Barbara Fox Needlepoint Closing

This is a 21″ stocking by Barbara Fox on 13 ct mesh. I bought this for our new granddaughter Penelope. I’ll be stitching it for next year.

While I was browsing the web last week, I decided to visit Barbara’s website again to see what other canvases she had. I love the two trees that are shown on her New page. I saw a note at the bottom of her home page that says she is closing her needlepoint business. I wrote to her to see if she had one of the tree canvases that I really liked (she didn’t) and another Christmas stocking (which she had on 13 and 18 ct). I bought the 13 ct. one! She no longer has time to do the needlepoint designs – too busy with other projects. I hate to see her go.

Her website is:

She is selling all the stock she has on hand, so do a little browsing and see if you can pick up some beautiful, new canvases at a discount.

She has a lot of flower, garden, teddy bear, and Christmas canvases (ornaments and a few stockings). Just send her an email with the number and name of the canvas you would like to purchase and she’ll get back to you and let you know if she has it in stock and what the cost will be. I paid with PayPal.  (This was written with her permission.)

Hope you find something you’ll love to stitch!


Cross One Off the Bucket List

In March, the question for WIPocalypse 2015 was our Bucket List – What would be on the list if time and money wasn’t a factor. My List included 1 surface embroidery, 2 cross stitch, and 2 needlepoint projects. I have plenty in my stash to keep my going for years and knew I couldn’t afford to buy either of the  needlepoint canvases so I didn’t think I would ever get any of the 5 projects.

Update: I got mine from the Stitching Destashing Canvases Be Gone site. She was having a sale. All 3 Melissa Shirley birds that she had sold during the sale. I suggest finding out where Melissa Shirley is having trunk shows and see if you can get it cheaper that way. I just checked Canvases Be Gone site and she has the Quail available.

But last week I ran into a super sale and picked up one of the needlepoint canvases for less than half price. Too good to pass up! So here is Melissa Shirley’s Purple Heron, which arrived at my home yesterday.

MS Purple Heron

I spent a lot of time this morning going through my thread stash. I have the color for the background of the border, but will need to get more to stitch it all. I have all the other colors I need for the border in Splendor, so they have pulled them. Then I searched through all my silk overdyes to see what I can use for the main part of the canvas. I pulled several gray, purple and green ones that should work for the large heron and the grass/ground.

No, I can’t start this yet. I have other things to finish, but I can order stretcher bars for it and get it mounted up and ready to go. If I prop it up in the needlepoint room, I can start to think of stitches and be ready to go in January. WOW! Never dreamed that I would get to stitch this one – my first Melissa Shirley.

Hope your stitching brought you some joy today as well.

Cat Tree Ornament – finale

I received the Kreinik braid I needed on Saturday and got right to work. The background is stitched in Alicia’s Lace. The first layer was stitched in # 194, Pale Blue. The second layer was stitched using # 198, Pale Green. In the light, it has a slight glow surrounding the tree.

Cat Tree-3

I outlined several of the cats to make them show up a little better. The silver ornaments on the tree were stitched in Rhodes stitch with Kreinik silver braid. The bows on the tree were stitched in Lazy Daisy dark green Kreinik with a tiny red stitch in the middle of the two Lazy Daisy stitches. This can now be put in the growing stack of things waiting for finishing. I need to get started on that task soon.

Cat Tree Ornament – Progress 2

I have completed the green parts of the tree this time. I used an overdye floss from Needle Necessities. I used 4 plies with two plies reversed for my stitching. I still got areas that were all light colors and some that were darker colors. So I decided to try something different. I had to do longer slanted stitches going in all different directions in order to do the little needles sticking out around the edges. So I did more slanted stitches on top of the basketweave to break up the areas that were all one color. Here’s how it looks now.

Cat Tree-2

I’m thinking that backstitching around some of the cats will keep them from disappearing into the tree – especially gray, purple, brown and blue ones. I’m going to try it out. I had to order Kreinik to do the background, so I’ll do the ornaments and the cross while I wait. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished ornament by the end of next week.

3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 8

The front of the train station is now complete except for the greenery (and one door handle). I wanted to have this piece done by the end of the month, but that is not going to happen.


I also left the section on the left in the photo so you could see what I still have to do. The left side is about 5 inches across and the regular stitching won’t take too long, so it should be done by the end of the month. Then it will be time to stitch all the bows with Flair, and all the garland, trees, and wreaths with overdyed greens.

Vintage Locomotive – Progress 1

I’ve done some research on this train from the 1800s. This canvas was painted by Anne Cram for starters. She has done 4 locomotives, but I need to put a stop on getting new projects right now.

I looked into headlamps that were used on locomotives in the 1800s. Railroad companies decided that they needed some way to light up the tracks in order to run the trains at night and move more people and cargo. In 1840 Worcester Railroad Company started using headlights with reflectors (probably candles). Some locomotives used whale oil burning through a wick burner. In 1865, Irving Williams introduced coal oil (kerosene) for headlamps. I don’t know the manufacturer of this particular locomotive but found quite a few that had the large headlamp. So my original idea of heavy metal for them was confirmed.

I started with the smokestack. I used metallic ribbons in Giant Brick stitch it. I found out when I got started that there were 4 colors in the smokestack, not 3. So I needed to find one more color. I had white, black, and silver. Going through my stash I found a Fyre Werks Hologram thread that is dark enough to use as dark gray. I don’t care for the Hologram version of Fyre Werks – too fat and too stiff. But it worked well in this piece.

Then I started on the headlamp. I wanted it to appear heavier, so I used Kreinik #8 braid – red and a very shiny gold. For the glass I used yellow Water ‘n Ice. I also bought white and blue Water ‘n Ice to use on the cabin windows and I’m not sure this yellow is best for the headlamps. I wanted it to be a light, which was probably more yellow than white in the 1800s. What do you think?

Here is the piece so far.

Introducing Patti Mann

When we moved into our home about four years ago, we had a hard time finding small, blue bedside lamps. We finally found two beautiful ginger jar type lamps that were painted in blue and off-white Oriental decorations. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 4 years trying to find just the right needlepoint pieces to go with the lamps. Enter this gorgeous canvas from Patti Mann ( It’s painted on 13 ct. canvas.

I’ve softened up the colors a little so that exactly match the colors on the lamp. I’m basketweaving the design with Silk & Ivory from Brown Paper Packages. I tried several stitches and threads to come up with a background for the piece. I finally decided on 3 plies of Needlepoint Inc. Silk and I’m using the Woven Stitch from Amy’s Cookbook for Stitchers. It’s stitched in horizontal rows. T Stitch or T Squared I believe are stitched on the diagonal. I have 2 leaves and the flower in the top, left completed and I’ve just started the large container. I worked the background all the way across the top so that I can correctly continue to stitch it around the parts I already have stitched. Each day I work on this, I get 3 strands of Silk & Ivory done and 3 lengths of background done. It will take a while, but will get done eventually. I promised my husband that this would be the next medium-sized project and will keep that promise.

We decided that one blue and white Oriental piece wouldn’t be enough for the bedroom, so I contacted Patti Mann to see where I could get another one of her similar pieces. So I now have a smaller one to do later that is painted on 18 ct. canvas. And Liz Morrow sent me a couple cross-stitch booklets of blue and white designs too. I’ll pull a couple of small things from them as well. So sometime next year we’ll have 4 blue and white pieces framed and hanging in the master bedroom. My blue Moroccan rug will continue in the place of honor over the bed and there is a Jean Hilton design between the room door and the closet. A very blue room.