Baby Girl and ???

She was late, but Penelope arrived Friday!! DH has his first grandchild (and my 4th – all girls).

And the ???? We got a call Wed. evening from my youngest son. He and his wife are expecting their first child in late February! Won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until the end of August.

Excitement all around us!!

Double Decker Cats and Tumak

Looking at this photo – all I can do is smile. When I’m stitching in the evenings, Daisy is always on my lap and Charlie has taken to sitting on the top of the chair. Last night, we went out to eat and when we got home, this scene greeted us. (The bump on the left side of Daisy’s head is a cyst and isn’t causing any problems. We don’t think she’d survive the surgery, so we just monitor her and let things stay as they are.) Daisy still hisses his Charlie, but only late at night – then they are quiet for the rest of the night. We’re almost there…

Double Decker

My list of things to do this year said I should get half of this Tumak piece done this year. It’s a small project (6″ X 9″) that I pick up as a change of pace from all my larger projects. I reached the halfway mark last night and it has now been put away – it will be finished sometime next year.

Tumak 6

I haven’t filled in the center of the large motif which is the center of the piece on the left because I’m thinking of changing the colors so it will be different from the one on the right (which is also repeated on the left side.)

I’ll start a new, small size piece tonight and will post when I’ve made a decent start on it.

Finally, the perfect cat!

Since we returned Gwen to the vet, we’ve been thinking about another cat. (The vet says Gwen has found a new home.) Our 16 year old Daisy has always had a male cat around. With Julius gone, she’s been yowling every night and we hoped another older cat could be found that would get along with her and make her feel comfortable enough to stop yowling.

We went to the local Animal Shelter two weeks ago today with the idea of adopting a 7 year old male we saw online. He was a gorgeous cat and liked us right away, so DH went to talk to the people about what was in his file – why was he given to the Animal Shelter. Seems he hates female cats! That ended that. But I stopped at the desk again and asked if they had any other older male cats that might get along with our little Daisy. Yes – Derek. After spending time with him (he was so laid back and quiet), we came home with Derek.



We finally got around to naming him after about 5 days. He’s such a distinguished, polite gentleman that we named him Sir Charles. We usually just call him Charlie though. He’s so quiet that we have to check on him once in a while to see if he is okay. The only time he meows is when he’s hungry. And it only took 3 days for him to decide DH had a nice lap he could sleep in!  Being the polite gentleman that he is, he puts his paws on the arm of the chair and waits for an invitation to hop up though. After one hour in the house, he decided to take a nap – not in the cat bed he was sitting next to, but in the basket full of cat toys. It’s his favorite place to sleep every day.


Daisy doesn’t mind him being around, even right next to her on the arm of the chair while she sleeps in my lap. When she around the house on her own, she hisses at him. Hopefully, that will change soon. So we are back to a happy household with two cats – one for me and one for DH.

It’s Official!

Gwen was officially adopted yesterday! It’s taken some work, some scratches, and lots of hissing on her part, but she is finally settling in here.

Gwen condo

We call this our Cat Condo. There are three cubbyholes and an open space on top. This is the first place downstairs that she adopted. It’s not very big, but she feels safe and secure here. She is now spending every afternoon in the open space on top.

She has been hissing at Daisy every time she sees her – and growling. Daisy would get intimidated and walk away. But Daisy has not decided that two can play that game. If Gwen gets too close, Daisy is the one to hiss and growl – then Gwen is the one who walks away. They can now be in the same room without much fuss. If one of them starts to growl, we just take a few steps toward them, and they go their separate ways.

Gwen Laser

Trying to keep her mind off of Daisy, DH played laser with her. She was all over the place and had a ball. Once in a while, while she was running around, she would glance at Daisy, hiss, and then run after the laser again. She had us laughing too. Daisy is 16 years old and is wise to the laser trick. She’s keeping an eye on Gwen but won’t participate in the activity. Gwen looks a lot bigger than Daisy, but only weighs about a pound more than Daisy – she’s all fur.

She knows the feeding schedule too. First thing in the morning and after Jeopardy at night. One morning last week, I overslept and didn’t get up until 45 minutes later than usual. I heard her crying at the bedroom door. So cute!!

On second thought…

We lost Julius a month ago. We had decided when we got Julius that he would be our last kitty.  We don’t want to be taking care of cats when we’re 85-90 years old. So we were really upset when he died.

Yesterday, I took Daisy (our 16 year old female cat) to the vet for a checkup and to check on her thyroid levels. While I was waiting, I saw they had two little kittens for adoption. They were adorable and I loved watching them, but no way I would take one home. BUT…. they had an older cat that needed a home. She’s about 7 years old, a flame point Himalayan, and very quiet. No one wants to adopt her because she is FIV+ (feline AIDS). When I got home, I told DH about her and he did some quick research about FIV and whether it could be transmitted to Daisy if we brought the new cat home (unless Gwen bites her, and the chances of that happening are really low) . Then he called the vet and talked with her for a while. DH said she needed a good home and no one else wanted her. So we went to the vet and brought her home.

Here’s Gwen (she already had this name and answers to it).


She and Daisy are staying away from each other so far, but it’s only been 24 hours. She is a quiet girl, but loves to answer any time you talk to her. She comes running whenever we open a door in the house and doesn’t mind being petted or picked up. She’s a real sweetheart. She should live a long time and isn’t on any type of medication. We’re trying to have DH spend more time with her than I do so she will bond to him. That should help Daisy feel less threatened. Daisy actually slept in my chair in the living room last night so Gwen wouldn’t try to claim it. We’ll see how things go, but I don’t expect any problems at all.

One good thing already – Daisy has been yowling every night when we go to bed and she’s alone. No yowling last night.

Saying Goodbye to Julius

The vet called Thursday night to tell us Julius did have cancer. We decided keep him with us as long as he could eat food (baby food meat only). He stopped eating yesterday. DH cuddled him as he went to sleep.


No more pain Baby Boy! We’ll miss you.

Tracking My Projects

I’ve seen several posts on other blogs lately about inventory and tracking of projects. I thought I’d share how I handle it. I’m on a Mac and use Bento (a small database program that is no longer sold by Apple, unfortunately). But these first screen shots can be duplicated with Tables in any Word Processing program or in a Spreadsheet program.

List Page

This first screen shot shows the top of my list. These are projects that I want to work on this year – there are always more projects than I can realistically handle in a year, but it gives me options and choices. The 4th column always shows where that project is – started, being designed, or ready to start. Ready to start means it has been kitted up and ready to be stitched. You can see that I have 29 projects to work on this year. This part keeps growing throughout the year as I design more things myself.

There is a blank row that has Temp in the 4th column. This makes sorting my list easy – keeping current projects above the rest of the list. Z- projects are in my stash in various stages of readiness – projects to do in the future. They start with Z so they will fall below current projects since everything is listed alphabetically. You should be able to do this in the other programs mentioned above as well.

Bottom of List

This is at the bottom of the list.  I started this database in 2009 and the list is now at 177 rows, 82 of which are completed projects. Column 5 shows the completion date for each project and I also have a space for a photo of the finished project. I can easily add or delete projects right on this list page. I always sort the list by the 5th column – Completed. Any project that is not completed will automatically appear at the top of the list, like the screen shot at the top of the post.

Bento has an additional screen for each project where you can add lots of additional information, if you wish. I designed this database page myself.

Project Page

I haven’t used the Notes section as much as I intended. I thought it would be good to list the cost of supplies, etc. But I haven’t done that yet. The photo is the completeld project, but I will replace it with a new photo when this has been made into a stocking.

I have other “libraries” in Bento as well. There is one for each thread brand, fabric (not a complete inventory yet), books, etc. I’m very good about updating the projects library, but never seem to be able to keep up with the threads. I’m also creating one for stitches with how each stitch can be used and I’m creating stitch diagrams for them as well. Wish I had more time in the day for all these things.

I’ve always liked to be organized, but as I get older I seem to lose a little of that skill. I wish I had every one of the databases up to date, but I feel it’s a losing game. Hope this gives you ideas of what you can also do to get organized.