Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 3

I haven’t completed a lot on this project since last time I showed it to you. For the last week I’ve been trying to overcome my inability to count correctly in order to make progress. LOL

I did the narrow ribbon floss section without any problem. I did the new border on the left over several evenings. But those two trees got stitched and ripped out 3 times! I finally got them done correctly and the cabin too, and then discovered that I had stitched them 10 threads lower that they are on the chart. So out they came again. So this section is only half done right now.

Cabin 3

Tonight I’ll finish the cabin and start on the new border on the right side. Maybe tomorrow I can get the other two trees done on the first try. Then there is the grass to stitch below them – half #5 perle cotton and half ribbon floss. I’ll post again when that much is done.

Then it will be time to take it off the stretcher bars and move it so I can do the bottom half of the project. So I am making progress – slowly.

I’ve also had to deal with computer problems over the last week. I wasn’t able to do anything on the computer since the weekend – constant messages about being out of application memory. We tried everything we could think of (including downloading a clean copy of the operating system) and nothing helped. So yesterday we went off to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and came home a half hour later with a fully functioning computer. No viruses – but malware was discovered and dealt with. Whew!!!!

Now, happily, I’m back to stitching.

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 2

Finally finished the second part of this design.

Cabin 2

Lots of Scotch stitches in 3 colors, diamonds are slanted stitches in #5 perle and ribbon floss with the crosses done in Kreinik. It took some time since I only worked on it about 45 minutes at a time. The border on the right side is done and will change as I stitch the next section. I just started the narrow band below it in ribbon floss Monday night and hope to get more of that done tonight.

Country Cabin Panel by Laura Perin – Progress 1

I started this project about two weeks ago and work on it occasionally in the evenings. Here is what it will look like when it’s done.


I’ve started on the outer border first and it’s a little farther than the pictures shows below. Now I have the first panel completed and I’ve started on the next small band. The threads are mostly #5 perle with two colors of ribbon floss and one Kreinik braid. The goldish band that is started was  stitched with ribbon floss.


It’s a good start and I’m really enjoying it. I’ll show you this again when I have a few more bands completed – before the end of the year.

CAL Berkeley Teenie – Meredith Collection

This was a nice, quick stitch since it’s only 6″ X 6″. Easy to work on in the evenings while watching TV.

CAL teenie finale

I used blue and yellow #5 perle, Vineyard Silk, and El Molino rayon and just #5 perle for the while. The outer border is Mosaic stitch and the stack of yellow and blue squares was stitched using the rayon thread and Scotch stitch.

DH loves it and I’ll make it into a pillow for him. And his Paddleboat piece is over half done too. I’m enjoying some small projects for a change.

CAL Berkeley Teenie – Progress 1

These little 6 inch squares from the Meredith Collection are showing up all over the place now. My DH graduated from CAL Berkeley a long time ago… So I ordered this to stitch for him. I’ll make it into a pillow when it is completed.


I had DH choose the shades of blue and yellow/gold to use. Then I headed to my stash. I have #5 perle cotton, Vineyard Silk, Pepper Pot silk, Trio and El Molino rayon. I started with the bear and the rest of that little section – all done in #5 perle.


With that section done, I worked the little border along the bottom and the left side – blue Vineyard silk,  white perle, and yellow Trio. Now I’m working on the Golden Bears along the left side in perle but will probably use the rayon for the blue letters.

It moves along quickly so it should take long to complete. It gets about an hour each evening.

Purple Heron by Melissa Shirley – Progress 4

I’ve been working on this for the last week, trying to get the water and ground finished. I did try several different ways to do the feet on the larger heron, and nothing looked right – color or stitches. Then it dawned on me that it’s 13 ct canvas and I could use Silk & Ivory and Elephant and Mouse were exact matches for the way it was painted.  So here is the water, ground and feet all done! I outlined the feet with a very dark gray to make them show up better and to add the talons.

Heron 4A

The top of the legs haven’t been done yet, but I’ll be using an overdyed floss for them. I also need to finish the border along the bottom of the canvas. I’ve been avoiding the frog so it’s time to get it done when I get back to this piece once again. Here is the piece so far…

Heron 4B

Right now it’s back to the Anatolian Rug for a while.

Anatolia Rug – Progress 4

It’s been 3 weeks of working on this 5 mornings a week. Time to show you some new parts of the design.

The outer border has now reached the middle of the rug (the middle of those last red motifs is the actual center). Things are moving along quickly, though the photo is a little dark.

Anatolia 4

I’ve been working on the inside of the medallion a little each day, filling one little area at a time. I end each morning with at least one long length of the variegated red thread for the background. When this section of the medallion is filled in, I’ll once again turn the canvas and work on one side at a time, working my way down to the smaller, middle part of the medallion. I’m glad it’s moving along so quickly.

Another couple of weeks, and I’ll switch to just 4 days a week and spend Saturday mornings working on the purple heron canvas.