Double Decker Cats and Tumak

Looking at this photo – all I can do is smile. When I’m stitching in the evenings, Daisy is always on my lap and Charlie has taken to sitting on the top of the chair. Last night, we went out to eat and when we got home, this scene greeted us. (The bump on the left side of Daisy’s head is a cyst and isn’t causing any problems. We don’t think she’d survive the surgery, so we just monitor her and let things stay as they are.) Daisy still hisses his Charlie, but only late at night – then they are quiet for the rest of the night. We’re almost there…

Double Decker

My list of things to do this year said I should get half of this Tumak piece done this year. It’s a small project (6″ X 9″) that I pick up as a change of pace from all my larger projects. I reached the halfway mark last night and it has now been put away – it will be finished sometime next year.

Tumak 6

I haven’t filled in the center of the large motif which is the center of the piece on the left because I’m thinking of changing the colors so it will be different from the one on the right (which is also repeated on the left side.)

I’ll start a new, small size piece tonight and will post when I’ve made a decent start on it.


1 Thread Caddy and 2 Cats

When I adopted the large Patchwork rug, it came with a wooden thread caddy which I have grown to love since I got it in February. When I showed you my little needlepoint room recently, it had all the threads for the patchwork rug on one side and I had added all the threads for the Mosaic rug to the other side. All my threads were within reach no matter which rug I chose to work on. Then we come to the cats.

Daisy on the left has been with us for 9 years. She was born in the wild and was then captured by an organization that deals with feral cats. We got her when she was 5 months old. I’ve never had a cat that chewed on everything before. Beware of the cat became my daily mantra. She would eat my threads, phone cords, computer cables, and shoelaces! Everything got tucked away as much as possible. She finally outgrew this bad habit and never bothers my threads anymore. Good girl!

Julius, on the right, is not quite 3 and a real handful. Adorable when he’s sleeping on his back or curled up beside me and a little devil when he chases and pounces on poor Daisy.

I’ve had the thread caddy for 4 months without a problem. So why did things change? One night Julius (on purpose or by accident, we don’t know) was found in the upstairs hallway by my husband as he was going to bed. He had threads hanging over his head and wrapped around his paws! DH gently gathered the threads, put them on my chair in the needlepoint room, and closed the door so they would be safe. Since that day, Daisy has decided that munching on threads from the thread caddy is a fun thing to do. So all the threads have been removed and rest on top of their respective rugs. Sigh…

Before all this happened, I got a couple pictures of Julius with the thread caddy. He never played with the threads or pulled them down, but loved to walk through the threads and have them brush across his back. He’ll have to find something else to do in the needlepoint room now – no thread caddy anymore.