Border Rug – Progress 11

Note: This post was supposed to be posted last Wed. Somehow it didn’t happen, so today you get two posts!

Not a lot of progress over the last two weeks. I had to rip out part of the outer border today when I noticed a mistake. But I have started on Band 5. The background is Burgundy Mosaic stitches. The motif has several stitches with the blue ones being my favorite. They are Amadeus Triangles done in Slate Blue Silk & Ivory.  The center is a variation of a Ray stitch, but not all the stitches go into the center hole. I’ve reversed the colors in the two motifs that are stitched and will continue to alternate across the row.


Here is the rug so far.


I’ll try to get more done before the next posting.


Baluchi Rug – Chart Available for Sale

I’ve finally finished and posted the Baluchi Rug Chart (and Tips) for purchase on my website – You’ll find it on the page labeled – Charted Designs – Rugs.

The booklet includes 12 pages of charts for the rug, the colors and quantities of thread I used, and tips for stitching it. It is stitched using only Basketweave and Continental stitches. The chart is 227 stitches by 395 stitches. Stitching on 18 ct. canvas, my version of the rug is 13″ X 22 “.

The cost is $20.


If you have any questions about it, please email me at

Baluchi Rug Finale

Almost nine months! I never thought it would take this long. But I’m pleased with the results and glad to have it completed at last!

If you want to see the original rug that was my inspiration, you can click here.


Approximately 13″ X 22″

25 skeins of thread – 16 of Vineyard Silk, 7 of Trio, and 2 of Impressions

I’ve lightly pressed it after having it on scroll bars all this time. It still needs a little more before I can take it to be framed. Now to work on the smaller projects that I have downstairs that need to be completed and one that I’ve just started.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 29

I decided to give you one more glance at the rug before I start on this last week of stitching to the finish.


The borders on the left side are finished and I’ve started several of the borders across the bottom now. I was working on the scroll border on the left side last night, and had a rhythm going, so I didn’t stop until the whole scroll was stitched. Now I can fill in the basketweave background. All the off-white dots for the two narrow brown borders are done and I’m stitching around them also. It’s coming along well right now. Today I’m going to work mostly on the patches, trying to fill in the center section.

I’m still hoping to finish by July 10th. Why the 10th? I belong to the PetitPoint Yahoo group and they always post their latest photos on the 10th of each month. I didn’t post last month, so I want to surprise them with the finished rug this month.

I’m also working on the Pet Shop and should have it done tomorrow, so I’ll schedule the final post on Friday morning.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 28

It was 100 degrees here in Northern California yesterday and will be hotter today (and continue through Tuesday)! So I’m not moving around much and not getting a lot done either. But I will stitch for a half hour or so and then read – then repeat for the rest of the day.

The center motif is complete! And I’ve been working on the borders on the left side today.


I’ll continue the borders on the left side today and tomorrow and get them done. Tomorrow I want to start on the remaining patches in the center section. We’ll see how much I can get done over the next week. I’m aiming for the finish around July 10th and I know that is pushing it quite a bit, but I’m only going to work on this and the Pet Shop and try to have them both completed by then. It’s exciting to be so close to the end of two large projects!

Baluchi Rug – Progress 27

I haven’t had as much stitching time this past week, but the borders on the right side on completed and I’ve done some work on the center motif.


The bottom right corner didn’t come out exactly as charted, so I’m leaving that corner alone for right now. I’ve run into this before on this piece – where a border is off by one thread and there are no mistakes anywhere that I can find. So I’ll work on the borders on the left side this coming week and finish the borders by working my way across the bottom from left to right. That way I’ll end up at that trouble corner and see how it works out.

I also want to get the rest of the center motif completed, and will probably start with that first this week. There’s only about 7 rows below the stitched part, so that should be easy to accomplish.