My Turn – a Christmas Stocking

I did 5 stockings last year and now have two to do next year. So this is MY year and I’ve started a stocking for myself.

This is an old Dimensions kit that I bought several years ago because: 1. I love cats 2. We have a staircase like this in our home, 3. The two cats at the bottom look like our cats Julius and Daisy. Unfortunately, Julius and Daisy are no longer with us.

Starting at the center, I decided to work the bottom, left part of the stocking working down to the toe. Then I’ll do the heel and work my way up to the top. I work on it several times a week for about an hour at a time. Here is where I stopped last night:

I’ve spent several evenings working on the Julius look-a-like but I don’t have the tail done or the front paw yet. The outlining of the ornaments and edges of the newel post have been done. The stripes are the wall paper and there’s more of that to come.

I’ll need to spend more time on it starting next month if I want it done for Christmas this year. After a week, the first cat still isn’t done and there are 8 cats on the stocking! LOL



Hometown Holidays – Diner

I have 12 pieces from this series. I waited a long time for the fabric to come for this last one. But I worked on it this past week and finished it quickly.

With all the large projects I have going (and more waiting in my stash), I’m glad I have some smaller projects to work on from time to time. I want to make a banner from them to string across a part of the living room at Christmas. I have all the materials that I need so it’s time to play with some ideas and get this done!

This is another item removed from my stash and makes me feel like I’m making progress. Another small piece is a wedding record for DH’s son and fiance who are getting married the beginning of Nov. I started it yesterday and hope to have it done by the end of the month.

Persian Qum Rug – Progress 2

No stitching upstairs for a week on any of the 3 large canvases – it was 111 degrees on Friday and Saturday (but we’re finally in the 80s again).

But I did work on the Qum rug the last 3 days. This rug is going to be a very slow rug. This is where I stopped today.

This corner is now complete and the finished part is only about 3 inches wide! The rose and off-white flower on the left will appear only in the four corners of the rug. The blue motif will repeat all the way around. There are 5 repeats across the bottom. I’m using mostly Splendor silk, 3 ply. The outer brown border is old Needle Necessities and I have two skeins which should be more than enough. The inner border is Gloriana #077 in fall colors that I love. There is one skein and I hope it’s enough since I doubt that I could match it.

The small yellow and rose flower in the center of the blue motif is overdyed Threadworx in shades of yellow. I’m cutting out the lightest shade and using the medium and darker yellows only.

I’ll continue to work on the borders only for a while. I want to get all the way across the bottom and get at least one motif up each side before I start working on the center parts. So I’ll wait to show you the rug again for about 4 weeks.


Scatch and Match 3

I was still waiting to find out if my youngest son and his wife were expecting a girl or a boy. Thought I would have heard by now. So I sent a text to them and was told to expect something in the mail that day. They used a very unique way to tell everyone the sex of their baby.

We each got a card in the mail where you had to scratch off the silver circles and match 3. The card had 2 “boys” and 3 “girls”, so another granddaughter is on the way – due in February! This will make it 5 granddaughters! And they’ve already got the name too – Emberlee and will call her Emmi (DS) or Emmy (DIL). I’ll let them decide which spelling and let me know. LOL

In case others are interested in using this announcement, they are from

I’ve ordered an ABC canvas by Alice Peterson to needlepoint for her. I’ll also make a cross stitch stocking for next year – using the one on the cover of the latest Stoney Creek Magazine (which arrived the same week they called to tell me they were expecting.

Plus I’ll be needlepointing a stocking for little Penelope next year too.

Busy, happy Grandma!!

Good-Bye Daisy

Yesterday we had to say good-bye to our girl kitty – after 16 years.

She always curled up in my lap while I was stitching. I miss Daisy so much.

So I went online and ordered this ornament to remember her by….

Baby Girl House Ornament by Painted Pony – Done!

When I picked up threads for the new rug last week, I also picked up another skein of Bubblegum (dark pink) Pepper Pot Silk. I had run out and I wanted to get this project completed. Here is side 4 – the front of the house with it’s pink trim and bannisters:

Then on to the last side:

I did the little lamb pull toy in tiny French knots – just plain white floss. The pacifier isn’t too easy to figure out, but I love the safety pins, even though we don’t use them anymore.

And here is the entire piece:

I really like all the little details – pull toys, baby bottle, rattle, etc. This piece has a lot of personality. I’m hoping to find the time to get it made into a house over the weekend. If I get that done, I’ll post it next week.


Persian Qum Rug – Getting started

I’ve talked about my process in designing and stitching these rugs many times (I think this is rug 15). But when I started on this new rug, I realized I had skipped a step (sort of).

I design my rugs with MacStitch, a cross stitch program from Ursa Software. They also make programs for Windows. They have quite a few thread brands available when you start a design. They added Vineyard Silk recently, but have not added Splendor yet. So I always choose DMC threads and try to get colors as close to the Splendor threads I’ll be using. But then I have to make a list of the Splendor numbers to match the symbols on the chart. This is the step I’ve never mentioned before.

Yesterday, in order to start stitching, I had to get all the threads I was going to use and go through the Key that MacStitch prints out to get more organized. When Michelle at Come to the Point gave me the threads I had ordered (multiples of the colors that will be used heavily in this design), she handed me a small, very pretty pink and white polka dot tote bag. I dumped out all the threads, sorted them, and wrote the Splendor numbers next to the DMC number on the Key. So far, so good.

Then I got out the bag with all the threads from my stash that I had pulled long ago to use in this rug – partial skeins, full skeins, other silks and cotton flosses left over from other projects, etc. Some of these were to be used for specific motifs or borders and I added their numbers to the Key. That’s when I noticed that I really didn’t have all the main colors that I needed. So Michelle got an email this morning for the 2 other Splendor colors I needed and they will be in the mail in the morning. I depend on her a lot for threads. She’s the closest store to me and I’m thrilled that she carries Pepper Pot Silk, which I’m using a LOT in my rugs, etc. But not this one being stitched on Congress Cloth.

But I finally got it together late yesterday morning and did a little stitching on the small border that forms the outer border of the rug. This border is a Needle Necessities brown overdye using the Slanted Gobelin stitch – over 4 threads. It has Tent stitches on each side in a very dark brown. A good start. Friday I’ll start working on the larger border and add a lot more colors. Then I’ll work on the rug Mon-Wed each week, saving Fri and Sat to work on the ASOW ship and Purple Heron.  I’ll post this rug again in two weeks so you can see the progress.