Nain Rug – Progress 14

I started this rug January 10, 2015 and it’s still not completed after a whole year. But the center is completed.

Nain Center

I’m still working away on the rest of the piece. More background done, and a few more motifs filled in. It’s getting closer every week. I’m working on this 5 morning a week now until it is done. And I won’t show it again until it is finished. I’m still hoping to finish by the end of the month.

Nain 14

Deconstructed Log Cabin – Finale

My first finish for 2016! This was a fun stitch – quick and easy all the way.


Log Cabin finale

The dark green along the bottom was supposed to be two strands of Vineyard Silk, but I have several cards of Silk & Cream in my stash and decided to use that instead.

Now to decide what to work on next.

Creating Stockings for 2016

Here’s a new project for me this year – making Christmas stockings for son #2 and his girlfriend. He likes Moroccan things (that’s where he was born) and has a lot of Moroccan cultural things in his home. Since he hasn’t given me any ideas of what he would want on a stocking, I’m creating the two stockings using motifs from my Moroccan rugs.

Heather’s stocking will be stitched in two shades of pink, two shades of Christmas green, with golds accents. I’ll use white Pepper Pot Silk for the background, and try to add some metallics too.

Malik’s stocking will be stitched in shades of blue from the Nain Rug and lots of copper/rust as the second color. Again I’ll use white for the background and lots of shiny and/or metallic threads.

The photos below are from my cross stitch software and are just to help me remember what motifs I want in the different areas. And they are subject to change as I stitch them, like centering the rows a little better or changing some of the colors to keep it balanced. I already know that the large copper section needs to be changed to rust lines and the diamonds stitched in various shades of blue.

They will definitely be very unique and fun for me to stitch. I’m starting early on Christmas things this year and stitching on them all year long, so there is no rush in December to get things finished up and shipped.
heather stocking Malik's Stocking

Deconstructed Log Cabin – Progress 5

I didn’t complete the next 3 areas which I hoped to have done by the end of the year. I ran out of thread in one area and moved on to the others while I wait for more thread.

Log Cabin 5

Each area is stitched the same way, but the colors and threads change. The diamonds are all stitched with different Watercolors. The Upright Cross in the center of each diamond is stitched with Silk Lame Braid for the top right and bottom left. The white section used white Snow. The green section will continue straight down to match up with the short row of white from the outer border. Then I’ll just have the very dark green section to fill in the rest of the design. I hope to have this piece completed by next weekend. Fingers crossed.

WIPocalypse 2015 – December

The year is ending and  I’m looking over my progress for the year. I didn’t complete a lot of projects but started or worked on a lot of mainly large projects. Many of them will continue on to the 2016 list for completion. So here is a review of my projects for 2015.

  1. Persian Iris Mandala – it started here:


Progress now:

Persian Iris 3rd corner-4

2. Gossamer Fractal – no progress at all


3. Father Christmas – I restarted this after advice from all of you (thank you!). This is where I left him this year:

Father C-7

4. Norfolk Diligence Sampler – here’s where I started in January:

NF Sampler - 5

Progress to date:

NF Sampler 12B

5. Hometown Holidays – I started with 2 waiting to be stitched and it’s grown to 4 during the year. I completed the Village Church and started the Fire House. More to be stitched  next year.


Fire St-2

6. Bright Sea Express – Started, but not even one car of the 4 completed.

Express 5

7. Chapter Tiles – I started the first of the two tiles. There is a mistake somewhere around the middle, so I’m going to do the border all the way around and then slowly work toward the center, hoping to find and correct the mistake. Here’s my progress:

Chapter 2-3

8. Frosty Forest – not started

9. 2 Mill Hill Bead ornaments – not started

10. NOEL Quadrille – not started

Pieces that were added during the year:

  1. My own design – Hearts & Flowers was designed and stitched.

Hearts Finale

2. 3 ornaments for my granddaughters – Playful Snowmen are not done (one is almost done)

Snowman 1-3

3. Polar Express – started. Here is my progress:


4. Train Stocking for DH – Here’s my progress. I finished the first car full of trees, added two more cars and started a third one. I’ll continue to work on it until it is done and made into a stocking for next year:

Train station 9

5. Patchwork Sampler Serenity – started ( to be worked on next year)


Summing up:

2 completed

2 WIP made some progress

7 started

4 no progress

I hope I can do better in 2016. I want to complete the projects that have now been started so I’ll have more than 2 completions for the year.

WIPocalypse 2015 and DESIGN  both helped me make progress on some projects and start some wonderful pieces to work on next year. Looking forward to seeing everything the rest of you have worked on this year! Happy stitching!!


D.E.S.I.G.N. – Stickideen von der Wiehenburg

Time for my last post for the DESIGN SAL.

What project are you going to talk about? I saw this piece -“Patchwork Sampler Serenity” – on a website while browsing one day over a year ago. I fell in love with it and looked everywhere to find shops that sold patterns from this German company. I finally found it on the website for a shop in Massachusetts.

Have you stitched a project from this company before? No, I haven’t.

Would you buy another pattern from this company – why or why not? I saw several projects by the company that I liked, so I might do more of them.

Did you notice anything different about this designer? I wanted to do a Quaker piece, and I liked the layout of this one and the colors. I know you can change colors on any pattern, but I didn’t have to think about this one. I had the fabric and all the floss colors in my stash so it was an easy decision.

I’ve only just started it to show you the design and introduce you to a new designer, if you don’t already know about them. Their patterns are not plentiful in the U.S., but you can find a few here. I’m sure they are more available in Europe.

Here is how it will look when it is complete:

Patchwork Sampler Serenity

And this is my very small start of the motif at the top left:


I will obviously be working on this a lot more next year.

If you’re interested in their designs, here are some links:   This is where I bought the pattern

Christmas Finishing – Part 2

The pillows for my granddaughters are finally finished. I was really stressing out waiting for the pillow forms to arrive – over two weeks until they showed up yesterday. I quickly got them put together and put them back in the original plastic for shipping. Forgot to take a photo.

This morning, we had to go out early, so I got up and quickly took them out of the plastic and took a photo. Then we headed out to run errands – first stop was a small packaging store who took all the things I had to mail, boxed them up and we were out of there in about 20 minutes. So much easier than going to the post office at this time of year.

Here are the pillows with the Gardener’s Alphabet initials I did for each of my girls.

Gardener's pillows