WIPocalypse 2016 – December

This month we show where we started the year on projects and the progress or finish of each. I’ve had a good year with 13 finished projects and 1 that was added and completed.

I finished 1 the train stocking and then stitched 2 more stockings –

Train St finale

stockings finale






Polar Express when from this:

Polar Express 5

to this completion:

Polar Finale

The Persian Iris Garden Mandala went from this:

Persian Iris 3rd corner-4

to this finish:

PIG framed

I wanted to get 4 more pieces done from Hometown Holidays. They are now done and I have two more from this year to do. I’m working on the Tree Lot now and it will be finished before Christmas.

Fire Station 3

Pet Store 2







School 2

Florist Finale








I finished the ornaments for my granddaughters – their last set (and one for myself too).

2016 ornie finale

Patchwork Serenity Sampler – I wanted to finish the first 3 pages (actually 2.5 pages)

It went from here:


I almost finished page 2 and didn’t get to the small section on page 3. It’s here right now:

Serenity 4

Father Christmas and Cats – It’s 4.5 pages across the top. I’ve gotten 2.5 pages done – only half of page 3, but at least his face is almost complete right now.

It started here this year:

Father C 6

to here today – with all that background done!

Father C 11

The Delta Queen Paddleboat was added this fall and is now complete:

Paddleboat finale

Norfolk Diligence Sampler – no progress. I’ll pull this out again next month and will get it completed.

NF Sampler 12B

Chapter Tiles – no progress this year.

Chapter 2-3

Bright Sea Express – no progress this year.

Express 5

I’ve enjoyed being a part of WIPocalypse for several years, but I won’t be joining for 2017. I’ll keep working on projects at my own speed and post my progress – just not at a specific time each month.

I hope 2017 will be a super stitching year for everyone!!



WIPocalypse 2016 – August

I’m very pleased with my progress this month! I completed Persian Iris Mandala (after 4 years)

PIG Finale

And I finished the last 3 of the Old Fashioned Ornaments (turquoise was done last month and the red one is mine))

Old Fashioned 2B

Old fAshioned 3

Old fashioned 4

I’ve gotten a lot done on the elephant – the baby is finally appearing to the left of the legs

Elephant 8

And I’ve started the last of the stockings I need to get done. It’s an easier pattern and not too many colors  so it’s moving along nicely. The bottom left page is done and I’ve started the top left page. Can you guess what it is?

Batman 1

Yes, it’s Batman! I hope to have both the elephant and Batman done by the next WIPocalypse post. Then I can spend some time making up all 4 ornaments and the stockings (5 of them!!). The ornaments and 4 of the stockings need to be mailed for Christmas and I want them all done early – for a change!

Happy stitching!!



Persian Iris Mandala – Finale!!!

The new crystals arrived late yesterday (the mail wasn’t delivered until almost 7 pm) and I just sewed them on. Finally this huge project is finished. And I still love it!!

I started it in 2011. Because of my hip problem I couldn’t handle stairs very well and put it away in 2012. I picked it back up in the spring of 2014 and have worked on it a little every month since then.

19″ square – it needs to be taken off the stretcher bars and straightened out a little before I can get it framed. This was the first cross stitch project I started – if you can believe that! There are mistakes and I still can’t do the gold top stitching as well as it should be, but I stuck with it and have completed this beautiful piece!

The center – with the replacement crystals in the dark blue square around the center and light green crystals in the green circles around the purple irises.

PIG finale 2

The corner – Delica beads in the scroll/flowers around the top edge and turquoise crystals beneath each scroll and one crystal at the bottom of the corner “knot.”

PIG finale 1

And finally, the whole piece!

PIG Finale

I’m not insane enough to start another mandala just yet though. I have Serengeti all kitted up and ready to go, but I’ll wait a while on that one. I also want to buy Moroccan Lace when it is released. So I don’t know which one will be started next year. We’ll see….

Quick Update

No photos today.

Persian Iris Mandala – it’s done – sort of. I ran into two glitches. I ran out of one thread, ordered more of it and it will be here today. I can finish the cross stitching in the morning. I was happily attaching beads yesterday morning and this morning and didn’t have enough of one of the crystals. I actually had enough but the last one I picked up didn’t have a hole through the middle. I contacted ECC and Cindy wrote right back. That crystal is no longer available, but she has some biscones that are a close match and wanted to know if I could take the others out easily and replace them. Of course, I said Yes! So waiting for new biscones. I’ll post photos next week after the new biscones are in place.

Gwen – She is thoroughly enjoying being in our home and being around DH and I. But she just isn’t getting along with Daisy. Every time she sees Daisy she hisses and has a low growl. Daisy has been so patient and is confused by this cat that won’t be her friend. She moves to a place where she is visible to Gwen and sits quietly. After a minute or two, she moves a little closer. I assume she is giving Gwen the slow blink to show she is a friend. Then she moves away and gets into my lap – her usual hangout. The last two nights, Gwen has gotten on the big scratching post and will settle down and stay with all of us for about a half hour before running back upstairs where she spends most of her time. I’ll post a photo of the two of them together – when that finally happens.

Persian Iris Mandala Milestone

All the mosques and buildings are complete!! Feels like I’ve been at it for years – and I have! LOL

PIG Bldg done

I still have two more mornings this week to work on the mandala, so I’ll start on the little flowers on each side of the mosques and start the first of the triangles that form the square corners. It’s getting so close now.

Fall Quilt – Progress 3

I now have one leaf in the center complete and more of the background is done as well. Here is the first quarter so far:

Fall Quilt corner

The leaves are being stitched using Threadworx # 1044 (Chili Peppers). This is one of my favorite overdyes – love fall colors. The stitches used are Mosaic, Diagonal Mosaic, T Stitch, Scotch stitch, and Jacquard. I won’t change it now, but I’m beginning to think the leaves should be a little bigger.

I’ve started the second corner and leaf, so here is the whole piece so far:

Fall Quilt 2

I won’t do the actual center until I have the four leaves in place. When the top half is complete, I’ll scroll down to do the other two corners. Let’s see how far I can get by this time next week.

Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 27

I put this away at Christmas so I could finish the Border Rug. I took it out a week ago and I’ve done quite a bit of stitching on it this past week. Here’s where it was on Dec. 26th:


The archways were done and the first building was started. Just a tiny bit of the gold top stitching had been done.

Here it is today:


When I finish the two buildings that are started on the right side, I’ll be able to turn the canvas and start on the second set of archways and buildings on this corner. I’ll get there on Monday, I’m sure.

Here’s the whole mandala so far:


All the stitching went well this week and I hope that continues. I really want to get this done, but the goal for this year is to complete side 3 – on the right – with both sets of buildings and the mosque. I also need to do the beading on the carpet on that side as well. That should keep me busy.

The Serengeti Mandala is waiting in the wings. I have everything for that in my stash too.