Persian Nain Rug Available for Purchase

I just uploaded the Persian Nain Rug Instructions to my Etsy Shop ( The design is 13.75″ X 19.5″ in size and is 224 X 343 stitches. Cost is $20.00.

The design was done in MacStitch and has symbols on colored squares for easy reading.

Nain Finale



3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Almost Done

Didn’t quite finish, but I have lots to show you. Here is the front of the station completely done.


The garlands were stitched with Needle Necessities floss using the Fern Stitch and then I went back and added a few longer stitches so it didn’t look so neat. The wreaths were stitched with the same thread using French Knots. All the bows were stitched with Frosty Rays.

Here’s the last side of the station, showing that one tree has been stitched in a small Leaf stitch using a Florimell overdyed silk from Gloriana. I need to add the beads tomorrow. The door is stitched in Beaty stitch to give the impression of a heavy wood door.


I have two of the four trees stitched now, but need to move the canvas over to complete the other two. The pots that hold the trees are stitched in the same Splendor colors used for the bricks. So I’ll add beads to the two I have done tomorrow morning, move the canvas, and hopefully get the other two trees done as well. I’ll post again when it’s all completed.

Baluchi Rug – Progress 1

It’s really busy around here right now and I haven’t had a lot of stitching time. But I do have a little on the Baluchi Rug done, so I thought I’d show you how things are going.

I don’t know why there is a shadow on the right side. We’re having a day where it’s sunny for 5 minutes, then cloudy for 10 minutes.

The Gobelin border was stitched over 2 threads using Vineyard Silk Dark Earth. The zigzag is stitched in Vineyard Silk Beach and the background around it in Vineyard Silk Cashmere. The thread below the rug shows where the middle of the shorter side is. Since the rug is only going to be 13″ wide, you can see that I have about 9″ done across the bottom and there is 4″ going up the left side. I’ll continue across the bottom and then work up the right side about the same distance.

But today I want to start a little of the next border using two shades of the pine green Trio from Brown Paper Packages. These greens form the triangles of the second border. I’ll be back with another photo when I get that far.


Phone Apps and Inspiration

Do you have phone apps that you use or refer to when you’re stitching? I do have all the iPhone apps that have needlepoint stitches. I do most of my stitching downstairs while I watch TV, etc. and I refer to them frequently as I stitch.

I also have an app called Punto Croce that is for floss. It does 3 things: inventory of your floss, calculating how much floss you need for a specific size chart on a number of fabric counts, and color conversion. I use the color conversion all the time! I have a lot of Anchor floss that I’m trying to use up, so when I start pulling threads for a project that lists DMC colors, I use this app to convert DMC number to Anchor so I can search for them in my stash. And this app has DMC threads, Anchor, JP Coats and Sullivan so it covers a lot for conversion.

Then, on a lark, I searched the App Store for rugs. I found several from various stores that sell Persian Rugs. Since it was free, I downloaded Pak Persian Rugs. Now, when I need a break from stitching, I browse through 105 Persian rugs by style by collection or design. I’m getting itchy fingers to start working on a new rug design and I’ve always wanted to do a Persian rug. They are very detailed and I needed to work my way up to something more complicated. So here is my inspiration for the next rug:

It’s from the Pak Persian Rug app and is labeled as a Baluchi rug. It’s from the Eastern Iran or Western Afghanistan area. LOVE the center designs and will love stitching them. When I need a break from stitching, I’ll be playing with the various elements and creating my own version of this rug. I won’t be stitching until Oct. or Nov. but just think of all the fun I’ll be having trying to get this one ready to go.

I’ve joined the Petitpointers group on Yahoo recently, so that also helped make the decision to do this rug. With the detail involved, I’m going to create a chart for this design. I might use some specialty stitches but a lot of it will be Basketweave and Continental. I want LOTS of detail in this one. So I have a lot of decisions to make. Do I want to do Silk & Ivory on 13 ct or something on 18 count for a change. And I am very tempted to stitch the same rug on silk gauze at the same time. Won’t that be fun to watch! Let the thinking and playing begin!!