Ghiradelli Square by Peter Ashe – Progress 3

I wanted to have the bottom half of this done by the end of the month, and I almost made it. LOL

On the left side, I completed all the building sections on the bottom half of the canvas. The plants in front of the brick wall were stitched with French Knots in Pepper Pot silk. The windows were all stitched with Nobuko. The lightest blue is Pepper Pot silk and the other two blues are Vineyard silk.

On the right side, the big tree is completed using a tiny leaf stitch. I wanted to finish the lower half the this building by the end of the month and didn’t make that goal. I finished the windows and wall, etc. at the bottom, but only just started on this section. I did the small section of wall in Cashmere stitch using the same Vineyard silk as the small wall on the left section. I couldn’t do French Knots for the plants this time because there is a small iron railing that needs to go over the stitching. The plants are being stitched in Diagonal Mosaic using Pepper Pot silk. And I couldn’t resist trying a little of the railing to see how it would look. I’m using black #12 perle cotton for that. I think the railing will look a little better when it’s up against the peachy color of the building.

And here is the whole piece so far:

Next week I’ll continue stitching the building on the right and then move over to the left side. I need to decide on a stitch for the sky, since there is a tiny strip of blue on the left. The other 3 large trees on the left side will also be stitched using the tiny leaf stitch – some in Pepper Pot silk and some in Vineyard silk. I am sooooo enjoying stitching on this.

Ghiradelli Square by Peter Ashe – Progress 2

This is Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. I only posted about it once – in February 2014. Here’s what it looked like then:


I had stitched the top of the gazebo, the small wall above it, and the striped awning. I had a tiny bit of the tree done as well. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve worked on it about 10-12 hours. Here’s where I am now.

Ghiradelli 2

I’m using simple stitches – mostly Basketweave, Slanted Gobelin, and Nobuko. And I’m keeping the threads simple too – no threads that need to be plied or laid. I’m using Vineyard Silk and I bought most of the colors right after I got the canvas. Any colors I’m missing are being pulled from my stash of Pepper Pot Silk. So far there are only two exceptions -one is the silver that I’ve started on the gazebo – it’s El Molino rayon and is the same thickness as the silks. I didn’t have time to finish all the silver on the gazebo this morning, so it will get done next Monday. The other exception is yellow Water n’ Ice for the light on the pole beside the gazebo. I don’t like how it looks right now, so I think I’ll pull it out and redo it.

That tree is taking forever – tiny leaf stitch that is stitched in every direction to get the branches done that stick out everywhere.

I want to finish all the parts below the steeple and then scroll up to work on the other half. I’m hoping to have this first half done by the end of the month.

I’ll take a break each week to work on the Purple Heron on Fridays and Saturdays starting this week.

Peter Ashe’s Ghiradelli Square – Progress 1

I was going through my stash (it’s easy when you keep a database of everything in the stash) looking for something that would look great in just Basketweave. Couldn’t find one! But I decided to pull out this Peter Ashe canvas. He’s famous for his San Francisco canvases. This is Ghiradelli Square – a composite piece of the buildings around the square.

Ghiradelli Square

I’m in no hurry to get this done, but it’s a good piece to pick up from time to time when I just want to relax. I’m using Vineyard Silk for this project. The roof of the restaurant just begged for Slanted Gobelin in three shades of brick colors so I started there. All the dark buildings are brick so I’ll use Cashmere for them when I get to them. Just to the left of the restaurant roof is the side of a building and I have stitched that in Basketweave with Slanted Gobelin again for the corner stones.

The trees posed a problem for a while. Little branches all over the place. I’ve started to stitch the largest one in front with a small Ray stitch and it seems to be working out well. (Sorry about the stray thread across the photo.)


I’ve decided to stitch all the black areas with a very dark gray to soften it up just a little. We’ll see how that works out. I’ll continue to work on the tree a little at a time but haven’t decided where to go next.