3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Finale

I don’t have a lot of stitching time this week, so I decided yesterday afternoon to skip stitching on my other projects until this train station was completed. In order to stitch the last two trees, I would have to take the canvas off the stretcher bars and move it over. So I put together a smaller set of stretcher bars and tacked on the first side I stitched and then rolled up the rest of the canvas and took the one thread I needed and the beads and headed downstairs. I finished the canvas about 9 last night. So here is the canvas all finished, including all the beads on the trees.

Station Finale

The only disappointment I have about this canvas is the beads. I should have used smaller beads but don’t have the time to take them all off and order new ones. I have a hard time ordering beads online when I can’t see them and don’t know if the size and colors are right. The other problem was the gold beads – they looked so nice in their little tube. But when I started sewing them on, I found that they are clear beads with only the lining of the tube the threads goes through was painted gold. So I don’t think they show up very well on the trees.

The small roof for the clock tower was already stitched when I received this piece. I stitched the larger roof before I started on the rest of the station because I knew I wouldn’t want to go back to that after the station was stitched. And I was right.


I’m glad all the pieces are now completed and the challenge now is getting it put together. I probably won’t get to that for a few weeks, but when it’s done I’ll post photos of the finished piece.


3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 9

I’ve completed enough of the last side of the train station to do a post finally. This side is almost done.


You can also see from just this one side exactly what is left to do on the entire canvas. I have a little black and gold to do along the edges of this side and then that will be all done. This door is very plain compared to the other doors, so I wanted to come up with a stitch to add a little personality to it. I have that decided now and will do it tomorrow.

That leaves all the greenery and bows. There are 8 garlands with gold bows to stitch, 3 wreaths with red bows, and 4 trees. When everything is stitched, I’ll add the red and gold beads to finish it all off. I’ll to be back next weekend with it all done (I hope).

3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 8

The front of the train station is now complete except for the greenery (and one door handle). I wanted to have this piece done by the end of the month, but that is not going to happen.


I also left the section on the left in the photo so you could see what I still have to do. The left side is about 5 inches across and the regular stitching won’t take too long, so it should be done by the end of the month. Then it will be time to stitch all the bows with Flair, and all the garland, trees, and wreaths with overdyed greens.

3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 7

It took longer to stitch the clock than I ever imagined, but it’s finally done. The black outer edge of the tower is black Gloriana silk. The clock face was outlined in black Snow as well as the hands and hour markers. The background is white Sparkle Rays.


The two windows on the second floor are completed to match the other sides of the station. I’ve also stitched the rest of the sign above the front doors and the top, white section of the doors. So that leaves the rest of the first floor to stitch – windows, doors and steps. I hope to have this side done (other than the greenery) next week so I can move on the the last, smaller side.


3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 6

Before I put away the large projects in October, I had finished the second side of this piece and moved the canvas over so I could stitch the front of the station. That’s where I started this past week. I’ve done a little of the sign over the front door. And I stitched ALL the bricks and mortar this week. So it’s looking fairly good right now.


Now I’m torn. Should I continue on this or start the next car of Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train? I think I should stay with this a little longer and get the windows done. If I’m still in the mood, I’ll do the clock too. Then I can start the Gift Car of the train. I’ll alternate back and forth with these two projects so I can get them all done soon.

This canvas evidently got damp at some point before I got it. There’s a stain on the left side of the canvas, but the design itself is just fine. But you can see that the canvas will need to be blocked when I’m done. The top half of this side tilts a little to the left.

3-D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 5

I have finally finished the second side of the train station. This is one of the narrow sides and the only side that doesn’t have a door.

Again, I’m waiting till the whole station is done to stitch the garlands and trees so they will all be the same. The bows are being done in Flair so they will be the last thing to do.

Now it’s on to the front of the train station. It has big, double doors and lots of windows. But it also has the small clock tower! I’m going to be busy with this side.


3-D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 4

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been stitching a little on my projects each day, but most of my time has been taken over with the design of the ┬ánew rug. I’m about 80% there now. Next month – after I finish at least two of the projects I’ve been working on.

I started on one of the narrow sides of the station and only have the top half of it finished.

I’m using the same threads and stitches as the first side. I’m now in the middle. The garland and bows are surrounded by black and I’m going to stitch that in dark brown instead. The garland and bows will be done at the end of the project along with the trees – the garland will use the same threads and beads as the trees and I don’t want to do beads until the end. The bows will be more 3-dimensional so they will be last.

Here is a photo of the whole side I’m currently working on. On the right is the back part of the station that is completed and the left is the front of the station that will be stitched next. I also need to stitch the black and gold sections that form the corners that will be folded to make this piece 3-dimensional. The black is silk and Kreinik braid will be used for the gold.