Fall Quilt Finale

First, thank you to all who commented or emailed about Julius. We’re slowly coping – still not much stitching yet, but a little more each day.

I finished the last of the background Monday evening – as easy stitch that I was able to handle. The pattern includes three fall items – acorns, apples, and fall leaves.


Fall Quilt finale

I think the leaves should have been larger. When I do the instructions, I’ll try to make them larger and see if that is better.

2nd Moroccan Stocking Finale – Sort Of…

Last night I was working away on the area surrounding Malik’s name on the stocking. And I ran out of thread (just to the right of the letter K)!! I only need a few more yards to finish it up, but here it is right now:

M Stocking 3

I looked in my stash and in projects that are kitted up, but no more Kreinik of the color and size I needed. So I sent a quick email to Michelle at Come to the Point. She pulled one for me and I’ll pick it up on Wednesday when I visit her shop. She has all the canvas and Pepper Pot Silk I need for my new rug and I had already planned on picking it all up Wed.

I’ll spend my evening stitching around the edges of both stockings this coming week so they are ready to be made into stockings soon.

First Moroccan Stocking Finale

I’ve worked hard on this all week and finished it last night! This has been so much fun to work on and it went quickly as well.

It’s stitched on 18 ct. canvas and is about 16″ tall. I used mostly Pepper Pot Silk but used some Sparkle Rays and Neon Rays + in the triangles row, Neon Rays + and Sprinkles for the pink/green borders around the name, and white Sprinkles in the second thread in the Alicia’s Lace background for the name.

H Stocking finale

I think I need to add another row of white Gobelin over 3 threads at the top to make a better finish. And I need to add several rows of white Basketweave all around it as well. But I still consider it a finish and I’m happy with it! (Waiting to hear from Heather…)

I’ll start the second one in about a week – done in blues and copper.

Persian Nain Rug Finale

Finally!! After a year and two weeks of stitching, this rug is finished. I worked on it each week for 3-5 hours, and 8-10 hours each of the last two weeks. I used 28 skeins of Pepper Pot Silk.

Here is the original rug:

Original Nain-1

And here is my adaptation:

Nain Finale

Persian Nain Rug designed and stitched by Jan (ThreadMedley)

13.75″ X 19.5″ on 18 count canvas (approximately 250 stitches X 350 stitches)

Charted with cross stitch software and can be stitched in needlepoint or cross stitch

I hope to have it up on my Etsy shop the end of next week. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Deconstructed Log Cabin – Finale

My first finish for 2016! This was a fun stitch – quick and easy all the way.


Log Cabin finale

The dark green along the bottom was supposed to be two strands of Vineyard Silk, but I have several cards of Silk & Cream in my stash and decided to use that instead.

Now to decide what to work on next.

Christmas Finishing – Part 2

The pillows for my granddaughters are finally finished. I was really stressing out waiting for the pillow forms to arrive – over two weeks until they showed up yesterday. I quickly got them put together and put them back in the original plastic for shipping. Forgot to take a photo.

This morning, we had to go out early, so I got up and quickly took them out of the plastic and took a photo. Then we headed out to run errands – first stop was a small packaging store who took all the things I had to mail, boxed them up and we were out of there in about 20 minutes. So much easier than going to the post office at this time of year.

Here are the pillows with the Gardener’s Alphabet initials I did for each of my girls.

Gardener's pillows

Christmas Finishing – Part 1

Things have been running slowly, so now I’m in a rush to get things into the mail this week.

The Batman ornament I’m not pleased with… The braid doesn’t look good and I should have done it all in one color. It’s also crooked. I tried so hard to get this straight and when it was all done, it’s off. Hope my son is okay with this. Sigh…



Batman finish2

Batman finish1







The Occupied piece – I like the way it turned out. Since it will be hung on a brown door, I made it a soft finish. It has Tim Tex inside to give it weight and to keep it from folding up when it’s hanging. The back is a brown and gold fabric and it’s hanging from a brown cord. Hope my son loves how it’s finished as well as the humor (I’m pretty sure he’ll get a big chuckle from it.)

Occupied finish1



Occupied finish2







Tomorrow I’ll work on finishing the granddaughters’ gifts. I’ll post when they are done.