Hometown Holiday Schoolhouse – Progress 1

There have been 12 releases in this series and I have them all. I’ve decided that I won’t get any more. Nine have been stitched, which leaves me with 3 to do. Since they are small, I’m going to do one each month and get them done.

Here is the start of the Schoolhouse. It still needs the cupola, door, and windows.

School 1

I hope to have it completed with the trees and swings to show you next week.

I’m taking things easy now that all the Christmas stitching is done. I’ll start putting the 5 stockings together next month and will show them to you as they are completed.

I’m also going back to WIPs, cross stitch and needlepoint, that I want to complete. Posting may be less for the rest of the year. I’m learning to relax a little more and not stress about completing all my projects.

WIPocalypse 2016 – September

I’ve only worked on two cross stitch projects over the last month – the stockings that need to be done.

Gentle Elephant – the elephants are done! Whew! I’m going to add some grass around their feet and then do the name at the top. Both of these tasks are for next week.

Gentle Elephant 9

Batman – Pages 1 and 3 on the left side are completely done. Page 2 is almost done, just the cape to do. Page 4, I did the rest of his body. Most of what is left is the hand and the rest of the cape. A lot of blue and black to go. I hope to have it done and the name stitched at the top by the end of next week.

Batman 2

With these two projects out of the way in about 7-10 days, I’ll have time to go back and pick up other projects that need to be finished. I have a lot of projects to choose from and several small pieces that I want done by the end of the year, so you’ll see something different next month.

The question for this month is to tell the story of one of my projects. The mandala is at the framer’s right now and should be ready for pick-up next week. I’ll tell the story of that project when I post the photo of it framed.

Persian Iris Mandala – 1st Corner Done

I finally got the first corner on the mandala done and started on the second one.

1st corner done

I’ve brightened up the photo a little but you still can’t see the purple iris in the corner very well. The little flowers are quick to do – just a single strand of silk for each part. There were over 40 different threads on this piece, but I’m down to only 10 now plus 2 of the gold threads. I ran into a snag on the second corner and I can’t find my mistake. So I need to start with that problem first on Monday morning and then continue to fill in. I have the four colors to the left and right edges and the little “knot” at the corner. The mistake is in that diagonal gold line that joins the other two multi-colored lines to form the triangle. I hope to get that second corner done by Wed. Fingers crossed.

WIPocalypse 2016 – May

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that the Fractal is gone. I really disliked working on it and it looks like it will be abandoned. Right now it is back in the stash. But progress on several other projects is going well.

Gentle Elephant – still working on page 3, trying to finish the ear on the right. I know the trunk isn’t finished at the bottom and the top of the ear is rough, but the same colors are used for the elephant and the background in many areas. I’ll try to even things out after I finish the rest of the ear and body. I went from here:


to here:


On the Persian Iris Mandala, I’m really moving. I really want to finish the last corner so I can get the the triangles that will finish the project. So I went from here:

PI mosque 4-2

to here this month! One whole side of buildings done. Only 1 more set to go until the main part of the mandala is done. Then the 4 triangles at the corners and the rest of the beads. I can’t wait!!!

4th corner-1

Then, because I’m not doing the fractal anymore, I have two other cross stitch pieces to work on for the weekends. The first is the Florist from Hometown Holidays and this is how far I got before I ran out of the brown thread (more arrived a couple days ago). When this one is done, I still have two more to do. The schoolhouse arrived yesterday.


And lastly, I picked up Patchwork Sampler Serenity. I only stitched a tiny bit of it last year. Here is the first motif completed. I started the second motif in the darkest teal – hardly visible in the photo.


This is a large Quaker piece in teal and purple. My hope is to get the first 3 pages done this year.

Hometown Holiday and Changes

I made some decisions about my stitching over the weekend.

  1. I’ve been spending most of my time on stockings for Christmas and two projects that I really want done this year – the mandala and the fractal. Slow progress on most of them so far. But the fractal has been driving me crazy again and parts of it just don’t look good (to me). So it’s out of the rotation for now (and maybe for good). So I needed a new weekend project and looked over my list and then pulled out two projects. I’ve started the Florist for Hometown Holidays and I’ll stitch that on weekends until it is done. Here’s my progress so far:

Florist 1

This is the awning above the windows and the start of the Florist sign.

When this little piece is done, I’ll go back to Patchwork Sampler Serenity which I just barely started last year. It’s a Quaker piece. I feel much better working on simpler tasks on the weekend after working many hours on the elephant. I’ve moved on to the next page on that one too!

2. Needlepoint projects – I’m almost done with the second Moroccan stocking so I’ll need another needlepoint project at that point. I’m working on several smaller designs but they are not ready to go just yet. So I’ve ordered the canvas and Pepper Pot Silk for my next rug – Anatolia. Think red, black and gold! I hope to start that on June 1st.

Downstairs I will work on my small Madagascar rug and try to get that finished while I complete the design for the smaller projects – Kurd Tree of Life, an Irish tile, and a Paisley design. Whichever one grabs and holds my attention first will get started next month too. Never a dull moment here.

WIPocalypse 2016 – April

I’ve only worked on 3 projects this month – all things I want finished by the end of the year.

Gentle Elephant – to be made into a stocking. The first ear is done and I’m working on the head and trunk now. I hope to get the next, larger ear done by the next post.


Gossamer Fractal – went from here –


to here – If I complete the column I’m working on and half of the next one, it will finish a page. That’s the goal for the next post.


And Persian Iris Mandala –  almost finished the last mosque. The beading of the carpet is done. I’ll finish the mosque on Monday and start on the last corner of buildings.

PI mosque 4-2

Good progress as I inch my way to completion on these 3 projects.

WIPocalypse 2016 – March

Making progress on some of my larger projects, have one finish and one almost finish.

  1. Hometown Holidays – I finished the Pet Store

Pet Store 2

2. Polar Express by Madame Le Fee is almost complete. I will have it done by the end of the week.

Polar Express-6

3. Persian Iris Mandala – I finished the 3rd corner of buildings and started on the last mosque. Over the next month I’ll bead the last carpet leading up to the mosque and try to finish the mosque as well.

PI mosque 4-1

4. Gossamer Fractal – I finished filling in the area that I worked on a year ago and have now started on the last section of Page 2 (I have enlarged the charts and only print out a half page at a time. I’m halfway through the bottom half of Page 2 now.


5. Gentle Elephant (for stocking) – The elephants don’t appear until the far right side of Page 2, I’m still working on the ear, most of which is dark browns and grays. The colors on the top, left of the ear are starting to get lighter in color. I’ll start on Page 3 this coming weekend and I hope the colors are much lighter there as I finish the ear and start on the face. After I finish the Polar Express this week, this piece will move from weekends only to weekdays so it will move along faster then.



Our question this month is – Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? I’m a needlepointer and I’ve always used stretcher bars or scroll bars. So when I started cross stitching I stayed with that. I started the mandala on a scroll frame until it was too narrow to keep a whole side visible as I was working on it. It’s now on stretcher bars now because I’m working around the outer edges and it’s easier to keep the fabric tight and be able to reach the areas I’m stitching and beading. And it’s easier to take photos of the whole piece when I can see it all and I don’t have to move the piece around to work on various areas – I just turn the whole thing. The Polar Express is now on a hoop because the Q snaps weren’t holding it well – the fabric was too small. Everything else is now on Q Snaps (as of last year when I tried them). They are working out well for me – hold fabric tight and easy to move from one area to another as I work on a piece.