, it’s 6″ across the left side and I’ve outlined a few more areas that reach the center across the bottom. I’ll be filling in those areas this week so I can turn it around and do the other side to match. Then it will get put away until next year.

Tumak 5

I’ve changed the colors from the original rug. The colors match my version of From Molehill to Mountain that I stitched in 2006, which you can see here. I want to make this little rug into a pillow for the couch near From Molehill to Mountain.

Tumak by Gitta – Progress 2

The top of the motif in the middle marks one third of the design being outlined.

Tumak 4

I’m continuing my changes in the color, making decisions as I go. I found that the light and medium greens can’t be side by side – there just isn’t enough difference in the color. So it will look quite different from the original when it is done. I was amazed at all the motifs being so close together. So I’m learning that I can do more motifs in some of my own designs too. I’ve been afraid to try that, but I want to do an Indian design and this will help me figure that out.

I’ll work on this just another day or two, then put it away for a while. I have the design for the Modern Tile ready to go and have been having difficulty deciding on what stitches to use. So it’s time to put this away and get out some scrap canvas and play with stitches. I want to get that started next week.

Introducing Tumak by Gitta

I bought two patterns by Gitta from Canada about 2-3 years ago. I completed the first one last year – Koshka.


I decided to start the second pattern, called Tumak as a fill-in project while I work on the colors and stitches for my new Modern Tile design. It should be ready to go in a couple weeks. (The photo is on a slant because the title page is on shiny paper and it was the only way I could get a mostly decent photo.)


Both of these patterns are stitched on Congress Cloth and are about 6.5″ X 9″. I’ve decided to change the colors since I didn’t want the olive green colors and I wanted to use an overdye in the border. So my inspiration for colors was a project I did about 9-10 years ago called From Molehill to Mountain. My version is shown below.


I showed the very beginning of the border on my Needlepoint Projects for 2016 post about 10 days ago. I’ve continue to work on that border and have now added the edges of the border – done in Gobelin stitch over two rather than in Basketweave. You can see how the colors have changed. I’m using the dark green for all of the outlining for the piece. The background is Anchor 926 (DMC 3866), which is a little lighter than the beige Congress Cloth. All the threads are #8 perle cotton.

Tumak 3

Today I decided to outline the first motif so I can have a change of pace from stitching the same thing over and over on the outer border. I’m stitching from my stash as much as possible this year and only had to buy the 3 shades of green to stitch this design.

Once I have the Modern Tile ready to stitch, this will be put away for a while. The goal is to stitch only half of it this year, but you never know…

Needlepoint Goals for 2016

Since I needed to do the cross stitch list for the year for WIPocalypse 2016, I decided to list my needlepoint goals for the year as well. So here is my list – I don’t expect to start the last two pieces on the list, but it never hurts to dream.

  1. First Moroccan stocking – pink and green
  2. Second Moroccan stocking – blue and copper
  3. Deconstructed Log Cabin – finished!
  4. Ghirardelli Square – get at least half done


5. Persian Nain Rug – finish

Nain 14

6. Madagascar rug – finish

Madagascar -2

7. Swans – get at least half done


8. Merry Christmas Kitty by Gay Ann Rogers – start and finish

9. Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Start

10. 3D cat piece – start and finish

11. Modern Tile – new design based on the photo below that I want to start and finish this year

Modern tile floor

12. Tumak rug by Gitta – get at least half done (6.5″ X 9″ on Congress cloth)


13. Persian pillow – finish design and start this year

14. Christmas Star – finish design and start this year

15. Zebra Dressed for Winter by CBK – hopefully start

16. Tropical Punch by DebBee Designs – hopefully start

It’s a daunting list, but I’m feeling good and optimistic! My hope is that I get half of them completed and off the list by the end of the year.

The cross stitch list will go up in a week. Happy stitching to all!