2018 Needlepoint Plans

(I scheduled this post to appear this morning. Not only did it not show up, it’s no longer on my computer!! I’ll keep checking and if the duplicate shows up, I’ll delete it. Don’t know what WordPress is up to at this point.)

Projects completed in 2017:

Anatolia Rug – my design

Ghiradelli Square by Peter Ashe

Tumak by Gitta

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin

6 ornaments

For 2018 I plan to finish several WIPs:

  1. My blue/green pillow design (I have more done than the photo below)

2. Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley

3. ASOW Tall Ship – posted yesterday

4. ABC piece – posted yesterday

5. Work on Persian Qum rug – though I don’t think it will be completed in 2018 – posted yesterday

And I want to start 3 new pieces:

  1. Teddy Bear stocking by Barbara Fox

2. Tropical Punch by DebBee Designs

3. C A T by Cheryl Schaeffer

4. And I’ll do several ornaments as well

I know I need to cut down on the number of projects I have going at the same time – 6 right now (or 7?). I don’t want more than 2 needlepoint projects to work on at any one time from now on. So I need to finish the tall ship and the alphabet pieces and THEN I can start on the stocking for DH’s new granddaughter. If I get to the point where I want to start one of the other projects, then the Persian Qum rug will be put away for a month so I can work on the new project. Let’s see if I can stick to this one New Year’s resolution.

It’s going to be a busy needlepoint year!! My cross stitch plans for the year will be posted at the end of the week.

Happy New Year to you all!!



Tree of Life Designing

This week I haven’t done as much stitching as usual. My mind has been a-buzz with design ideas. One of them sent me searching the Internet and my rug books. How many cultures have rugs with a Tree of Life? I’ve seen many cross stitch projects and quilts with them, but they are all over the world.

Afghan rug

Afghan Tree 2

Persian rug

Persian Tree of Life

Bakhtiari rug (I’d love to adapt this one!)

Bakhtiari Tree of Life

India rug

India Tree of Life

I’d love to do a whole series of Tree of Life rugs and maybe create one of my own too. But I’ll start with the one below from Bijar – an area in northwest Iran. This area has a large Kurdish population, many of whom are rug makers.

Kurd design – There are flowering bushes, willows and cypress tree. I know I want to stay with the same colors – nice and simple – and make it as a pillow. I’m playing with stitches right now and will start on the design soon. Lots of decisions to make before I get to start stitching ( create a border?).

Kurd Tree of Life

Look for another post soon about another rug (from Anatolia) that I’ve already started designing and will be practice stitching with new threads that will arrive in a few days. I don’t know which one I’ll actually be stitching first. Now that I’ve gotten these two projects mapped out and started on the computer, hopefully my designing mind will take a rest and let me get back to stitching my current projects that need to be done.

Photos are from the Internet and the book Tribal & Village Rugs by Peter F. Stone

WIPocalypse 2015 – January

This is my first time doing an SAL and I’m looking forward to it. I’m Jan from Thread Medley and I do both needlepoint and cross stitch. I started cross stitch about 3-4 years ago when I bought the Persian Iris Mandala from Chatelaine. The mandala and several other projects are listed below on the list for WIPocalypse 2015. I’m hoping with encouragement from all of you that I can get some of these pieces done this year. (I’ve already listed my needlepoint projects for 2015 on my blog on Dec 31st.)

1. Persian Iris Mandala from Chatelaine – not quite halfway done


2. Gossamer Fractal – about a third done. This one has been driving me crazy, so I do a little at a time. I’d like to finish it this year.


3. Father Christmas and Cats from HAED – restarted and now moving along slowly. I’ve reached the left side edge of the piece and the right side is 27 stitches short of the edge. There are two very narrow bands going down the right side and a set of triangles to stitch in those 27 stitches. I’ll get to them next week, I hope.

FatherC - Prog 4

4. Norfolk Diligence Sampler from Heart’s Ease Examplar Workes – I love this but am terrified of the next section which is the three lines of words.

NF Sampler - 5

5. Hometown Holidays by Diane Williams (Little House Needleworks) – I have the charts for the Village Church and the Fire Station to do. Just started.


6. Bright Sea Village Express by Elli Jenks – This is a 3D train and I just love the details on it. Can’t wait to start this soon.

7. Chapter House Tiles from Modern Folk (Jacob de Graaf) – not started

8. Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks – not started

9. Two Mill Hill Bead kits for next Christmas – not started

10. NOEL Quadrille by The Sweetheart Tree – not started

I think I’d better get stitching!

Needlepoint Plans for 2015

Hard to believe that 2014 will be over in a few short hours. I didn’t get as much done as I planned, but that’s okay. My major finish was completing the huge Patchwork Rug. I’m really pleased with that as the largest of my 17 finishes for the year.

For 2015, I need to complete 5 WIPs and I have several others on the list for the year as well.

1. The Border Rug – I worked over two hours this morning to finish two more bands on this rug. I would really like to finish it in January. I’ve finished the outer border along the top and will continue that on the bottom next. And I can turn the rug now so the narrow side is across the bottom and it will be easier to do the stitching. Here it is as of today:


2. The Peru Rug – forgotten over the last month. I did the diamonds in the middle and then started stitching 3 more of each stitch in 3 other places on the rug. When that’s done, I’ll do 4 new stitches and then repeat them 3 more times. I need to get back to this and get it done in January as well.


3. Grieg by Dakota Rogers – I started it and will now try to work on it at least once a week so I can get it done. No progress has been made since I first showed it to you.


4. Brenda Stofft’s Santa on a Brown Bear – I started this last year and stopped when I couldn’t get my vision of the edge of the blanket to work out. I’ll try some new things this year and get it stitched and framed before next Christmas.


5. Snowman from Lee NeedleArts – I’ve just started this, but it will be at the top of the list until it is done. I want to see it on the new tote as soon as possible. The background is done and I’ll start on the snowman next.


6. I have the design for the next rug all worked out and it will be a Basketweave project like the Baluchi that I did two years ago. I showed you the rug earlier in the year when I adapted the Persian Nain Rug center into a cross stitch and a needlepoint design (Nain Diamond). I’ll start it soon.

7. Merry Kitty Christmas by Gay Anne Rogers – I have the chart and want to finish this ornament for next Christmas.

8. Baster from Tapestry Fair. I know this has been shown on several blogs over the past year, but I have some ideas of how to stitch mine to set it apart from other versions. (I will not bead the cat!)

9. 3D Cat – artist unknown – I’ve had this canvas since 2000 and I want to stitch it this year. (Trying to stitch things from my stash only this year.) It’s purple, pink and gray and will only be about 5″ tall.

10. Continue work on Ghirardelli Square if I have time.

More might be added as the year goes on. I haven’t decided what ornaments to do for my granddaughters yet – needlepoint or cross stitch, I don’t know.

What plans do you have for 2015?

Overwhelmed – Times 3!

For the last week, I’ve been overwhelmed with too much information. There are three separate reasons for this – all related to stitching.

1. As a stitcher – We’re all very fortunate to have wonderful designers in needlepoint and cross stitch that tempt us with beautiful new designs. We’re always finding a new design or canvas that we love and want to stitch. I keep a database of projects in my stash and it’s too much right now. I want to do them all (and will!) but there are too many to look at or think about right now. 45 on the list that I want to do first and another 25 to do …. sometime. I’m overwhelmed.

Solution: 1. Do NOT buy any more charts, kits, or canvases for the rest of the year. 2. I have 6 projects going right now – one of them my own design. Add 4 more to the list to work on this summer – at least one more of my own. When 2 projects are completed, pick up one of the 4 new ones. When I’m down to only 4 on my list of 10 – add 1 to the list. No more than 5 projects going at any one time – two upstairs large ones, and 3 downstairs. My only purchases will be threads if they are needed for a project already in the stash or one of my own designs.

2. As a designer – My DH and a good friend have both told me I need to spend more time on my own designs and less time on designs by others (sorry designers). I’m behind on getting stitching instructions done on my rug designs and need to spend time them done. And one night a week, my brain won’t stop with the new design ideas and I don’t get a good night’s sleep. After one of those nights, I write down ideas so I don’t forget them and sometimes do a sketch or search online for inspiration and save a few snapshots to remind me of  the idea when I look at the list again. After the last night of little sleep, I again listed new ideas. I’m now up to over 20! I’m overwhelmed.

Solution: I’ll keep listing new ideas as they come up, but I can’t work on more than two at any one time. Right now, that is the Border Rug and starting next week, the Nain Diamond in needlepoint. There will be a full Nain Rug, but not until next year. As I finish one design, I’ll pick up a new one and start – a rug from Peru will come after the Nain Diamond needlepoint. The rest will remain on the list in a separate database with notes and maybe a sketch or photo inspiration.

3. As a writer/stitching instructions writer – I need to write instructions for three of my rugs and get them up for sale. My small book on How I Adapt Art to Needlepoint is done in a rough draft. I’ve been reading everything I can find online and in books about publishing ebooks online. (I actually have a contract with Apple to sell books in the iBooks store.) I’ve read about formatting for iBooks and for Kindle. The formatting for them are different so that’s an issue. They both charge a fee for each sale. I may have to pay someone to do the final formatting, but I hope not. I would have to buy the ISBN for each book – and they can’t share the same one.  Now I know why people who publish their own books costs so much. Like the stitch books we all love to have on hand. Now I’m really overwhelmed!

Solution: Unless there is a demand, I will not do printed copies. I also would rather not do the iBooks or Kindle, unless there is a large demand. I will stick with PDFs. I can do them myself and I don’t have to pay anyone to put them on my website. PayPal does charge small fee for each sale, but a smaller percentage than iBooks or Kindle. So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll do the final edits on the book and try to have it ready next month. And I will pick one of the rugs and get busy on writing instructions.

So I’ll be slowing down a little and trying to relax more. I’ll post when a project is far enough along to make showing it a good idea. I’m not going away – I just need to relax and breathe a little more. LOL

WIPs and To Do List

There are a lot of cross stitchers who are showing their WIPs on their blogs so we know what they want to accomplish this year. My biggest WIP (the Patchwork Rug) is now completed, so what do I have left? Here’s what I’ll be working on. Mostly needlepoint, but two cross stitch projects that need to get done.

Antique Locomotive  Loco-6Persian Iris Mandala


Gossamer Fractal




You already know about the Stofft Santa on a Brown Bear. And another Jim Wurth dodecagon ornament has been started and you’ll see it in another day or two. I have a few others that I can start again after these are done.

Then I have new designs that are planned (and a couple designs are about ready to go). So here are some things to look forward to:

Border Rug – 13 count

Border Rug BW

Peru rug – 18 count


Madagascar rug  – Congress Cloth

Madagascar-1Quilt Square – 18 count

checkerboarad10 projects!! I think I should be quite busy for the next 6 months or so.  And who knows what else may appear later in the year as well.