Northern California Fires

Things have been very stressful here yesterday and today. Just to fill you in –

I live in Santa Rosa, CA which was hit by a massive, very fast moving fire Sunday night into Monday. This effected the north side of the city since it was moving south from Calistoga, CA. Over 500 homes destroyed, over 20 businesses – two huge hotels, K-Mart, lots of restaurants. No containment at this time, but it is actively being worked on.

A new finger from a Napa fire is now spreading to Oakmont, an older adult community. Overnight hundred of firefighters moved to that area, hoping to prevent those homes from being destroyed.

I live 4-5 miles south of the main fire and 4 miles west of the Oakmont area, so we’re safe so far. The air is still very smoky and we have been told to stay inside as much as possible and keep doors and windows closed.

Also, there are fires in Mendocino and Napa counties. They are spreading with no containment. This is devastating, so lots of positive thoughts for everyone is appreciated.


Thank you! (and a change in schedule)

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog over the last 9 years!!! Today starts year #10 and a few changes are being made.

Life keeps getting in the way and I’m slowing down too. So for this 10th year, I’m going to post all my needlepoint progress in one post around the first of the month. All the cross stitch progress will be in one post in the middle of the month. There may be a few extras thrown in from time to time, but you can count on two posts (at least) every month.

The first needlepoint post will be up sometime on Tuesday afternoon. It’s hard for me to keep up with the blog at times and I know I’ve gone several weeks without a post quite often. See you on Tuesday for the start of a new blogging year.

iPhone iOS 11 Advice

The new update on iPhone and iPad software came out today. Learned a few things. You’ve probably seen warnings when you open some of your apps saying “This app needs to be updated.”

So I decided to do the Mini iPad first and see what no longer worked. I figured that some games wouldn’t work, and that is okay. But I was worried about my Needlepoint stitch apps. The Stitch Landscape app says it won’t work anymore. Tried it on the iPad after I updated to iOS 11, and it won’t even open now. Bummer.

But the reason I did it on the iPad first – if it didn’t work at all, I could still go through the app on the iPhone and take photos of the stitches I knew I wanted to keep and use. I took 38 photos – then updated the iPhone.

If you don’t know how to take a photo of your iPhone screen – press the button on the side for putting the phone to sleep AND the Home button at the same time. Hold both for just a second or two and let go – you’ll hear the photo app click. The photos are saved to your Camera Roll.

Thought you might like to check apps out before you upgrade and loose something important. There were about 10 or more app updates each of the last few days, so they’re trying to get them ready for you before you update.

To see what Apple says will not work after you have updated, Go to SettingsAbout, then Applications.

Good luck!

Scatch and Match 3

I was still waiting to find out if my youngest son and his wife were expecting a girl or a boy. Thought I would have heard by now. So I sent a text to them and was told to expect something in the mail that day. They used a very unique way to tell everyone the sex of their baby.

We each got a card in the mail where you had to scratch off the silver circles and match 3. The card had 2 “boys” and 3 “girls”, so another granddaughter is on the way – due in February! This will make it 5 granddaughters! And they’ve already got the name too – Emberlee and will call her Emmi (DS) or Emmy (DIL). I’ll let them decide which spelling and let me know. LOL

In case others are interested in using this announcement, they are from

I’ve ordered an ABC canvas by Alice Peterson to needlepoint for her. I’ll also make a cross stitch stocking for next year – using the one on the cover of the latest Stoney Creek Magazine (which arrived the same week they called to tell me they were expecting.

Plus I’ll be needlepointing a stocking for little Penelope next year too.

Busy, happy Grandma!!

Good-Bye Daisy

Yesterday we had to say good-bye to our girl kitty – after 16 years.

She always curled up in my lap while I was stitching. I miss Daisy so much.

So I went online and ordered this ornament to remember her by….

Baby Girl and ???

She was late, but Penelope arrived Friday!! DH has his first grandchild (and my 4th – all girls).

And the ???? We got a call Wed. evening from my youngest son. He and his wife are expecting their first child in late February! Won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until the end of August.

Excitement all around us!!

Double Decker Cats and Tumak

Looking at this photo – all I can do is smile. When I’m stitching in the evenings, Daisy is always on my lap and Charlie has taken to sitting on the top of the chair. Last night, we went out to eat and when we got home, this scene greeted us. (The bump on the left side of Daisy’s head is a cyst and isn’t causing any problems. We don’t think she’d survive the surgery, so we just monitor her and let things stay as they are.) Daisy still hisses his Charlie, but only late at night – then they are quiet for the rest of the night. We’re almost there…

Double Decker

My list of things to do this year said I should get half of this Tumak piece done this year. It’s a small project (6″ X 9″) that I pick up as a change of pace from all my larger projects. I reached the halfway mark last night and it has now been put away – it will be finished sometime next year.

Tumak 6

I haven’t filled in the center of the large motif which is the center of the piece on the left because I’m thinking of changing the colors so it will be different from the one on the right (which is also repeated on the left side.)

I’ll start a new, small size piece tonight and will post when I’ve made a decent start on it.