Hearts & Flowers – Progress 2

If I could count properly, I’d be farther along on this new design. Sigh.

Like my needlepoint, I like to do adaptations for cross stitch as well. And sometimes things don’t work out like I envision them. This project is one of those. I started with a photo of an Orfeo Jacquard Persian motif from a rug.

Orfeo Jacquard Persian

I was working with MacStitch, a cross stitch software for Mac, trying to get the feeling for the design and making it simpler, less crowded. The more I worked on it, the less it looked like the rug fragment shown above. But I kept going and it gradually became Hearts & Flowers and looks nothing like the original piece.

I now have two of the four hearts stitched. Miscounting required me to rip out almost two thirds of the second heart. Notice that the two roses are not the same at the top. The two hearts on the top and bottom will be the same and the two on the left and right will be the same when it is completed.

I decided to try out one of the roses to see how it would look before quitting last night. I know most people would start with the darkest color on the outside and get lighter as they stitched toward the center, but I wanted to try the opposite. Our anniversary was last month and DH bought be a bouquet of pale pink roses (my favorite) and lilies. The lilies hadn’t even started to bloom when I got the bouquet. As they started to open, they were pale pink and we assumed that they would match the roses. But when one of them finally popped open, it was brilliant pink with light pink and white along the edges. This was the inspiration for the rose that is now stitched on Hearts & Flowers.


I want to get all four hearts stitched before I go back to the flowers and other small details that are needed to complete the design. I want the hearts done by the end of the month and then can work on the details the first week of April.

WIPocalypse 2015 – March

I feel like a got a lot done in February, so here is my progress on my cross stitch projects. I did a post on the mandala a few days ago, but I wanted to show you that I finished the last two buildings on this side on Monday so I can turn the piece and start on a new side.

Bldg 3-3


The Chapter Tiles from Modern Folk Embroidery has the final leaf in the corner now. The curved lines show where the circle starts so I know I’m making progress.

Chapter 1-3

On Norfolk Diligence Sampler, I have finished the long line of text, over one thread. Halfway across the line, I noticed that it was not centered because I started over a little too far. To make up for the mistake I change the word “my” to “a” – I ply a thread… I’ve started the backstitch design on the left side. The last two lines of the verse will each be centered between the backstitching on the left and right side. I hope to have all that done this month.

NF Sampler-8

Father Christmas & Cats – I’ve been working on the left side, filling in background and starting the tassel on the left side of the hat. A little more on the face as well.

Father C 6

And I’ve started a new piece called Hearts & Flowers – one of my own designs. I’m stitching it with Splendor Silk on 28 ct. Angel Blush Laguna – over 2.


I’ve got a busy March schedule, so I don’t think I’ll get as much done, but I’m working on it.

Measi always has a question to answer each month – this month was about our Bucket List. Because of all the photos, I did a separate post about that which will be up in a few minutes.

Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 27

I put this away at Christmas so I could finish the Border Rug. I took it out a week ago and I’ve done quite a bit of stitching on it this past week. Here’s where it was on Dec. 26th:


The archways were done and the first building was started. Just a tiny bit of the gold top stitching had been done.

Here it is today:


When I finish the two buildings that are started on the right side, I’ll be able to turn the canvas and start on the second set of archways and buildings on this corner. I’ll get there on Monday, I’m sure.

Here’s the whole mandala so far:


All the stitching went well this week and I hope that continues. I really want to get this done, but the goal for this year is to complete side 3 – on the right – with both sets of buildings and the mosque. I also need to do the beading on the carpet on that side as well. That should keep me busy.

The Serengeti Mandala is waiting in the wings. I have everything for that in my stash too.

February D.E.S.I.G.N. – Modern Folk

What project are you talking about this month?

I’m stitching Chapter Tiles from Modern Folk. Jacob, the designer, put two tiles together in one set of directions. Though Jacob usually stitches his designs in red thread on white linen, I decided to stitch mine using DMC floss #3809 and #3810 on Golden Sand linen. Most of the design is being stitched with the darker color and only the leaves in the design will be stitched in the lighter color. I’m currently working on the one pictured on the left.



Jacob lives in England and his website is: modernfolkembroidery.com

You can also find him on etsy: etsy.com       Search for Modern Folk Embroidery

He has many designs to choose from and also sells linen and thread for his designs (including his own hand-dyed wool thread).

Have you stitched a design by this designer before?

No, I haven’t. I heard about him from a friend who was working on one of his designs.

Would you stitch another design by this designer?

Yes, I would. He has several I would like to do, including one in the February issue of Cross Stitch Collection Magazine.

What made you decide to buy this design? Any special things about it?

Like last month, I love things that have been adapted from other forms of art. This time, the design was taken from tiles in the Minster Chapter House. I look forward to seeing what new designs he will create from his trip to Scotland recently.

Here is my progress so far:

Chapter 1-2

The pattern is just a quarter of the design and you rotate the pattern and repeat it until you have completed the whole design. I’ll need to order another piece of linen for the second tile, but I think they’ll make beautiful pillows, about 15″ square – eventually. (The fabric looks beige on my screen, but is actually a gold color.)


WIPocalypse 2015 – February

January went by very quickly, but I did manage to get some things done. I finished one project – Hometown Holiday’s Village Church. I have the Fire Station to do, maybe later this month.


I worked on two projects. Father Christmas and Cats went from:

FatherC - Prog 4

to this:

Father C-Prog 5

I finally reached the right side which has alternating triangles in burgundy and brown, both stitched with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. I’ll try to get a better photo of the colors along the right side next month. This one is rather dark. For February I’m moving to the left side of the design, working on the miles of background and finishing the left side of the face and the black tassel on the left side of the hat.

I worked on Norfolk Diligence Sampler, which went from this:

NF Sampler - 5

To this:

NF Sampler - 6

The verse is stitched over one thread on 40 ct. Slow going, but I’ll get all three lines done. And I’ll work on the borders down the two sides this month as well.

And I started a new project – the first of two Chapter Tiles from Modern Folk. I’m using DMC floss #3809 and #3810 over two on 32 ct. Golden Sand linen. It will be 15″ square when done.

Chapter 1-1

The question for February is – How do you overcome that feeling of being in a rut on a particular project? This doesn’t happen to me very often since I have so many projects going at once. If I get bored or frustrated with a project, I move on to another one and then go back to it a week or two later. The exception to this is the Gossamer Fractal that I want to get done this year. I put it away about 4 months ago and hope to pick it back up in March and make some good progress. I’ve started over on a couple project but it’s very rare that I give up on any of them.

January D.E.S.I.G.N. – Heart’s Ease Examplar Works

DESIGN is a new concept this year from Leonore Winterer. Her blog is Needle, Pen & Sword. There is a link on her page to more information about this idea for the new year. D.E.S.I.G.N. stands for the Designer Everyone Should Instantly Get to Notice. People who have signed up will present designers that they love, or have just found, and talk about them and one of their designs. Hopefully, we will all get to know some new designers along the way that we will also fall in love with. This is a monthly format, but you don’t have to contribute each month.

What designer do you want to talk about this month?

I want to talk about Heart’s Ease Examplar Workes – Theresa M. Baird. Her blog is – heartseaseexamplarworkes.blogspot.com  I’m working on her Norfolk Diligence Sampler right now and just love it! This is the photo of the design from her blog.

Norfolk Diligence


This is the information she wrote about Norfolk Diligence on her blog in September 2013 before it was released:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.37.13 PM

Have you stitched a project by this designer before?

No – this is my very first sampler.

Would you buy/stitch a design by this designer again? Why/Why not?

Yes, I would. In my needlepoint designs I’m inspired by rugs and tapestries from around the world. I adapt those designs into smaller pieces that can be framed or hung like tapestries. Theresa adapts antique samplers into more modern forms. I was drawn to her for that reason. Look at her blog and you will see many types of cross stitch – all quite delicate and beautiful. I’m sure you’ll find something you like as well.

What made you choose this particular design/designer?

I wanted to stitch a sampler and have been reading the newsletters from The Attic in Mesa, AZ. There are so many to choose from and I couldn’t decide on just one. Then this sampler came out last October and it caught my attention. I just loved the borders and the flowers. And the colors really suited me as well.

Did you notice anything that distinguished this designer from others?

The verse! Many samplers have the alphabet or Bible verses, like samplers from the 1700s and 1800s. But Theresa writes her own verses for the pieces she adapts and designs.

Here is a photo of my progress on the piece so far:

NF Sampler - 5


I’m stitching it on 40 ct linen using one strand of Needlepoint Inc Silk over two threads.

WIPocalypse 2015 – January

This is my first time doing an SAL and I’m looking forward to it. I’m Jan from Thread Medley and I do both needlepoint and cross stitch. I started cross stitch about 3-4 years ago when I bought the Persian Iris Mandala from Chatelaine. The mandala and several other projects are listed below on the list for WIPocalypse 2015. I’m hoping with encouragement from all of you that I can get some of these pieces done this year. (I’ve already listed my needlepoint projects for 2015 on my blog on Dec 31st.)

1. Persian Iris Mandala from Chatelaine – not quite halfway done


2. Gossamer Fractal – about a third done. This one has been driving me crazy, so I do a little at a time. I’d like to finish it this year.


3. Father Christmas and Cats from HAED – restarted and now moving along slowly. I’ve reached the left side edge of the piece and the right side is 27 stitches short of the edge. There are two very narrow bands going down the right side and a set of triangles to stitch in those 27 stitches. I’ll get to them next week, I hope.

FatherC - Prog 4

4. Norfolk Diligence Sampler from Heart’s Ease Examplar Workes – I love this but am terrified of the next section which is the three lines of words.

NF Sampler - 5

5. Hometown Holidays by Diane Williams (Little House Needleworks) – I have the charts for the Village Church and the Fire Station to do. Just started.


6. Bright Sea Village Express by Elli Jenks – This is a 3D train and I just love the details on it. Can’t wait to start this soon.

7. Chapter House Tiles from Modern Folk (Jacob de Graaf) – not started

8. Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks – not started

9. Two Mill Hill Bead kits for next Christmas – not started

10. NOEL Quadrille by The Sweetheart Tree – not started

I think I’d better get stitching!