Stofft’s Santa on a Brown Bear – Progress 3

I put this away last February when I couldn’t get the edges of the blanket to work out the way I envisioned it. It’s on my list of WIPs that I want to finish this year, so I got it out about a week ago and started working on it again. This is where I left it last year. The bear is stitched, the blanket is done except for the edge.


Now I have the light purple bridle and the candy canes done. The edge of the rug was stitched sith Brick Stitch in gold and dark purple Kreinik ribbon. The beads have been added along the bottom of the blanket (sewn down so they don’t move around). The basket for the rabbit is stitched with Splendor and a touch of Kreinik gold braid. The bag for the candy canes was stitched in Basketweave with Splendor and Kreinik gold braid. That’s good progress for one week. Here is a close-up of blanket and baskets.

Santa 3 Close-up

And here is the whole piece so far.


I don’t want to do the rabbit yet, since he will be done with Wisper (and Santa’s fur trim too). So I’ll work on Santa and the little tree next. A little at a time, he will get done in the next month or so.

Grieg by Dakota Rogers – Progress 5

I’m finally getting somewhere on this. Boy, I’m slow sometimes. LOL

I started at the top again and added to the head and then continued with the Ecru #8 perle cotton in slanted stitches to create the area under his chin. Now I can do more of the zigzags in different colors and that will leave some smaller areas to fill in to get him finished.


Now that things are moving again, I’m hoping to have him all finished up by the end of next week. It will be good to have a needlepoint piece completed. I have Christmas presents to work on and a couple more small needlepoint rugs to design. Busy, busy.

Persian Nain Rug – A Quick Peek

Couldn’t resist starting this new rug. This is the 13th rug I’ve designed. This one is on 18 count canvas and is being Basketweaved with Pepper Pot Silk. Since I have two other rugs still being worked on, this one will only get attention on Saturdays. By next month, I’ll be able to do more work on it. I hope to have the Border Rug done by then (wishful thinking perhaps).

I’ve already shown you the Persian Nain Rug that I found online, but here is another quick look at it.


I’ve only gotten the threads inventoried and opened one skein of each color. You can see that I didn’t get far with the actual stitching. But I’ve started the outer border. The little square will only appear in the four corners. The other two motifs will be repeated around the outside edge.


As usual, I’ll be simplifying the design. The background won’t be as full of motifs, so more of the cream background.

Lee’s Snowman – Progress 2

This small piece is moving along very well. I have stitched the snowman with Silk Lame Braid, added the eyes and mouth with Kreinik #8 black braid, and stitched his nose with a rusty orange in Padded Satin stitch. His scarf is done in two shades of Splendor Silk.


I still have to stitch the hat, his stick arm and the trees. When all the Basketweave is done, then I will go back and stitch the snowflakes on top of everything else. I did make a color copy of the canvas before I started stitching so I would know where they all go.

Nothing Like Picking Your Own Present

My DH is terrific but he also knows how hard it is to find the perfect gift for me. But he knows I love my stitching, so when we were talking about what to do for Christmas, I told him I’ve always wanted a super tote for all my stitching in the living room. I usually have about 3 tote bags surrounding my chair to hold everything. So he told me to find exactly what I wanted.

So off to Come to the Point and a talk with Michelle. She had a Lee’s large tote that she recommended and I thought it was perfect. She had one in the shop and put it aside for me. She had told me the Lee #BR was the size to look for to find a canvas for the tote so I went browsing when I got home. I found one I wanted and she ordered it for me. Only one thing left to find – the threads. And I asked Michelle if she would pull the threads after the canvas arrived. (I needed something that would be a surprise!)

When the bag, canvas and all the threads were assembled, I went to pick it up and handed her a check. It was all in a paper tote bag which I handed to my DH and told him to stash it somewhere until Christmas. LOL  The perfect gift for me.

Here is a photo of the tote bag from the catalog – very large and mine is also black.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 3.18.18 PM

The surprise was all the threads she selected and a stitch guide! I wasn’t expecting a stitch guide. Here is the canvas and threads (except for the floss I’m using for the background).


The suggested stitch for the background was a light stitch (only one strand of floss) that was random long stitches. I was afraid that the long stitches might get snagged when the tote bag was used. But I liked the idea of horizontal stitches, so I tried several and decided on Horizontal Parisian using two plies of floss. I’ve started on that already on the right side of the canvas. The two plies are still light enough that the canvas shows through, so you can tell that the canvas is darker at the top and lighter as it approached the trees. And you can still see where the snowflakes will be added after everything else has been stitched. All the other areas will be Basketweave and Backstitch to outline various areas. The stitch guide tells me which threads and colors to use in each of the areas. This will be a fun, and hopefully quick, stitch. The tote bag is already filled with 6 projects, instructions and threads – 2 in each of the three large pockets. I’m going to be a busy (and very happy stitcher) for a long time. Yeah!

Thank you Michelle and DH!

Grieg by Dakota Rogers – Progress 1

I’ve started a new project (and I know I shouldn’t since I have so much going on already). I’ve wanted to do this piece for years so I’m happy to get it underway. I actually had everything in my stash except the Watercolors. The colors will work well with our master bedroom and I’m going to finish it as a stand-up piece when it is done. I’m outlining it brown as I go and will back it with brown fabric.

You start by tracing the shape of the cat onto your Congress Cloth and then stitching the head.

Grieg -1

Then you start to work on the body of the cat. Your first stitch is a very large Rhodes stitch in Kreinik braid – in the center of the body, but off to one side a little. The diagrams for stitches are excellent, and she starts you out telling you the first few steps. You decide which thread and color you want to use for each step. That way your cat doesn’t look exactly like anyone else. After you’ve done about 6 steps, she turns you loose to design and stitch on your own. I’ve been looking at the large photo of the body to decide how to proceed so far and I’ve changed colors from those she chose for each of the steps so far. I’m using the colors she has listed but changing things up a little. The large Rhodes stitch was done in blue in the model and I’m chosen to use a bronze color instead.


It’s going to be a fun stitch, but I’m putting it away for a few weeks now. I have other things to finish up and this will be my incentive to get things done so I can get back to it.

Threedles 2012 Ornament – Finales

My Kreinik thread came earlier this week and I got right to work. I pulled out the silver on two squares of the teal version and restitched with the same Kreinik as the others – a pale green.


Then I completed the last square on the purple version.


I had started the pink and black one, so that got finished next. (Just noticed that one square is missing a bright pink filler. Will get that done after lunch. Don’t you hate it when you post photos and then find a mistake?)


Then I decided that I wanted one myself, but we don’t do a big tree anymore. So I chose to stitch on Congress cloth and make just two squares. It will be finished as a small pillow with just a tiny bit of stuffing. I used overdyed floss for the Amadeus Daggers, silver Kreinik for the shiny stitches, and #12 red perle for the little fillers.


I hope to have them all make up as squares and my little pillow next week. I’ll be sure to post them when they are all done. Which is your favorite? I certainly can’t decide which one I like best!