Santa on a Brown Bear Framed

I just got this back from the framers. The green mat is “velvet” and sets the whole piece off beautifully. This is going to look wonderful hanging in the living room at Christmas each year!

Santa Bear Finale

He’s a little blurry – it’s so hard to get a good photo of framed needlework. The glass usually causes a white blip somewhere in the photo, so I turned off the flash.

WIPocalypse 2016 – March

Making progress on some of my larger projects, have one finish and one almost finish.

  1. Hometown Holidays – I finished the Pet Store

Pet Store 2

2. Polar Express by Madame Le Fee is almost complete. I will have it done by the end of the week.

Polar Express-6

3. Persian Iris Mandala – I finished the 3rd corner of buildings and started on the last mosque. Over the next month I’ll bead the last carpet leading up to the mosque and try to finish the mosque as well.

PI mosque 4-1

4. Gossamer Fractal – I finished filling in the area that I worked on a year ago and have now started on the last section of Page 2 (I have enlarged the charts and only print out a half page at a time. I’m halfway through the bottom half of Page 2 now.


5. Gentle Elephant (for stocking) – The elephants don’t appear until the far right side of Page 2, I’m still working on the ear, most of which is dark browns and grays. The colors on the top, left of the ear are starting to get lighter in color. I’ll start on Page 3 this coming weekend and I hope the colors are much lighter there as I finish the ear and start on the face. After I finish the Polar Express this week, this piece will move from weekends only to weekdays so it will move along faster then.



Our question this month is – Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? I’m a needlepointer and I’ve always used stretcher bars or scroll bars. So when I started cross stitching I stayed with that. I started the mandala on a scroll frame until it was too narrow to keep a whole side visible as I was working on it. It’s now on stretcher bars now because I’m working around the outer edges and it’s easier to keep the fabric tight and be able to reach the areas I’m stitching and beading. And it’s easier to take photos of the whole piece when I can see it all and I don’t have to move the piece around to work on various areas – I just turn the whole thing. The Polar Express is now on a hoop because the Q snaps weren’t holding it well – the fabric was too small. Everything else is now on Q Snaps (as of last year when I tried them). They are working out well for me – hold fabric tight and easy to move from one area to another as I work on a piece.

First Moroccan Stocking Finale

I’ve worked hard on this all week and finished it last night! This has been so much fun to work on and it went quickly as well.

It’s stitched on 18 ct. canvas and is about 16″ tall. I used mostly Pepper Pot Silk but used some Sparkle Rays and Neon Rays + in the triangles row, Neon Rays + and Sprinkles for the pink/green borders around the name, and white Sprinkles in the second thread in the Alicia’s Lace background for the name.

H Stocking finale

I think I need to add another row of white Gobelin over 3 threads at the top to make a better finish. And I need to add several rows of white Basketweave all around it as well. But I still consider it a finish and I’m happy with it! (Waiting to hear from Heather…)

I’ll start the second one in about a week – done in blues and copper.

Gentle Elephant Stocking

This is going to be challenging, but I promised my new DIL that I would make an elephant stocking for her and this is the pattern she fell in love with. (She loves elephants even more than I do!) This is Gentle Elephant from Just Stitching.

Gentle Elephant

See what I mean? What I’m going to do is stitch the elephants only. I’m stitching it on beige Aida, 18 ct. When it’s finished, I’ll add a little grass, etc. along the bottom to make it a little more interesting. Here’s where I got in the last couple of days.


I started with the tusk on the left and then started working on the trunk (barely) and the darker stitches as the start on the left ear. I changed a couple of colors though. I refuse to put purple and nave blue on this elephant. I substituted another dark and very dark brown instead. The elephant is all browns, grays, and black. It should stand out nicely on the beige Aida (which doesn’t look very beige in the photo).

I’ve got a long way to go. Wish me luck!

Gossamer Fractal – Progress 10

I posted a progress photo of this project in January of 2015. It was on my 2015 WIPocalype list of projects I wanted to complete and I didn’t even get one stitch done on it that year. Here’s the last photo.


I finally pulled it out of my stash last week and over the weekend I tried to complete the 3 columns that were started. Here’s how far I got – one column completed, most of the second column, and a little on the third one.

Gossamer 10

The little running stitches at the top and on the left show the center of the design. I’m looking forward to the two large areas of mostly whites and off-whites on each side. They really move along quickly.

I’m going to keep this one downstairs and work on it each weekend. I actually enjoyed working on it this weekend, so doing it in small doses is the way to go. I’ll post again for WIPocalypse 2016 later this month and I hope to have made some decent progress  by then.

First Moroccan Stocking – Progress 2

It’s been 3 weeks and here’s the next photo. I have completed two more motif rows and started a third one.

H stocking -2

I’ll finish the motif at the top and then add the last motif row (after I scroll up a little more). That will leave the name to do last. This should be done by the end of the month.

These two stockings are being created for my son and his SO so they will not be for sale. They are definitely unique.