Antique Locomotive Framed

With my Christmas stitching almost done, it’s time to decide what to do for the rest of the year. Yes, I have tons of projects that I’d like to work on and get some finished, but finishing is on my mind.

Over the next month or so, I’ll be finishing the 5 stockings and 4 ornaments that I stitched this year . But I have a lot of things that need to be framed  as well. I’m hoping to do a lot of that myself. Here is the first one completed

Antique Train Framed

I didn’t want mats for this. He shines so much on his own with all the metallic threads. I found this large, simple black frame half off at Michael’s and laced it up myself. I did have to add one more row of the white background to fill in the frame properly. Now to find just the right place for him.

The mandala is being framed right now, by professionals. Should be ready early next week.

WIPocalypse 2016 – September

I’ve only worked on two cross stitch projects over the last month – the stockings that need to be done.

Gentle Elephant – the elephants are done! Whew! I’m going to add some grass around their feet and then do the name at the top. Both of these tasks are for next week.

Gentle Elephant 9

Batman – Pages 1 and 3 on the left side are completely done. Page 2 is almost done, just the cape to do. Page 4, I did the rest of his body. Most of what is left is the hand and the rest of the cape. A lot of blue and black to go. I hope to have it done and the name stitched at the top by the end of next week.

Batman 2

With these two projects out of the way in about 7-10 days, I’ll have time to go back and pick up other projects that need to be finished. I have a lot of projects to choose from and several small pieces that I want done by the end of the year, so you’ll see something different next month.

The question for this month is to tell the story of one of my projects. The mandala is at the framer’s right now and should be ready for pick-up next week. I’ll tell the story of that project when I post the photo of it framed.

Anatolia Rug – Progress 5

The first part of the Keyhole motif is now complete. It will be repeated at the bottom of the rug.

Anatolia 5

I can now turn the canvas so the long edge faces me and work on the center section of the rug. You can see the narrow path to the center part of the motif has been started. I need to do the borders for the center rectangle so I can continue to work on the background. I’ll start with the left side in the photo and then turn the rug again and work the right side.

This will be my morning project for 4 days each week. This Saturday I’ll get back to work on the Purple Heron. That bird needs feet so I can finish the bottom of the water and land areas. I also need to get busy on the right side of the bottom border. Never a dull moment here.

Tumak – Progress 5

Quick Gwen Update: After a rather bad attack on me last Tuesday, Gwen has been returned to the vet. I hope they can find a good home for her. I miss her somewhat, but I was too scared to keep her. So it’s quiet around here now.

Tumak by Gitta is on the list of goals for the year – hoping to get half of this small rug done by the end of the year. It’s only 6″ X 10″ in size. So right now, it’s 6″ across the left side and I’ve outlined a few more areas that reach the center across the bottom. I’ll be filling in those areas this week so I can turn it around and do the other side to match. Then it will get put away until next year.

Tumak 5

I’ve changed the colors from the original rug. The colors match my version of From Molehill to Mountain that I stitched in 2006, which you can see here. I want to make this little rug into a pillow for the couch near From Molehill to Mountain.

Anatolia Rug – Progress 4

It’s been 3 weeks of working on this 5 mornings a week. Time to show you some new parts of the design.

The outer border has now reached the middle of the rug (the middle of those last red motifs is the actual center). Things are moving along quickly, though the photo is a little dark.

Anatolia 4

I’ve been working on the inside of the medallion a little each day, filling one little area at a time. I end each morning with at least one long length of the variegated red thread for the background. When this section of the medallion is filled in, I’ll once again turn the canvas and work on one side at a time, working my way down to the smaller, middle part of the medallion. I’m glad it’s moving along so quickly.

Another couple of weeks, and I’ll switch to just 4 days a week and spend Saturday mornings working on the purple heron canvas.

WIPocalypse 2016 – August

I’m very pleased with my progress this month! I completed Persian Iris Mandala (after 4 years)

PIG Finale

And I finished the last 3 of the Old Fashioned Ornaments (turquoise was done last month and the red one is mine))

Old Fashioned 2B

Old fAshioned 3

Old fashioned 4

I’ve gotten a lot done on the elephant – the baby is finally appearing to the left of the legs

Elephant 8

And I’ve started the last of the stockings I need to get done. It’s an easier pattern and not too many colors  so it’s moving along nicely. The bottom left page is done and I’ve started the top left page. Can you guess what it is?

Batman 1

Yes, it’s Batman! I hope to have both the elephant and Batman done by the next WIPocalypse post. Then I can spend some time making up all 4 ornaments and the stockings (5 of them!!). The ornaments and 4 of the stockings need to be mailed for Christmas and I want them all done early – for a change!

Happy stitching!!



It’s Official!

Gwen was officially adopted yesterday! It’s taken some work, some scratches, and lots of hissing on her part, but she is finally settling in here.

Gwen condo

We call this our Cat Condo. There are three cubbyholes and an open space on top. This is the first place downstairs that she adopted. It’s not very big, but she feels safe and secure here. She is now spending every afternoon in the open space on top.

She has been hissing at Daisy every time she sees her – and growling. Daisy would get intimidated and walk away. But Daisy has not decided that two can play that game. If Gwen gets too close, Daisy is the one to hiss and growl – then Gwen is the one who walks away. They can now be in the same room without much fuss. If one of them starts to growl, we just take a few steps toward them, and they go their separate ways.

Gwen Laser

Trying to keep her mind off of Daisy, DH played laser with her. She was all over the place and had a ball. Once in a while, while she was running around, she would glance at Daisy, hiss, and then run after the laser again. She had us laughing too. Daisy is 16 years old and is wise to the laser trick. She’s keeping an eye on Gwen but won’t participate in the activity. Gwen looks a lot bigger than Daisy, but only weighs about a pound more than Daisy – she’s all fur.

She knows the feeding schedule too. First thing in the morning and after Jeopardy at night. One morning last week, I overslept and didn’t get up until 45 minutes later than usual. I heard her crying at the bedroom door. So cute!!