Needlepoint Update – September 2018

2 finishes this month!

First is the last of the Fancy Hat Snowmen ornaments. I didn’t have enough white Neon Rays to do the band of the hat, so it’s stitched with Planet Earth stranded silk. The face is Brick Stitch using white Kreinik ribbon. The pink cheeks are Splendor and the nose is a rust ribbon that didn’t have a label. I’ll need to get with it and start finishing some of these ornaments soon so they are ready for Christmas.

The other finish is the C in CAT by Cheryl Schaeffer. I couldn’t finish the cat until I bought more black and white Whisper. It was stitched with the dreaded Long/Short stitch. The eyes are green Kreinik.

Next I decided to quickly get a start on the A for CAT. I didn’t like the really dark color for the holes of the cheese, so I used a shade darker than the cheese. Kind of hard to see but I don’t want to tear it out again. The first try was the overdyed Pepper Pot that was used the ball of yarn in the letter C above. The mice are being stitched with the overdyed Pepper Pot used for the darker sections of floor in the Bear Stocking. The background for all three pieces is Nobuko.

The Bear Stocking is driving me crazy right now. I’ve tried two different ways of stitching the white tree branches and they looked horrible! The branches are being stitched on top of the background. So while I play on some practice canvas trying to figure out what to do, I’m stitching all the background in blue and stitching the lights and ornaments when I get to them. You’ll notice there is no space for a name, so I’ll create one by making two white bands in Gobelin over two threads with the name in gold Kreinik ribbon between them. Then I can fill in the background around the name with the dark blue background thread using Basketweave. That will be the top 2 inches. So next week I’ll turn the canvas around and stitch the rest of it upside down so it’s easier to reach. I want it done this month.

And finally, the Qum rug. The center panel now has the first set of completed flowers. The pink flowers were stitched with two shades of rose Splendor. At the bottom, I did two shades of purple beads for a little more color. The heart-shaped (sort of) brown branches are for the next set of flowers. Once the background has been filled in around the branches, I’ll add the flowers. Most of the flowers are being stitched on top of the background.

It’s also time to add more of the border and arch, so I’ll turn the canvas so I can stitch one side at a time. I’m going to do two more repeats of the outer border motif on each side. Then I add two more inches to the arches before going back to the center. You probably won’t see this project again until the December 1st post. Right now it’s only about 5 inches tall and the rug will be about 21 inches tall when it is completely done. I imagine a 2020 finish. Can you believe that?

I lightened up the photo this time. This is more like the actual colors.

I’m worn out just thinking about all of this, but I spent some time this past week getting two more needlepoint projects ready to go. That’s my incentive to get busy and finish the stocking so I can start something new next month.

Happy stitching to all of you!


Persian Qum Rug – Progress 2

No stitching upstairs for a week on any of the 3 large canvases – it was 111 degrees on Friday and Saturday (but we’re finally in the 80s again).

But I did work on the Qum rug the last 3 days. This rug is going to be a very slow rug. This is where I stopped today.

This corner is now complete and the finished part is only about 3 inches wide! The rose and off-white flower on the left will appear only in the four corners of the rug. The blue motif will repeat all the way around. There are 5 repeats across the bottom. I’m using mostly Splendor silk, 3 ply. The outer brown border is old Needle Necessities and I have two skeins which should be more than enough. The inner border is Gloriana #077 in fall colors that I love. There is one skein and I hope it’s enough since I doubt that I could match it.

The small yellow and rose flower in the center of the blue motif is overdyed Threadworx in shades of yellow. I’m cutting out the lightest shade and using the medium and darker yellows only.

I’ll continue to work on the borders only for a while. I want to get all the way across the bottom and get at least one motif up each side before I start working on the center parts. So I’ll wait to show you the rug again for about 4 weeks.


Baby Girl House Ornament by Painted Pony – Done!

When I picked up threads for the new rug last week, I also picked up another skein of Bubblegum (dark pink) Pepper Pot Silk. I had run out and I wanted to get this project completed. Here is side 4 – the front of the house with it’s pink trim and bannisters:

Then on to the last side:

I did the little lamb pull toy in tiny French knots – just plain white floss. The pacifier isn’t too easy to figure out, but I love the safety pins, even though we don’t use them anymore.

And here is the entire piece:

I really like all the little details – pull toys, baby bottle, rattle, etc. This piece has a lot of personality. I’m hoping to find the time to get it made into a house over the weekend. If I get that done, I’ll post it next week.


Fancy Hat Snowman #1 by C.A. Huckaby

I’ve been working on this on and off for a while and decided Saturday that I should just get him finished. Here is Fancy Hat #1.

The beige is Soy Luster, the turquoise band is Neon Rays and all the Mosaic stitches on the hat are Kreinik braid. The white Daisy stitches and Mosaic stitches on the face are Petite Sparkle Rays, the cheeks in Satin stitch are regular Sparkle Rays, the nose is Diagonal Mosaic stitched with floss. The eyes and the mouth are large black beads (size 8, I think). I have larger black beads and maybe should have used the larger ones for the eyes but I don’t want to change them now. I’ll keep that in mind for the others.

I bought 3 of these, so I still have one that is all blues and one that is red and green. Those two will be stitched and put away for grandchildren. This one is MINE! LOL

I’ll have another piece finished and ready for hanging by the end of the week. And the wedding shower gift was mailed today so I’ll be able to show that to you next week. I’m slowly getting a few things done.

Purple Heron – Progress 7

Here is the whole piece as of this morning:

All of the background is done in the Ripples stitch. The the two gray edges of the outer border are also completed. So I’ve started on other areas. Here is a close-up of the area being worked on:

Flowers first – I’ve tried a million different ways to stitch these flowers and hated every one of them. Last week I finally tried this one and it works for me. The buds are another story. The one on the right is great but the one of the left has a slight curve and doesn’t look right. I’ve stitched it twice and will try again the next time this canvas is on the floor stand.

The small heron. I’m using Encroaching Gobelin (thanks for the suggestion Anne) for the breast and stomach and it’s going fine. I’m using two different overdyes to get the right color (that I wanted), reversing one of them in the needle. That isn’t quite finished yet and I’ll have to go back over the breast to put in the loose feathers. I started the lower feathers using a Weeks Dye Works overdye, but I’m not sure I like how I stitched it. The colors are okay. So I’ll be thinking about it (mulling it over) until I work on this again. I haven’t tied off the end of the threads for the bill – not sure it will stay that way or change next time.

Update: I forgot to mention the area just below the small heron. This is the start of the green/brown background that is overlayed with tall grass. I’m using 3 shades of loden green in Mosaic stitch for the background. The grass was straight stitches using an overdyed thread that is grayish-brown and grayish green. Again, I’m not sure I’ll stay with straight stitches. We’ll see next time.

Next week, it’s time for the ASOW ship to get put on the floor frame. I’ll continue the sky and rigging.

AND I’ll pick up the Congress Cloth for my new rug on Wed.!!! I need to get everything set up for that next weekend. More on that soon.




Baby Girl House Ornament – Progress 3

I promise that I have been stitching, just not getting a lot done. For the past week, after finishing the ABC Sampler, I’ve been working on a gift for a wedding shower. I can’t show it to you yet, but it was completed yesterday. Yeah!

In the evenings, I’ve picked up the Baby Girl House to work on it for an hour each night. I have now completed side 2.

I want to add a small stitch in Kreinik to the windows and found just the right one this morning. I’ll get that done tonight and continue on the roof of the next section.

There are so many cute little pieces to stitch on this – the rattle hanging from the roof (don’t know why, but okay), the cup and the baby blocks. The cup was stitched with silver Kreinik, everything else is Peper Pot Silk for the details. The pale yellow for the house itself is Vineyard Silk. I needed to buy one more skein of the Vineyard Silk, but all the other threads are from my stash.

I want to continue with this project in the evenings, so I hope I can show you the next side in a week or so.

Ghiradelli Square by Peter Ashe – Finale

When I showed this to you at the end of May, I had a ton of sky to stitch, the clock tower, and the sign. I finished it all this morning. Here’s the top:

It took 4 skeins of floss to stitch all the Woven stitch. I estimate that I used about 10 full skeins of Vineyard Silk and Pepper Pot Silk to stitch the entire piece. The partial skeins that I still have will be used when I get around to stitching Lombard Street by Peter Ashe (not any time soon unfortunately).

Here is the entire piece:

This is 14″ square. It was started in February of 2014 and then put away after I had stitch the striped awning, the roof of the gazebo and the small light terra cotta building just above it. I pulled it out the beginning of March of this year and it is now completed.

For those who have not been to San Francisco, this is a “collage” of Ghiradelli Square. It’s a very large block of buildings, but they are all represented here. The look and feel are very San Francisco. The sign is actually done in white!