Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 5

Another two sections done and the rest of the side borders as well.

Cabin 5

One more gold ribbon floss band and one more larger pattern band to do. And then a very quick bottom border. I’m hoping to have it done next week. (And the rug too!)

I love these panels by Laura Perin. They move along so quickly with #5 perle and a little shine with two ribbon flosses.

Father Christmas and Cats – Progress 12

I only work on this piece on weekends during (American) football season. With the Super Bowl taking place later today, it’s time to put it away until September. This is where it was when I started working on it in Sept 2016:

Father C 8

At the end of 2016, I had gotten to this point:

Father C 11

So for the last month or so I’ve been working on the right side of the design. This is where I’m stopping for now:

Father C 12

I was trying to fill in areas on his face, alternating that and filling in more background. Then I found that I couldn’t do any more of the background until I started stitching the steam rising from the goblet in his hand. The top half of pages 1-5 are completed. The bottom half of pages 1-2 are done and a little more is needed on page 3. Page 4 is background and steam and page 5 is the orange and brown stripes (now completed) and the maroon and brown triangles that run down the right side. And that is where I’ll start again in September.

In the meantime, I have quite a few cross stitch WIPs from 2015 that I didn’t work on last year because I had the mandala and 5 stockings to get finished. One of those projects will come downstairs tomorrow so I can get back to work on it. Stay tuned.

Mini Train of Dreams – Progress 3

The first two columns are complete and I realize that there is no way this can be done by July for the baby’s birth. It will have to be for Christmas.

Dream 3

There are 30 more columns to go to finish this. I’m still going to try to do half of 2 columns every two weeks (the equivalent of one column) and see how that goes. Being an HAED design, it is very slow going – changing colors every 3-4 stitches. I am determined to get it done. The colors for the next two columns have a lot of blue, so off I go…

Sorry for the bad photo. I don’t know why that happened. I tried twice for a better photo.

Anatolia Rug -Progress 9

This is coming along. Wish it would go a little faster though.

The final section of the keyhole medallion is now outlined and is being filled in. The outer border has reached the bottom with corner #3  finished.

Anatolia 9

On my floor frame, the canvas is actually turned up with the finished part on top so it’s easier to work on it. I seem to be moving from the left to the right for getting things done. I’m hoping to have it finished by the middle of next month, if nothing comes along to interfere with my morning stitching time.

We’ve had 20″ of rain in the 3 weeks before this one. So the drought of the last 5-6 years is now over. Many areas are experiencing flooding and trees falling. I live on a small hill so we haven’t had any problems so far. And the electricity only went off once – and that was this week without any rain at all – for a couple hours overnight. My morning coffee was only delayed about a half hour, so not too bad. LOL

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 4

I’ve finished the cabin section now and done the grass below the cabin and trees – stitched with Perle #5 and silk ribbon floss.

Cabin 4

There are two more small bands of ribbon floss with perle #5 and two more sections of patterns similar to the ones between the cabin and the deer. So I have reached the middle of the panel now. I’ll post again after two more sections are completed.

Mini Train of Dreams – Progress 2

I forgot to mention in the first post that this is the Mini version. That’s why it will be 4″ X 13″. I could never get the larger version done by July.

Here is the first 8 square completed (except for about 5 individual stitches that I’ll fill in this coming week. Each column is 8 squares tall plus 5 stitches. So I’ve done 41 rows of the 85 so far. There are some sections where they are a lot of stitches in the same color and they help me move along a little faster.

Dream Train 2

The green book will be easy to complete this week (down the first column) and then I can start on the rest of the section. My hope is to get 8 squares done every two weeks. We’ll see how that goes with stitching 5 afternoons each week – 1 or so hours per day.

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 3

I haven’t completed a lot on this project since last time I showed it to you. For the last week I’ve been trying to overcome my inability to count correctly in order to make progress. LOL

I did the narrow ribbon floss section without any problem. I did the new border on the left over several evenings. But those two trees got stitched and ripped out 3 times! I finally got them done correctly and the cabin too, and then discovered that I had stitched them 10 threads lower that they are on the chart. So out they came again. So this section is only half done right now.

Cabin 3

Tonight I’ll finish the cabin and start on the new border on the right side. Maybe tomorrow I can get the other two trees done on the first try. Then there is the grass to stitch below them – half #5 perle cotton and half ribbon floss. I’ll post again when that much is done.

Then it will be time to take it off the stretcher bars and move it so I can do the bottom half of the project. So I am making progress – slowly.

I’ve also had to deal with computer problems over the last week. I wasn’t able to do anything on the computer since the weekend – constant messages about being out of application memory. We tried everything we could think of (including downloading a clean copy of the operating system) and nothing helped. So yesterday we went off to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and came home a half hour later with a fully functioning computer. No viruses – but malware was discovered and dealt with. Whew!!!!

Now, happily, I’m back to stitching.