Deconstructed Log Cabin by Jeff Kulik

I loved this design the very first time I saw it! Finally bought it about 2 years ago and have pulled it out of my stash to get busy with the stitching. It’s stitched using 10 different colors of Watercolors by Caron Collection, Snow, Silk Lame Braid, and a skein of Vineyard Silk for the the bottom section. I’m substituting Silk & Cream from Rainbow Gallery since I have about 6 cards of it in my stash.

Jeff's Log Cabin

You start stitching with the narrow inner border which is white. It doesn’t go all the way around the design, which is easier to see on my version below. Then you can slowly add the other two borders a little at a time while you work on the rest of the design. The borders look beige in the photo above but are actually very pale yellow and green and a light yellow and green.

Log Cabin 1

I have completed the white border and started the other two which go all the way around the design. I’m now working on the row upon row of Waffle stitches that form a log cabin at the top, left. So far the two stitches I’ve been using work up quickly and you really get into a rhythm  stitching them and that speeds things up. The darkest color is complete and I’m now on the second of 7 colors for the log cabin. I love this and it’s a nice one hour break each day from the cross stitch projects that need to be finished for Christmas. Let’s see how far I can get in the next two weeks when I post about it again.

There was an article about this project and adapting it to smaller sizes in March 2015 issue of Needle Pointers magazine from the American Needlepoint Guild.

Gardener’s Alphabet from Liz Morrow

Liz Morrow ( is getting ready to reissue this pattern that was originally published in Needlepoint News in 1982. She now has permission from Jim Williams to republish them. Rather than doing a rug this time, she is releasing them as individual letters. To that end, a few of us volunteered to pilot stitch the letters to help Liz make sure the charts are correct and instructions are easy for all of you to understand. I asked for 3 of them, the ones for my granddaughters’ names. Below are my three all finished. I haven’t done the background for two of them because I haven’t decided how I want to do that part. I used #5 white perle cotton to do the background of the A in Skip Tent. Now I need to decide on colors and stitches for the other two in the near future. The leaves and the flowers were done in the recommended DMC colors in Tent stitch.










They are about 5″ square and will be up on her website around the end of the month. I really enjoyed choosing the girls’ favorite colors for the letters, selecting stitches for the letter, and stitching them. I bet you’ll enjoy them too.

Persian Nain Rug – Progress 11 and an Anniversary

WordPress informs me that my 7th anniversary for this blog was yesterday! Boy does time fly!! Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog during those 7 years!

I’ve changed my mind about how to complete this rug. I’m in the process of outlining all the various parts and motifs. That way I can work on filling in all that cream background while I’m finishing off the other parts. I didn’t want all that background to be left until the very end. You can see in the photo below that I have the border on the last side started and the two corners are outlined and ready to be filled in. I need to outline the pineapples so I can start the background.


I’ll continue to work on outlines over the next couple of weeks as well as working on completing the border on the last side.

I’m trying to get back to my regular routine of working on this five mornings a week. Today was only the second day this week. Next week should be five days. I’ll start picking up on the afternoon cross stitch projects on Monday and hope to post more often from now on.

A Trip and Hometown Holidays’ Fire Station

I said I was taking some time off from stitching. Part of that time was spent heading to Arkansas for my youngest son’s wedding over the weekend. The highlight of the wedding was watching the beautiful bride arrive at the very old stone chapel (we were seated outside) in a 1902 Mercedes! Just beautiful – as was the ceremony with modern updated vows. We’re exhausted, but home again and catching up on sleep.

Since we were stuck in LAX for 3 hours, I took a small cross stitch piece to stitch in the airport. I didn’t get very far though, stitching only the top part of the fire station.

Fire St-1

I’ll get back to this later in the month. I have other things that I need to work on first – like my Nain Rug! I’m slowly picking up projects again, but I need to limit myself to only 2-3 projects at a time. I can then add a project to finish as I get those 2-3 done. Staying calm and things are going well for these 2 days – so far. LOL


WIPocalypse 2015 – September

Very little progress this month and I’m stressing that I’m not getting things done. So I’m taking a two week stitching break. Life has been getting in the way and I’ll be spending a few days with family as well. I need to relax and find other things to do for a while. Then I should be ready to go again.

  1. Persian Iris Mandala – some of the buildings are beginning to appear, but not the gold top stitching yet.

3rd corner-2

2. Polar Express – a few trees in the car to the left but not the trees above the car.


3. Playful Snowmen – the second snowman is now on the sled, but the sled isn’t there yet. And no backstitching either. It’s half done with two more in this set to do yet.

Snowman 1-2

4. Train stocking – just started the front of the engine. Really wanted the locomotive done this month…

Train st 6


Swans Intro

It’s nice to have a quiet, basketweave project for when I’m frazzled and not willing to work on projects that require counting from charts.


This is a penelope canvas from Gobelin. It will eventually end up in the guest bathroom, so I wanted to tone down the colors a little. I took a drawer of Silk & Ivory threads to the bathroom and matched up the greens and browns with the new towels and shower curtain. I don’t work on it very often, just an hour or two each week. I’ve just started working from the left side.


Working just a little at a time also gives me lots of time to contemplate the reflections in the water. I’ve tried a few ideas already and haven’t been too happy with any of them. What stitches and threads do you use for water and reflections? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Persian Nain Rug – Progress 10

Time for a monthly update on this rug. Still going quite slowly…

Last month, I was here:


Today, I’m here (and I’ve turned it around again):


The side on the top now – a lot of the border has been filled in and I’ve started the outline of the two square motifs.

In the center, I’ve completed the outlining of the medallion. Now I can slowly start to fill in the areas.

The side on the bottom has the second square motif filled in and the pineapple is half done.

This month I’m going to finish filling in the pineapple, start the outline for the other two square motifs (so the two sides match), and then work on the border.

By next month, I want the entire outer border stitched, have some of the medallion filled in, and be working on one of the large corner motifs. I need to pick up the pace if this is going to be done this year.

I have a small tile design waiting for my attention and I’ve started working on a Persian pillow design in jade green and pale golden browns as well. My hands can’t keep up with all the designs floating in my head right now.

Happy stitching everyone!