Quick Update

No photos today.

Persian Iris Mandala – it’s done – sort of. I ran into two glitches. I ran out of one thread, ordered more of it and it will be here today. I can finish the cross stitching in the morning. I was happily attaching beads yesterday morning and this morning and didn’t have enough of one of the crystals. I actually had enough but the last one I picked up didn’t have a hole through the middle. I contacted ECC and Cindy wrote right back. That crystal is no longer available, but she has some biscones that are a close match and wanted to know if I could take the others out easily and replace them. Of course, I said Yes! So waiting for new biscones. I’ll post photos next week after the new biscones are in place.

Gwen – She is thoroughly enjoying being in our home and being around DH and I. But she just isn’t getting along with Daisy. Every time she sees Daisy she hisses and has a low growl. Daisy has been so patient and is confused by this cat that won’t be her friend. She moves to a place where she is visible to Gwen and sits quietly. After a minute or two, she moves a little closer. I assume she is giving Gwen the slow blink to show she is a friend. Then she moves away and gets into my lap – her usual hangout. The last two nights, Gwen has gotten on the big scratching post and will settle down and stay with all of us for about a half hour before running back upstairs where she spends most of her time. I’ll post a photo of the two of them together – when that finally happens.

On second thought…

We lost Julius a month ago. We had decided when we got Julius that he would be our last kitty.  We don’t want to be taking care of cats when we’re 85-90 years old. So we were really upset when he died.

Yesterday, I took Daisy (our 16 year old female cat) to the vet for a checkup and to check on her thyroid levels. While I was waiting, I saw they had two little kittens for adoption. They were adorable and I loved watching them, but no way I would take one home. BUT…. they had an older cat that needed a home. She’s about 7 years old, a flame point Himalayan, and very quiet. No one wants to adopt her because she is FIV+ (feline AIDS). When I got home, I told DH about her and he did some quick research about FIV and whether it could be transmitted to Daisy if we brought the new cat home (unless Gwen bites her, and the chances of that happening are really low) . Then he called the vet and talked with her for a while. DH said she needed a good home and no one else wanted her. So we went to the vet and brought her home.

Here’s Gwen (she already had this name and answers to it).


She and Daisy are staying away from each other so far, but it’s only been 24 hours. She is a quiet girl, but loves to answer any time you talk to her. She comes running whenever we open a door in the house and doesn’t mind being petted or picked up. She’s a real sweetheart. She should live a long time and isn’t on any type of medication. We’re trying to have DH spend more time with her than I do so she will bond to him. That should help Daisy feel less threatened. Daisy actually slept in my chair in the living room last night so Gwen wouldn’t try to claim it. We’ll see how things go, but I don’t expect any problems at all.

One good thing already – Daisy has been yowling every night when we go to bed and she’s alone. No yowling last night.

WIPocalypse 2016 – July

After being without internet or TV for a day and a half, I can finally write this post and get it up on WordPress.

Persian Iris Mandala – I’m working on the 3rd corner now and hope to have all the stitching done by early next week. Then I need to do the rest of the beads and crystals. I have about half of that done already, so hopefully it will only take another couple of days. I want to have this finished completely by the end of the month. I’ll post the final photos then.

Here’s the first corner, for those who don’t normally follow by blog.

1st corner done

And here it is today. I actually got more done this morning since I couldn’t post anything. Now working on this 5 days a week to get it done this month.

PIG 2 corners

Gentle Elephant – Finished pages 2-4 (elephant only, no background). I’ll start with the last page now and do the legs of the mother and then the baby. This is over half done now since the bottom sections have about 20 fewer rows. Onward….

Gentle Elephant 6

Old Fashioned Ornaments – I finished the turquoise one and am almost finished with the purple one. I still have pink to do and then one for myself in red. These are about 2.5″ on 40 ct. linen.

Old Fashioned 1B


Old Fashioned 2A






Patchwork Serenity Sampler – Page one is complete

Serenity 4

So on to Page 2 – though I may take a break from this one in August and start on the last stocking I need for this year.


Anatolia Rug – Progress 2

It’s only been about 10 days since I showed the first progress, but I wanted you to see the start of the medallion and that beautiful variegated red thread from Pepper Pot Silk.

Anatolia 2

It’s easy for me to spend up to two hours on this the two mornings I have available for it. It’s so much fun and is moving along nicely. I just had to see how the border for the medallion would look, so that is what I worked on yesterday. And the Milanese stitch for the variegated background really stitches up fast. Everything inside the border was done in just an hour and a half!

I’m going to turn the canvas now and work along the right side – adding more motifs on the border, outlining the medallion, and filling in the background as I go. This will be back around the first of August. I hope to have a lot done by then. It’s only 11.5″ across the narrow end and 19″ along the sides. I’m going to try to get to the middle of the right side by the end of the month. We’ll see how things go.

Introducing ASOW – a tall ship

ASOW was a Russian ship line from the 1800s. The canvas is from a painting by Danish artist C. W. Eckersberg, which he painted in 1828. The painting now resides in the National Gallery of Denmark. DH decided it would be fun and challenging for me to try a tall ship and this is the one we decided I should start on first. I have two cross stitch designs of tall ships as well for future projects. Here is the full canvas.

ASOW canvas

I started with the sky and will work my way down the canvas. I’m using old Needle Necessities Inc floss, three plies at a time. I have four different threads for the different colored clouds, a blue overdye, and just plain white. All threads for this are coming from my stash. The stitch is Swirl Variation 2 from Ruth Schmuff’s iStitches, Volume 4. It moves along quickly. Here’s where it is today:

ASOW Prog 1

I’m not sure about the blue. It’s a little brighter here than it is in person, but it may be too dark. I may switch to a lighter blue floss, not overdye, in order to tone it down a little.

I’ve started the first mast with a golden brown floss and white Basketweave for the small white flag at the top. I’m not happy with the flag. I tried slanted Gobelin but it looked terrible, so I’m still thinking of what else I can try. The ropes for the rigging will be done in #8 brown perle after the clouds are stitched. I’ve taken close up photos to help place them correctly. I’ll stitch the sky/clouds down to the first crossbar and then try the first of the rigging. This will definitely be a challenge – but fun!

Persian Iris Mandala – 1st Corner Done

I finally got the first corner on the mandala done and started on the second one.

1st corner done

I’ve brightened up the photo a little but you still can’t see the purple iris in the corner very well. The little flowers are quick to do – just a single strand of silk for each part. There were over 40 different threads on this piece, but I’m down to only 10 now plus 2 of the gold threads. I ran into a snag on the second corner and I can’t find my mistake. So I need to start with that problem first on Monday morning and then continue to fill in. I have the four colors to the left and right edges and the little “knot” at the corner. The mistake is in that diagonal gold line that joins the other two multi-colored lines to form the triangle. I hope to get that second corner done by Wed. Fingers crossed.

Anatolia Rug – Progress 1

WOW! 4 posts in one week! Next week, it’s back to the regular schedule of stitching and making more progress.

I fell in love with the Keyhole medallion and had to create a rug where I could display it. I had several borders to choose from that were from the same area of Anatolia – just East of Ankara, Turkey. I’m only using 9 colors – 2 shades of olive, 2 shades of gold, 2 shades of red, white, black, and the overdyed red – all from Pepper Pot Silk.

Anatolia Borders

I choose this one, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t show a corner. And I couldn’t find this border in a rug either. So I needed to create one myself. In the practice stitching that I showed you before, I used black to divide the corner square and for the two Scotch stitches in the corner as well. When I started stitching, I decided that it was difficult to distinguish between the dark olive and the black. I changed the black in the corner for the dark red.

Anatolia 1


I’ve only spent about 6-7 hours on this so far and this is how far I’ve gotten. On the right side, I’ll finish the red motif and then do the corner on that side. It’s only going to be 11.5″ across the narrow end – only 4 repeats of the larger motif. Eventually, it should be about 19″ tall. Once I have a couple of motifs up each side, I can start on the Keyhole medallion and the background around it. I hope to have some of that to show you next time.

Until the mandala is finished, this is worked on Friday and Saturday mornings only, for 1-2 hours each day.