Baby Girl House Ornament – Progress 3

I promise that I have been stitching, just not getting a lot done. For the past week, after finishing the ABC Sampler, I’ve been working on a gift for a wedding shower. I can’t show it to you yet, but it was completed yesterday. Yeah!

In the evenings, I’ve picked up the Baby Girl House to work on it for an hour each night. I have now completed side 2.

I want to add a small stitch in Kreinik to the windows and found just the right one this morning. I’ll get that done tonight and continue on the roof of the next section.

There are so many cute little pieces to stitch on this – the rattle hanging from the roof (don’t know why, but okay), the cup and the baby blocks. The cup was stitched with silver Kreinik, everything else is Peper Pot Silk for the details. The pale yellow for the house itself is Vineyard Silk. I needed to buy one more skein of the Vineyard Silk, but all the other threads are from my stash.

I want to continue with this project in the evenings, so I hope I can show you the next side in a week or so.


3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Almost Done

Didn’t quite finish, but I have lots to show you. Here is the front of the station completely done.


The garlands were stitched with Needle Necessities floss using the Fern Stitch and then I went back and added a few longer stitches so it didn’t look so neat. The wreaths were stitched with the same thread using French Knots. All the bows were stitched with Frosty Rays.

Here’s the last side of the station, showing that one tree has been stitched in a small Leaf stitch using a Florimell overdyed silk from Gloriana. I need to add the beads tomorrow. The door is stitched in Beaty stitch to give the impression of a heavy wood door.


I have two of the four trees stitched now, but need to move the canvas over to complete the other two. The pots that hold the trees are stitched in the same Splendor colors used for the bricks. So I’ll add beads to the two I have done tomorrow morning, move the canvas, and hopefully get the other two trees done as well. I’ll post again when it’s all completed.

3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 9

I’ve completed enough of the last side of the train station to do a post finally. This side is almost done.


You can also see from just this one side exactly what is left to do on the entire canvas. I have a little black and gold to do along the edges of this side and then that will be all done. This door is very plain compared to the other doors, so I wanted to come up with a stitch to add a little personality to it. I have that decided now and will do it tomorrow.

That leaves all the greenery and bows. There are 8 garlands with gold bows to stitch, 3 wreaths with red bows, and 4 trees. When everything is stitched, I’ll add the red and gold beads to finish it all off. I’ll to be back next weekend with it all done (I hope).

3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 8

The front of the train station is now complete except for the greenery (and one door handle). I wanted to have this piece done by the end of the month, but that is not going to happen.


I also left the section on the left in the photo so you could see what I still have to do. The left side is about 5 inches across and the regular stitching won’t take too long, so it should be done by the end of the month. Then it will be time to stitch all the bows with Flair, and all the garland, trees, and wreaths with overdyed greens.

3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 7

It took longer to stitch the clock than I ever imagined, but it’s finally done. The black outer edge of the tower is black Gloriana silk. The clock face was outlined in black Snow as well as the hands and hour markers. The background is white Sparkle Rays.


The two windows on the second floor are completed to match the other sides of the station. I’ve also stitched the rest of the sign above the front doors and the top, white section of the doors. So that leaves the rest of the first floor to stitch – windows, doors and steps. I hope to have this side done (other than the greenery) next week so I can move on the the last, smaller side.


Rebecca Wood 3D Train Station

I’m so excited!! Being a train nut, I’ve already stitched 4 cars from Lani – Engine, Passenger Car, Cattle Car, and Caboose. They hang on one wall of my needlepoint room. In the last week or so I’ve been able to obtain 2 canvases that are train related. This first one is a 3D Train Station that will be about 9″ X 5″ and almost 9″ tall. It’s says Rebecca in the lower right corner and looks a lot like other train scenes done by Rebecca Wood. Can anyone verify that this is a Rebecca Wood canvas? I’ve adopted this canvas that was started by another stitcher.

There are 3 canvases. The first is the train station itself. The previous stitcher outlined all the windows and did the window sills. I love the colors, threads and stitches she used and I will leave them alone. The foundation is also stitched and I won’t touch that. On the right side, you can see that she started the bricks and mortar. I don’t like the color she was using for the mortar and I can’t find the thread anywhere (I’ve searched online at thread sites) so I’m ripping it out a little each day. I prefer a beige/brown overdue that looks more like real mortar. The bricks are easy to take out and I’ll be restitching them with 2 shades of Splendor so I can make them a little darker next to the doors and windows like it was painted. I like that look.

The other 2 canvases form the roof. The smallest canvas is completed. So I’m working on the larger section of the roof a little each day. This is how it looked when I received it.

The gold Kreinik braid is over half done and I’ll add to that a little each day. There is also black Kreinik below each gold shape. I worked on that yesterday. There are 5 rows of green shingles along the longer sides and the rest of the shingles are brown. I’m also doing a little of that each day. I’ll follow her smaller canvas to stitch the snow when everything else on the roof is done.

I’m making a trip to Needle in a Haystack next week and will take the station canvas and my other train canvas with me to find lots of threads. I’ll show you the second train canvas after I have the threads I need to make it really shine.