ABC Sampler Finale

I’ve been working overtime on this piece, hoping to get it done before the baby arrived. Penelope helped by being almost two weeks late, but I did get it done today!

I really can’t decide which little animal I like the best – the whale, rooster, turtle??? This was a fun stitch and moved along nicely. Now to get it framed and hang it in Penelope’s room.

We finally got to visit with Penelope and her parents today. She is so adorable and I got a photo of DH holding his first grandchild too. Then she fell asleep in my arms.

An all around wonderful day!


Baby Girl and ???

She was late, but Penelope arrived Friday!! DH has his first grandchild (and my 4th – all girls).

And the ???? We got a call Wed. evening from my youngest son. He and his wife are expecting their first child in late February! Won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until the end of August.

Excitement all around us!!

ASOW Tall Ship – Progress 3

It’s been a year since I showed you this piece. I stopped so I could try to figure out the rigging. Now that Ghiradelli Square is complete, it’s time to bring this one out and try to get it completed this year.

Here’s where it was in July of 2016:

I spent several mornings with brown #8 perle cotton, trying to get part of the rigging done. I started  lower down on the canvas and followed one line of rigging up toward the top of that line, ran the thread under the stitching of the masts or cross beam, then down another line of the rigging. The thread is loose at both ends, hanging off the bottom of the piece. Then I could work on the sky background, moving the rigging threads a little to get the stitches in. When a small area was completed, I could tug each loose thread to get the perle cotton to lie flat again. Very slow going.

Here it is today – after a couple weeks of work:

I’ll continue with the background until I reach the next cross beams. Then I’ll have to stop and figure out the next 3″ or so of the rigging.  I’ll stitch the masts and cross beams first then place as many of the lines of rigging as I can. Finally, I’ll fill in more sky. At that point it will be time to scroll the canvas up and I can see how much more there is to do. (Plenty I’m sure – but I’m hoping more than half of the rigging will be completed at that point.)

Norfolk Diligence Sampler – Progress 17

It has taken a full month, but the left side of the manor is now complete!

The last 4-5 stitches on the right side of the front door are actually on the next page, but I wanted to be able to do the backstitching on the whole door, so finished enough to accomplish that. The left side of the grass is stitched using the Closed Herringbone stitch and an overdyed dark green thread. And all the steps are completed – again some from the next page.

I’ll work on the right side now and then I’ll have just one more band to do and the bottom border. I can’t wait to have this one completed. I love it and want to get it framed and hung up somewhere in my home – not sure where just yet.

Baby Girl House Ornament – Progress 2

Evenings have been too warm lately for much stitching. It was 106 on Sunday. But I finally finished the last few details on the back side of this house ornament.

Last time, I had the roof done and had just started on the yellow walls using Brick stitch. The baby carriage was stitched using Tent stitch. The wheels are black Kreinik ribbon and the spokes are Kreinik silver #8 braid.

The heart is dark red Grandeur and it took at least 5 tries to make it look like a heart using a Rhodes Heart stitch.  The balloon is Tent stitch using bright pink and white Petite Sparkle Rays. The teddy is done in all silk threads, except for his green bow which is Mandarin Floss.

I’ve started the first of the two sides now. They are smaller and should go a lot faster. There’s no hurry for this so I try for just 1-2 hours a week.

Ghiradelli Square by Peter Ashe – Finale

When I showed this to you at the end of May, I had a ton of sky to stitch, the clock tower, and the sign. I finished it all this morning. Here’s the top:

It took 4 skeins of floss to stitch all the Woven stitch. I estimate that I used about 10 full skeins of Vineyard Silk and Pepper Pot Silk to stitch the entire piece. The partial skeins that I still have will be used when I get around to stitching Lombard Street by Peter Ashe (not any time soon unfortunately).

Here is the entire piece:

This is 14″ square. It was started in February of 2014 and then put away after I had stitch the striped awning, the roof of the gazebo and the small light terra cotta building just above it. I pulled it out the beginning of March of this year and it is now completed.

For those who have not been to San Francisco, this is a “collage” of Ghiradelli Square. It’s a very large block of buildings, but they are all represented here. The look and feel are very San Francisco. The sign is actually done in white!