Tumak by Gitta – Finale

I wanted this done by April 15th, but put the final stitches into the border last night. Not bad.

Here is a photo of the original color scheme by Gitta.

And here is my version:

This was stitched on Congress cloth using #8 perle cotton. I used up two balls completely and about half of the other colors. The overdye was Needle Necessities – one skein was completely used and I needed just one more thread from the second skein to finish it up last night.

I’m thinking that a rectangular pillow would be great on the living room sofa. (I really need to start tackling that stack of finishing!)


Tumak by Gitta – Progress 8

Not as much stitching time lately, so things are moving slower than ever. I have finished the motifs on the bottom right and turned the corner on the outer border. That was a goal a couple weeks ago. I did have everything outlined for that deadline, but getting them all filled in and doing the off-white background has taken much longer.

There are two small motifs that haven’t been filled in yet. I’ve decided to wait until the matching motif in the top right area is outlined and then fill in the two matching motifs.

I really need to work on this 5 evenings each week so I can get it completed. There are now two projects kitted up and waiting for me to start – one of my own designs and a Christmas ornament for the new granddaughter due in July.

Persian Nain Rug – Progress 13

Another month has gone by – very quickly I might add. I’m making progress, but I know it will not be completed by the end of the year.


All the motifs are now in place and I’m starting to fill them in. On the lower side I’ve been working on the background, filling in around the pineapples. Now I can work from the middle of the rug across to the left to get it all filled in. I’ve also done some work on the center medallion. I’ll get a little more of that done this week. Next week, I’ll turn it so I can complete the outer border. Just the rust centers and the background to do. Then I can spend the last two weeks of the month on the top side, getting as much filled in as I can.


Gitta’s Koshga – A Start

Gitta, a wonderful designer from Canada, died last Wed. I’ll miss seeing her new designs each year. She has an adorable series of Eskimo children that I love, but have no one to stitch them for. But, as usual, I’m drawn to her rugs. I have two in my stash.

I started Koshga several years ago but the borders didn’t meet at the second corner, so I obviously made a mistake somewhere along the line. Since I was stitching on Congress Cloth, ripping out several inches of work was not an option. So I threw the piece away, cut a new piece of Congress Cloth and very carefully started again. I’m using #8 perle cotton to stitch this and had all the colors except the dark brown. I substituted black and got back to work. This is my progress so far.


When I finish the Baluchi, I’ll get to work on this. The finished design size will be 5.6″ X 9.0″ but it will take a while because of the very complicated borders and center design. It’s done in Basketweave/Continental. (Sounds a lot like the Baluchi, doesn’t it?)

One of the things I really like about Gitta’s charts are the information listed on the back page. The front shows 3 different sizes of the rug. On the back it gives you the fabric and thread requirements for stitching all three so you can decide the fabric size you want to stitch. It gives the threads for 5 different brands, including tapestry wool, floss, and Paternayan. It also gives 5 different cross stitch fabric counts and what the finished design size will be and 5 different needlepoint fabric counts and what the finished design size will be. A lot of information to think about before you even get around to starting to stitch.